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March 13, 2018
well made movie. what makes it special is that it somewhat sticks to life and reality.
½ January 30, 2018
Oh God, how anyone could sit through this entire movie let alone like it is beyond me. The amount of cringe in just the first half hour nearly made me vomit. Honestly, I'm getting upset even remembering that I tried to put myself through this nonsense.
½ January 27, 2018
A raw, emotional and heavy film that's marvelous as both a story about young love, and as a more subtle meditation on alcoholism. Scott Neustadler and Michael H. Weber have written a script that really understands how contemporary teenagers act, and they've found the perfect director for the film with James Ponsoldt. Last year's Smashed showed that he was a director that could successfully balance comedy and drama, but by working with a superb script that's not his own, it's more evident than ever that he is a director of girth and nuance. His visual and music cues often come off as dreamy, which is a far-cry from most American teen movies, and he also shows that he has a talent for working with young actors. Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley not only have astounding chemistry, but they're able to cover the complex character growth that this movie puts them through. It's that rare sort of "young adult" film that really makes you understand and feel for its characters, and I can assure you there will be at least one scene in this film that you will make you gasp out loud. Whatever your favorite coming-of-age/teen-romance was of the last few years (be it Perks of Being a Wallflower, Juno, etc.), The Spectacular Now is very likely to replace it.
½ December 23, 2017
nice heartwarming story and good cast
½ December 17, 2017
Fantastically directed, a keen sense of teen humour, romance, and lifestyle is displayed within 'The Spectacular Now'
November 11, 2017
The spectacular now is about a senior who goes through his last high school year as a popular, crazy, young, kid, but soon it all catches up to Sutter. Wanting a rebound he falls in love with Amiee and they experience a life full of long broker promises together with a ending that is truly spectacular. I enjoyed this movie and will soon be reading the book it is based on. Shailene Woodly and Miles Teller performed really well and you will love this spectacular movie.
½ October 23, 2017
The tale of a shy teenager falling for the misunderstood character of the opposite sex isn't new. However, The Spectacular Now found a way to propose it in an engaging manner. The biggest reason for that were the leads. Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley had great chemistry, captivating viewers with their enthralling chemistry.

When you read what the film is about, you expect something different. For example, the synopsis for the movie led me to believe that Sutter (Teller) had a drinking problem. While that was accurate, I kept waiting for it to lead to some sort of rift in the relationship with Aimee (Woodley). While it did partially lead to the film's emotional climax, it felt more like it had to do with Sutter as a person, than as an alcoholic. Maybe it's just me, but I think the fact that the teenage protagonist is an alcoholic should've been a bigger plot point.

There were also some plot points that didn't quite make sense to me. Aimee and Sutter were allowed to spend a crazy amount of time in her room together, which didn't seem realistic. Even if Aimee's mother wasn't attentive, at some point you'd assume she'd question the boy in her daughter's room. I also didn't see the point in Mary Elizabeth Winstead's character. She added nothing to the story but a way for Sutter to get around his mother preventing him from seeing his father. It's a shame, because Winstead is very good.

I'm done harping on what didn't work. This is a very good movie. As noted, the chemistry is what sets it apart from other coming-of-age films. They also avoided a lot of the cliché stuff in similar films, which was appreciated. Kyle Chandler is also fantastic as Sutter's father, bringing his inane charm to the role, while still being the right amount of dislikable. Overall, it was a strong film that helped show the world just how good Woodley and Teller are. [*** 1/2]
September 5, 2017
The "Average Not-So-Spectacular Now." This film - yes, actual film - needed better screenwriters and a way better director. Where's Amy Heckerling for that duty? This is dull, depressing, & a sad commentary if, as the producers say, it reflects today's high-school'ishness. That's doubtful although divorce & single-parenthood is more common than the traditional alternative. Really, a slacker's film in tax favored Georgia ... again.

Woodley gives it a good go, Teller, too, more-or-less, a Romanesque visage with hints of Elvis. But this film seems to lack for a script in many places. It's like the aforementioned director said, "Here's the scene now ad-lib it. Action!" And a whiskey flask as a prom favor (gift)? Weird, even if the Lead seems to be heading toward early alcoholism. (Probably this came from the book from which the film was adapted.) Good to see J. J. Leigh and that she's still working, speaking of Heckerling ("Fast Times").

Not sure how this is getting firm tomatoes. It's not good in any respectable respect - except that the good girl, sorta, seems to get the Lead guy, tho' in today's cliched film trendy way, you're left guessing. | - Norm de Guerre
August 3, 2017
One of the best coming of age movies. Good sountrack good cast.
July 18, 2017
One of the best coming of age movies in recent years. It's something that will make all of us want to try harder and love more.
July 15, 2017
The first half is excellent. A natural and believable teenage love story. It's paced well, it's consistently interesting and the performances are great. But then it overstays its welcome. The performances remain good, but the story stops being interesting and ends up relying way too heavily on some over-stretched side plots. And once my story investment exausted, the dialogue seemed more forced and the characters seemed much more like caricatures. The film's spell was simply broken. I don't know where they could've taken things to stay fresh, and I guess the screenwriters didn't either, so perhaps this would've worked better as a short film. And I'm not even sure what didn't work here, since there are hundreds of stellar romance-driven films that avoided these problems. I didn't hate the second half of the film. It was just as well-made as the first. I think the main problem was just a lack of real, engaging motivation.
July 10, 2017
Awsome fantastic reallly good
½ July 6, 2017
Difficult to describe. The poster, I think, captures the feeling very well - from the lighting (ever so slightly vintage, warm, filtered) to the off-center keel and the posing of a sweet candid moment, 'The Spectacular Now' is an interesting and perhaps underrated coming-of-age film. It has a lovely if underused soundtrack and solid acting from its stars.The commentary on the struggle between embracing feckless youth and inevitable adulthood is sketched out and developed through authentic dialogue (though the plot itself is written a little too hastily to be realistic and given the runtime the movie could've been a little more developed) and characterisation. Yet it fittingly ends unresolved, much like all adolescents feel that their journeys are incomplete and open.
June 22, 2017
A nice coming of age picture...Shailene Woodley proves again shes not a fluke.
½ June 20, 2017
A very raw representaion of teenage angst and first loves. This movie dealt with the emotional struggles the suppressed youth face without falling into a typical cliched coming-of-age story.
½ May 13, 2017
Day and life, date and go on.
April 29, 2017
Woodley and Teller's chemistry carries the film. Skips over what should be key sequences in their journeys and completely ignores the fact the protagonist is an 18 yr old alcoholic.
April 23, 2017
A nice, touching film.
½ April 1, 2017
THIS MOVIE SUCKED BOOTY! But in all seriousness, there was ZERO character development, a confusing timeline, and no plot line in sight! I feel like I just wasted 2 hours of my life on this movie!
½ March 26, 2017
The Spectacular Now crosses the intersection of circumstance and consequence with indecent elegance.
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