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      The Lodge Reviews

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      May 28, 2023

      As a psychological horror film, it achieves its goal by taking as an example those that became classics, without trying to emulate them. And if to that is added a musical score that generates chills, the result is worth seeing.

      May 15, 2023

      It's ok just ok not a bad watch

      May 5, 2023

      It is full of unbelievable bad ideas and those ideas are paid EXACTLY the way you can predict when you think in the idea. A father that lets his children with a girl suffering from a mental disorder in a place that can become isolated due to snow storms DURING THE WINTER. The girl thinks it will be ok. The children think it would be good to mess with her mind a little more. To complete, the boy and the father think it is ok to let the girl with the gun the entire movie and do NOTHING to take it from her. I mean, she is not even aggressive, it would be so easy to take it.

      May 3, 2023

      Horrible and not scary at all sooooo slow.

      Apr 7, 2023

      A very dreary-drenched and moody horror tale supported by some talented lesser-known actors.

      Apr 5, 2023

      nothing happens in the whole movie

      Apr 1, 2023

      The so-manyth slow-burn "Christians Bad" movie. I liked the story overall, and the director managed to set a very creepy and unsettling atmosphere backed up by a good soundtrack and acting. It just didn't manage to impress.

      Jan 27, 2023

      Muito bom, roteiro com bons twists e personagens com boas interações, altamente recomendado!!!

      Dec 28, 2022

      Although it lulls in the middle, the beginning and end are very well done. It's a little bit of The Shining mixed in with cults and family drama.

      Dec 2, 2022

      It is an ok horror movie. The only real issue is the writing. The second half of the story is just difficult to believe. The atmosphere is great, and the acting is good across the board. Watch this if you just run out of other things to do.

      Nov 22, 2022

      So, it was a clever movie at times. But at the same time, it was painful to watch because there is so much cruelty. And, while that is often true in thriller/horror, the events in this movie just made me angry (if you watch you'll understand why).

      Nov 18, 2022

      Together with It Follows and Midsommar, The Lodge is by far one the best horror movies I have seen in the last 6 years. Careful though: it's absolutely terrifying. Highly recommended.

      Oct 4, 2022

      Very predictable. You can predict whats going on from the very beginning. It can be creepy sometimes and there are some parts that don't make sense. It can drag and you can feel the length of the, sometimes it feels really long, they couldve cut 20 minutes. The father is really dumb and makes a lot of dumb decisions and so do the other characters. The acting of the kids was mehh kind of took me out of the movie. They all got what they deserved in the end except for the main character woman.

      Sep 28, 2022

      Pretty decent until it hits you that these kids are too stupid. The stepmom is clearly schizophrenic, and they think it's a good idea to hide her medication, kill her dog, starve her and then go on a very well-acted, elaborated prank to make her think they are dead... Well, it back fired, didn't it. Now dads dead too!

      Sep 21, 2022

      Very sad story and graphic start out of nowhere. The characters were interesting enough. I liked the sound, it added to the suspense. It kept my attention.

      Sep 5, 2022

      This movie was absolutely horrible. One of the worst suspense type horror films I have ever seen. Don't believe the critics on this one . Snooze fest

      Jul 5, 2022

      Entertaining, but [spoilers] you could see the plot ending from miles away. And when it gets to the obituary and next scene, then it just ridiculous.

      Jun 29, 2022

      Not a single persuasive moment, featuring a dad dumber than the dumbest sitcom dad you will ever find.

      Jun 19, 2022

      You can read the other critics for a synopsis of this film. I'll just write my reaction to it: It's cruel, pointless, hateful, sick, nihilistic, cynical, and godless. That final descriptor may turn some readers off, so allow me to qualify: I'm no right wing evangelical lunatic, just a regular Christian. I'm not a churchgoer for a few reasons, but I'm still a believer. And this movie insulted me. Not only that, but this movie is an insult to all religions and anybody who strives for spirituality and believes in the goodness of a higher power. So, let's say you're a non-believer, and you think all that higher power stuff is nonsense. That's your prerogative. But I still defy you to find one positive or redeeming element in this film. Why subject yourself to such inhumane, depressing trash? I like a good scary movie as much as anybody, but this one goes beyond just scary entertainment. Movies like this make the world a worse place than it already is. The ending of this film is inexcusable, not for what it shows, but for what it implies.

      May 31, 2022

      Divorce has happened to many families throughout the years. A tear is created in the fabric that bound each family member to the other. For some, it comes down to a matter of choosing sides and picking who is ultimately to blame. For the Hall family, even that option is a luxury, as the mother of the family successfully puts an end to her life as a reaction to her husband's wish for divorce. Six months later, the arduous task of winning over the Hall children falls to Grace, their soon-to-be stepmother. The perfect moment; a stay at the family's lodge during the week leading up to Christmas. Called away for an emergency at work, Dad leaves his kids in Grace's care. That is of course where everything starts going wrong. The audience's introduction to Grace is curious, to say the least. We see her in the distance, the back of her head, a shadow, and for a while into the movie that's about it. It's a clever way to give us the same point of view as the children, who are reluctantly getting to see and know more of Grace as everything moves along. It doesn't take a detective to see that although Grace isn't evil, she isn't altogether well either. This much comes from the many awkward interactions between them. The roles of Grace and the children are very well-played by Riley Keough, Jaeden Martell, and Lia McHugh. The way they lean into - and away- from each other is realistic and dynamic depending on the situation. But 'The Lodge' doesn't just go for believable family dynamics, it seems just a little more interested in installing a sense of dread and terror, more than horror. For the most part, it succeeds as well. There are a few intense scenes that the portrayals of the characters sell quite well. This movie likes to mess with your head, maybe a little too much; It often throws different things at the viewer that aren't necessarily needed to keep the story going. Nevertheless, the tension is held tightly and is only complimented by great cinematography. 'The Lodge' reserves a chilling 7,5/10.

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