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September 16, 2017
This isn't a total disaster but it's also not great. The special effects are great and the film does have an effective spectacle but the characters are so flat you can barely see them and the humor just comes off as awkward most of the time. Laughs are present and cool action scenes are to be found but it's nothing more once that wears off.
September 12, 2017
For sometime stupid as a film based on a 1980s TV show, at least Michael Bay did the best he could with it. Maybe perhaps it's not MUST CREATE SO MANY OBKNOCKIOUS SEQUELS TO GET WORSE GOOD, but more as a film standing on is own good.
September 10, 2017
I want to see this movie

September 8, 2017
If you've seen Michael Bay's work, you'll find that when it comes to action, nobody does it better. This film gives astonishing battle sequences with transformations that'll have you on the edge of your seat. The sound quality is dynamic enough not even Star Wars can compare to its excellence of execution.

The plot may be bland, but it's more than just your average popcorn movie, it's a break threw in movie technology and the only thing worth watching the film for besides the incredibly amount of CGI used in this film is the comedy mixed in making the movie that more enjoyable.
September 2, 2017
All visuals and no brains, but it wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen
½ September 2, 2017
Fine. Definitely the best one of the series.
August 30, 2017
I thought Transformers was a good one. The action and adventure is good. It is a good one in the Transformers Franchise.
August 21, 2017
Michael bay takes a fun cartoon series we all loved and takes a bigger dump on them then when George Lucas ruined Star Wars with the prequels
August 20, 2017
It was Amazing and Fabulous
½ August 15, 2017
This movie is highly entertaining and interesting the way it's set up. It is well done and I would suggest this movie to teenagers. Although Sam's parents were extremely annoying it was an excellent film.
August 15, 2017
I kinda like the first one! It's just hard to get through bay's directing trademarks, like racial stereotyping, glutinous effects, and of course, overused symbols of patriotism
½ August 11, 2017
With action-packed battle sequences, a nearly flawless plot, and many memorable moments, TRANSFORMERS is the best film you can ask of director Michael Bay.
August 11, 2017
My favourite transformer is Optimus prime. the acting makes me laugh, the action scenes are awesome
August 6, 2017
Good film, some scenes were annoying but overall it was entertaining.
½ August 5, 2017
It was Awesome also why couldn't this be at least 85 rotten tomatoes. Michael Bay did an amazing job!
½ July 30, 2017
That was a really long and expensive Camaro Commercial.
½ July 28, 2017
We all know that Michael Bay isn't a good director, but he does know how to make a good action scene and how to make a pretty picture which he proved in this exhilarating Transformers film. Characters are lovable and story is good. Shia LaBeouf showed his potential that he is currently wasting. This is a very fun and enjoyable film that deserved better sequels.
July 26, 2017
Optimus Prime: Autobots! Transform and Role Out! :)
July 25, 2017
The ultimate example of a cinematic guilty pleasure. It's also the only Transformers film that gave a damn about being fun.
July 24, 2017
Firstly, the CGI is excellent and rather astonishing at how good it looks being at being this moment in time a decade old. The performances are good, LaBeouf was rather perfect playing the awkward teen, but Fox is miscast and the chemistry just isn't here between the two. The sheer amount of audacious sub-plots in this film is overwhelming. If it would've just focused on either the military aspect or Sam Witwicky I think the film would've been far smoother and better produced story wise. Credit where credits due with Bay actually pulling this film off and the entertainment value alone is extraordinary.
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