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August 8, 2015
Woody Harrelson is fun to watch but the flick itself was just so no fun.
½ November 2, 2013
another winner from writer/director paul schrader
October 23, 2013
Upon repeat viewings, one of Schrader's most tender, best looking, best acted and least compellingly written story of the inner torment of American male transformation from a happily shallow and passive erudite to a pained fully feeling mature human being.
August 22, 2013
I am going to pass on this one.
July 2, 2013
It has Lauren there anything else you need in a movie?
October 1, 2012
Like great literature, it leaves the viewer pondering about the human condition. I liked it a lot!
May 13, 2012
Good solid movie with an excellent cast and a good acting job by Woody Harrelson.
½ May 11, 2012
Harrelson saves this movie from being completely rotten, but it's still pretty bad. I enjoyed the last scene the most out of the entire film.
April 19, 2012
Doesn't seem interesting.
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½ January 19, 2012
Carter Page III: I have had some illusions shattered... I thought we weren't an aggressor nation. I thought there was a separation between church and state. Hell, I even thought that the people elected the president. 

"Everyone loves a good scandal"

The Walker is an example of great performances in search of a good movie. The whole time I was watching this film, I was thinking, this should be an amazing movie. Woody Harrelson and Kristin Scott Thomas both gave extraordinary performances. The film looked great and had an appeal to it that should have made me love it. But it never managed to suck me in. I was left feeling less than satisfied by the way Schrader managed the tempo and scandal. Schrader had some interesting ideas, but never managed to execute them to their fullest potential.

Woody Harrelson plays Carter Page III, a gay escort who spends time with the rich women of D.C. His job is to keep them company, sometimes by playing cards with them. He drives them around , tells them how good they look, and talks to them about everything. One day he is driving Lynn Lockner  to where her lover is awaiting her. When she arrives she comes back out telling Carter that the man is dead. Carter decides to cover for her since this would ruin her and her husband's life, and tells the police that he found the man. This puts him as suspect number one, and he soon finds himself knee deep in a scandal.

I preferred the last thirty minutes of the film to the first hour, fifteen. The first part of the movie is so dull and at times had me restless. The last part did start to pull me in again, but by that time it was really too late. The Walker had a lot potential, and I did enjoy the performances and the sophisticated sets, but Schrader could have had a masterpiece. Instead it's just a decent little dramatic scandal.
½ January 16, 2012
Directed by one of Hollywood's greatest screenwriters, Paul Schrader's presence on the project explains why he was able to attract such a talented cast, but it doesn't explain why the film contains large stretches of time that can only be called boring.
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½ January 1, 2012
Paul Schrader is a filmmaker whose films require strong acting in order for them to work, as they are often dialogue-heavy. He doesn't rely as much on actions or visual effects as much as he does on words, so a good cast is an absolute necessity. That's one of the reasons why "The Walker" isn't all that great. The acting often seems cold and detached, especially from Lily Tomlin, who I found to be extremely monotonous. No one seems to be as involved as they should be. Really, the only good performance here comes from Woody Harrelson. He's basically the only reason to keep watching. He creates a character so unlike anything he's done before that we're immediately interested, and he does a great job at it. Other than his performance, "The Walker" isn't anything better than average. The writing's really not even all that great either, and that's surprising for Paul Schrader, who I usually find incredibly talented. He gives us a plot, but slightly obscures it. We know what's happening, but not as well as we should, and we continuously hear about Page's past, but Schrader never really goes any more in-depth with it. The pacing isn't anything to complain about, but I won't say that I was "excited" by what was happening.
½ December 24, 2011
loved the subtle political themes/jabs at the current administration. woody and the gals are fun to watch, but the tension needed to ramp up a few notches.
December 17, 2011
A surprisingly dull and uninteresting movie from Schrader. Even a very good cast with all of them giving solid performances can't save this story. I liked the idea of a man being close to these wives of very powerful men. And when the murder plot starts everything unravels. But the story just kinda floats along with nothing really interesting or exciting happening.
November 18, 2011
Overlooked Schrader movie right here. Woody Harrelson as you've never seen him before or since. Fascinating character drama.
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September 13, 2011
Carter Page(Woody Harrelson) is a well-heeled and popular socialite who serves as confidant, companion, and card partner to some of the capitol's leading ladies. These pampered women are married to the most powerful men in America, and when their husbands are too busy running the country to attend to their wives, they turn to their "gay best friend," Carter, for warmth, wit and wisdom. Carter's loyalty is tested when his dearest friend finds herself on the brink of a scandal that could destroy her reputation and her husband's career.

Schrader's final "lonely men" picture. A very slow yet interesting film.
September 11, 2011
This movie could have been way better, especially considering the players involved in it. Woody Harrelson and Lauren Bacall were phenomenal in their roles and probably were the saving grace of this film!
August 19, 2011
After a superficial and slow 1st twenty minutes, you are made to make due with an acceptable mild thriller. It references Watergate, but only ends up being "All The 'Vice' Presidents 'Gay' Men" and has you thinking of "Deep Throat" for all the wrong reasons. Not presidential in pedigree, except for Woody Harrelson's tightrope act of a performance. A thoroughly vice presidential level of a movie otherwise.
½ July 11, 2011
Outstanding cast, well acted and a good film. A murder mystery that unfolds slowly without a lot of twists. More interesting are the relationships between the women and their Washington lives.
Cameron W. Johnson
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½ May 12, 2011
Nailed subtle emotion, balanced heavy emotion and commitment to the gay element in a single role? Forget it, Woody Harrelson is officially on my favorite actors list. Now that that's over with, the film features compellingness, solid performances and fine dialogue. However, the lack of development, slowness and thrown-together storyline leave "The Walker" to be nothing too special of a film. Still, it's gonna have that special place in my heart for getting Harrelson on my favorite actor's list. "Special place in my heart"? Sounds like Harrelson's gayness in the film has some competition.
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