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      The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Reviews

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      May 23, 2023

      I know the employed people, aka professional critics, only gave this a 50% or so, but I think they really dropped the ball on this one. And believe me, I know all about dropping balls. Just ask any woman within my vicinity. Unlike the sun, which is actually a lightbulb, Ben Stiller is a good star. The movie has plenty of humor, adventure, and good storytelling, which makes it worthy of a watch. The main problem is that towards the end of the movie sum of the protagonist's problems are solved way too easily. His secret crush is with another guy? Ha, no! The guy was just there to fix the refrigerator, he wasn't the WITH HER kind of with her. Problem solved! What an amazing resolution to a plot thread! Like seriously, that's not at all realistic! When I saw my wife with another guy, that other guy didn't turn out to be a refrigerator-repairs man, he was more of a cares-for-affairs man.

      May 23, 2023

      I wonder why this is rated so low. It's such a great movie about a person who finally finds himself.

      May 16, 2023

      I want The Secret Life of Walter Mitty to be atop my favorite films of all time, but it falls just a bit short. There is heart and raw emotion to this film that is unique and steady throughout. The visuals are stunning and Ben Stiller is earnest in his plight for purpose. The plot itself bounces around quite a bit, the timeline is difficult to follow (how long he was travelling to Iceland and Afghanistan and how he made the final TIME deadline) and I felt that Kristen Wiig's acting fell short. While this isn't my favorite film of all time, there are moments that completely blew me away: the TIME motto scene, the longboarding sequence in Iceland and the final cover were beautiful. I wanted to love this film and while I loved moments, the full picture fell short.

      May 12, 2023

      One of my favourite films, I can't fathom how this movie has such a low score. I guess you either see something in it that resonates with you, or you don't. Wonderful story, good acting, warm feeling. I think too many ‘critics' think too much about a film, it's become a job, a chore, & they take it too seriously & forget what a movie is really about & what it should do. I hope anyone that reads this review just takes a punt & hopefully enjoys this film as much as I do…

      May 3, 2023

      It sucked, chance sucks

      May 2, 2023

      Everything from the soundtrack, story, characters, symbolism, cinematography, and so much more completes this movie. Every shot and scene is so well thought out. It has a great message and leaves me with a wonderful feeling. It's such a great movie, and I definitely think that everybody should see it!

      Apr 24, 2023

      Beautiful in many ways. Cinematography wise and story wise.

      Apr 20, 2023

      STOP DREAMING, START LIVING The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a 2013 American adventure comedy-drama film directed, co-produced by and starring Ben Stiller 📷 It's good 🙂 I'd recommend it if you like this genre 👍🏼 It's not perfect, but this is a sweet, quirky, funny, and rewarding journey of a film… A timid magazine photo manager who lives life vicariously through daydreams embarks on a true-life adventure when a negative goes missing.

      Apr 7, 2023

      As a young teen watching this movie for the first time, it still inspires me today. I am twenty two years old and understand why the critics give it bad reviews for its "reach". Regardless of what they say, I cannot explain to you how much this movie can explain to you that adventure is possible when you're young. It allows you to reduce the stresses of things going on around your life and forget the system that most revolve around. The moral of the movie for me is to live your life when you are young, and try not to think about how troubling your life could be if you're working that same ol' job for a while. Fulfill your dreams while you are young because life is so short and there is so much you can do. I am surprised that the audience score is low, definitely one of my top three movies of all time.

      Apr 3, 2023

      this film stinks. i hate walter mitty he is so smelly.

      Apr 3, 2023

      this is a great feel good film. Others may disagree but i believe it is one of the best things ive ever seen. Thank you walter mitty for saving my life.

      Mar 26, 2023

      (A little late on the band wagon for this, but after seeing all of the bad reviews I felt like I needed to say something nice about this film cause it seriously doesn't deserve all the flack it's getting.) I feel as though people focus too much on the "unrealistic" romanticized notion of all these adventures he goes on rather than the actual meaning of the story. Personally, I think this movie is absolutely fantastic and gorgeous- inside and out. Not only does it have breath taking shots, but the message it sends is very impactful. It's not meant to be focused literally, I think, because not everyone can just leave work and fish out a bunch of money to go out and travel to Iceland so you can skate down a long winding road, or fight off sharks in the ocean. The story is meant to be about finding one's inner beauty and following your dreams rather than sitting around waiting for them to happen. Walter is perceived as this average kind of introverted guy who hides in the shadows of the basement for his company, daydreaming his life away. In true Ben Stiller fashion, the scenes are very silly and over the top. When he finally does end up just going on these adventures to find the lost negative, those fantasies started to fade away, and he's really just trying to find himself again. He's always had this wild adventurous side in him, he just lost it on the way. The ending with him and Sean has to be my absolute most favourite, because the "ghost cat" that he refers to is Walter, which I think is really important. All in all, yes, it's a story about getting out and going outside, but it's more about being in the moment with yourself, finding who you are, and accepting your most lovely, vulnerable, amazing inner self, as well as to pursue what you love- what makes you feel alive. That's why it's it's so important to have a movie like this, because it speaks emotionally to all kinds of people. If I had to summarize this wonderful movie in one sentence, it would have to be "Beautiful things don't ask for attention". Thanks for coming to my Walter Mitty Ted Talk.

      Mar 6, 2023

      For those of you who grew up and read this in Middle School, stick to the short story. If you grew up with your gradparents or parents showing you the Danny Kaye film, stick to the Danny Kaye film. This overblown too-big-for-its-own-good "spectacle", was grand in scale but not in substance. Overall, this film could have had style but it went for a huge departure and is the definition of adaptation. It is nowhere near the short story and it gives you a lack of imagination, yet it just shows you and throws you in each actual adventure rather than the meaning of the original works.

      Mar 4, 2023

      I really enjoyed The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The full circle of adventure aspirations turning into a typical 9-5 guy for the sake of being responsible for his family and that taking him into a woman he falls in love with who then becomes his reason to go on an adventure. Someone who has missed out on adventure who then gets a lifetime's worth of adventures in one trip is something that simply feels good to watch. However, if someone were to think this movie is too odd or silly, I would have a hard time arguing with them. I would describe this movie simply as a "feel-good movie" because the soundtrack is awesome and it is satisfying seeing somebody break out of a life where they are not at their happiest. This movie will make you want to travel. 75/100

      Feb 24, 2023

      "| Ratings Categories | {Characters (7/10) ; Cinematography (8.5/10) ; Plot (7.5/10) ; Acting (7/10) ; Pacing (7.5/10) = 75%}"

      Feb 19, 2023

      As many others have said; a criminally underrated feel good, easy to watch film. A refreshing break from the usual dark films about murder, war and serial killers.

      Feb 18, 2023

      it's brilliant. a totally unique film, not what you think it's going to be. Ben Stiller is fantastic. very funny, heart warming and stylish.

      Feb 17, 2023

      Walter Mitty is an inspiring movie about finding purpose and joy in your life. It makes you feel like you can do just about anything. Overall a great movie!

      Feb 8, 2023

      One of the best movies I've ever seen and the fact it's only rated 52% is a crime. The reason this movie is so good is because every little detail is perfectly formulated, the story direction is impeccably easy to watch and interesting at the same time. On top of all that Walter's progression from an awkward, reserved person to a confident and adventurous man gives anyone in the same boat hope for the future and inspires people to be more comfortable just being themselves. If you haven't watched this movie yet do it right now and I 100% guarantee you won't be disappointed.

      Feb 3, 2023

      One of my absolute favorite movies. Patton Oswalt and Adam Scott are wonderful in their respective roles. It's a movie that I circle back to once a year when I just want a nice comforting movie.

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