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The roughneck skeleton crew of an off-shore oil rig battles a mysterious beast that's killing them off one at a time as a massive tropical storm makes any hope for escape impossible. When the folks at headquarters notice a big storm blowing in, they evacuate the main crew of the "Charlie" rig, leaving only a few highly skilled workers behind to ensure that production continues uninterrupted. Later, as the storm rolls in, one of the crew members vanishes without a trace. And he's just the first; over the next few hours, the remaining workers realize that something horrible is hunting them from the dark. It's killing for sport, and their only hope for surviving until the rescue crew can make it through the storm is to band together, and fight back with everything they've got.


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  • Sep 09, 2012
    25 years ago, <i>Once Upon A Time In America</i> wowed many critics with its depiction of 1920's New York. Robert DeNiro and James Woods continued to garner accolades as two of the movies' finest actors. Danny Aiello and Joe Pesci made the most of their small roles as stepping stones to greater fame. Meanwhile, William "Cockeye" Forsythe has had to take parts in not one but TWO action vehicles for ex-football players (<i>Firestorm</i> and <i>Stone Cold</i>) among his many B-C-and-D list credits just to stay in the business. Nothing against the guy, I'm sure it keeps his car on the road. But wow, this one he picked sure is a stinker! Talk about a lot of nothin' going on! This thing moves slower than tickets for a Spice Girls reunion concert. The original music score is written on a Wagner-like timescale, moaning along during what seems like 90% of the running time which I realized was a ploy to try and distract from the complete lack of action or drama onscreen. Desperate for content, they even include flashbacks to scenes that happened 2 minutes earlier! Dan Benson is so terrible in his mercifully small role that he obviously got the job because his brother/cousin/relative James Benson wrote the script, and as part of that allowance he had to wear the monster costume too - no joke! There are about one-and-a-half scares to be found, the rest is a lopsided battle with boredom.
    Doctor S Super Reviewer
  • Mar 08, 2012
    The Rig is a mediocre low-budget monster flick that had so much potential in being a good film. Unfortunately by using every cliché in the book, the filmmakers create a film that is quite forgettable. I'm all for cheesy B movie low-budget monster flicks. However, The Rig is one of those films that just doesn't deliver on its interesting concept. Director Peter Atencio doesn't seem to have a clue to properly create a good monster flick. I mean this idea that he uses for his film has been done before, and making a film with the same old formula can be effective, but not with this film. The film started off well enough, unfortunately, about thirty minutes in, the film started to fall apart, and the film simply didn't deliver on its interesting idea. I thought a monster flick set on an oil rig was a pretty cool idea, but the script had too many flaws. The ideas were good, but the execution was poor. I was pretty disappointed in this film as I thought it could have been such a fun monster flick, unfortunately the film uses tired out overused clichés, mix that with cheap looking special effects. The Rig is a bad film that had so much potential. Maybe if the film had a bigger budget, a reworked script it could have been a good flick. The Rig is a film that I can't recommend, however if you enjoy bad to mediocre B movies, then give it a shot. Other horror fans would do best to skip out on this one.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Jun 18, 2011
    Damn the location could be a great setting for a horror film if done properly. Unfortunately this is very low budget stuff, guy in a suit for the monster! Another missed opportunity. Ghost Rig was slightly better but not by much.
    Dean K Super Reviewer
  • Jan 25, 2011
    Utterly ordinary, perhaps less than so, beasty on the loose flick. Very low budget. The main selling point for me, admittedly a doozy, was that Forsythe gets to play a sympathetic role for once.
    Steve K Super Reviewer

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