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March 17, 2021
There's much to recommend in The Walker, from the strong performances, to Schrader's slow and steady direction.
November 17, 2011
August 24, 2009
The Walker is a well-lubed vehicle for Schrader's own sunset cruise.
October 18, 2008
June 10, 2008
February 1, 2008
Page is a great character in search of a movie, and "The Walker" doesn't provide it.
January 11, 2008
A social dandy finds out he has an unexpected inner strength.
January 11, 2008
Wittily entertaining stuff, with the cast clearly relishing their snarky dialogue. Plus, the backdrop of political double dealing, with references to Whitewater and other D.C. shenanigans, adds an extra element of interest.
January 11, 2008
Paul Schrader directs The Walker, and the writer has a way with understatement. Like his 1992 gem Light Sleeper, this movie draws you in with its reserve.
December 21, 2007
[G]uilty of the most mortal of all movie sins: It's dull.
December 19, 2007
If Schrader was willing to enliven the pace, The Walker would easily become a riveting thriller, but the situation gets resolved with too much ease.
December 18, 2007
Though hardly a revelatory journey, it's a stroll that offers some modest pleasures along the way.
December 14, 2007
There is good writing here, and Thomas is very good as always, but the movie works because of Harrelson's performance.
December 14, 2007
It's vaguely interesting, but vagueness isn't a big turn-on for most audiences. You keep wishing The Walker would break into an extended run in some direction. But instead it merely meanders.
December 14, 2007
This is no masterpiece, but a fine-tuned little thriller packed with meticulously chosen details of character and place.
December 14, 2007
The film feels long and slow, and the subject matter familiar. We never quite get caught up in it, despite the appealing cast; a thriller directed at a snail's pace simply isn't very thrilling.
December 14, 2007
There is a deep morality at work here, as often in Schrader's work.
December 13, 2007
A mystery that isn't mysterious, a thriller that's barely thrilling.
December 12, 2007
The rattling whispers of political critique come off as fledgling efforts to give the film an importance above what it is
December 10, 2007
But just as it should be soaring it suddenly begins to fall apart, the last 20 or so minutes so absurdly ludicrous and poorly constructed it makes all that's come before an unintentionally hilarious laughingstock.
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