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February 21, 2020
Watch this Lion King for the technical achievement and musical numbers, and then watch the original to feel satisfied.
February 20, 2020
The best thing about The Lion King is that it stays faithfully close to the original...that's also the worst thing...I was lukewarm on the movie, but the package sold me...
February 6, 2020
The most stunningly realistic CGI you have seen to date - but the soul of the traditional animation is sorely missed.
January 21, 2020
The impressive visuals and the mix of reverence and playfulness to the original make this a movie worth seeing on the big screen.
January 15, 2020
I was not a big fan of the original 1994 movie, and I found this one to be about the same. It is a good film, with a good story and good music. What sets this film apart, however, is the technical wizardry that makes it look like a live action film.
January 10, 2020
Another remake that is made at the Disney level of craft but at the cost of originality and soul.
January 10, 2020
You're better off watching the 1994 version
December 30, 2019
It's not so much this is a bad adaptation as it's one that feels entirely unnecessary
December 11, 2019
The all star cast and incredible technology that bring the reimagined Lion King to life are worth the price of admission, even if most of it just retreads what's already been done.
December 10, 2019
Overseeing such a massive technical production as this one requires a filmmaker to be on top of every nuance and detail in play. Actor/director Favreau is the right person for the job.
November 29, 2019
It's Disney's version of the circle of life, but here it feels more like cannibalization.
November 27, 2019
It is ultimately just a reproduction of brand in an attempt to make a billion dollars. On that level, and only that level, The Lion King is a success.
November 22, 2019
A visionary triumph filled me with that Disney magic all over again.
November 22, 2019
The kids today, they want reality. Remember Beauty and the Beast? Remember how much better it was when that singing candlestick looked real? It was $1.2 billion better. Imagine that, but with lions.
October 22, 2019
The best news for any Lion King fan is that even if this version isn't to your liking, you only need to remember two words to make it all ok: hakuna matata.
October 21, 2019
Yet, despite the familiarity, most of it still plays because it's a damn good story.
October 3, 2019
The Lion King makes slight alterations to its source material, which results in a slightly more adult version. If you loved the original, chances are fairly good you'll love this one, too.
October 2, 2019
The character animation is completely lost... It's not even uncanny valley -- it's an uncanny gorge.
September 20, 2019
It is, most of the time, visually stunning. But I'm not sure there's even one aspect of the movie that improves upon the original and a great many aspects that are significantly worse.
September 18, 2019
While Favreau's polished film will always come a distant second for anyone who fell in love with the original, his version is hugely respectful to the story and has its powerful moments too.
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