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½ March 22, 2018
One of Costner's more enjoyable performances. He is on fine form here and showcases his comedic chops to full effect. A pretty fun movie even if you could not care less about golf.
½ March 14, 2018
I was more than a bit surprised at how much I enjoyed this light and fun sports-rom-com. I wish the actual sports dramatics were better, which just inexplicable following the whims of the screenwriter instead of the characters reality, but there's still much to like. The dialogue is great, even with the constant golf puns and metaphors, which are delivered with such intention and self-awareness. Costner is in top form; cocky, likable, and disruptive, it's like a grown-up's version of Happy Gilmore.
February 23, 2018
'Tin Cup' has some entertaining moments, but for a Costner-Shelton collaboration it falls flat not only because of its ludicrous ending, but for taking what worked in 'Bull Durham' and trying to duplicate it to the point where it becomes cliché.
October 28, 2017
A really inspiring psychological quirky movies. Love it...you have to be able to understand the "Conquering" gene.
½ August 19, 2017
Fairytale, good ol' boy, rugged individual, movie making as a country song like only Kevin Costner can pull off.
June 11, 2017
Just a simple and fun movie!
May 3, 2017
Such a fun, light sports movie. The whole cast is great, share a fantastic chemistry and feel very human.
July 16, 2016
Absolutely not a Golf movie. A movie about life. Can watch it again & again. Outstanding cast. Oldie, but, goodie.
March 27, 2016
Strange that a Golf-movie can be such a lovely movie to watch ...fine and fun Dialogues ! Yep . SOMDVD
½ January 25, 2016
Eh, I'd rather watch Happy Gilmore.
January 21, 2016
Unrealistic and juvenile at times. Silly film with a very obnoxious, overly dramatic sound track. Only watch if it's free.
½ July 24, 2015
While its predictable, it's also got solid chemistry between Costner and Russo.
May 15, 2015
ok rom--com/sports pic
½ May 2, 2015
Every now and then Costner connects on these sports movies and with this funny,sweet comedy we are reminded of how good he can be.
½ February 6, 2015
Written and directed by Ron Shelton, who has always specialised in making sports related films, including Bull Durham (1988), White Men Can't Jump (1992) Cobb (1994) and Play It to the Bone (1999). Here, he weaves a sweet and likable romantic comedy, based around the sport of golf. It was ever so partially inspired by the career of Gary McCord, who worked on the film too as a technical adviser. Roy McAvoy (Kevin Costner) was once a promising golf prodigy who earned the nickname Tin Cup, but his career never went anywhere and now he's running a run-down driving range in West Texas along with his friend Romeo Posar (Cheech Marin). When Psychologist Dr. Molly Griswold (Rene Russo) comes asking for a lesson, McAvoy asks why, and it turns out Griswold is in a relationship with professional golfer David Simms (Don Johnson), whom McAvoy knew years before. In return, Simms asks McAvoy to caddy for him at a benefit tournament. It begins McAvoy's comeback to the U.S. Open that he'd turned his back on years before. It's a very sweet romantic comedy, and it's an underdog film as well, it ticks all the cliches that many movies like this have to meet, but it manages to look good on screen, with a sun-snogged hue to the scenes. Plus, Costner trained with McCord, and did many of the golf shots on screen himself, which are great.
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September 30, 2014
A sports movie directed by Ron Sheldon? The man has a hell of a pedigree in this area and in this film he manages to make golf sexy! Of course he's helped by a charming performance from Costner who works well off both Russo as his love interest and Marin as his bromance. Perhaps it's a little overlong but by the time you get to the final match you'll be cheering Costner on to make that final putt.
½ September 12, 2014
Golf version of "Bull Durham" with some reused plot elements, techniques and feelings, but same enjoyment that's probably more even though it's sort-of forgettable. (B)

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August 24, 2014
Great Kevin Costner is fine for teens. Ages 13+
½ August 13, 2014
Every time Ron Shelton gets to do a sports themed film he's in his sweet spot. The cast is miraculous, the script is witty and you come away feeling great. Highly recommended!
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