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Trespass pits public servants against gangsters in a race for stolen loot -- and thanks to a killer cast and Walter Hill's assured direction, the audience wins.



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After learning the location of a bag of stolen gold, two Southern firemen head north to search an abandoned St. Louis factory for the loot in this action drama. Unluckily, they stumble into the middle of a gang war, and their battle for the gold leads to a violent confrontation.

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  • Sep 18, 2012
    Directed by action maestro Walter Hill and with a lead role for Bill Paxton this sounds like a great combination. Alas this turns out to be a very by the numbers thriller that can't really muster up anything overly exciting. The film is quite similar to another thriller by the title of 'Judgment Night' plot wise. Some out of town blue collar guys get themselves into a difficult situation with a local gang or hoods. In this film the two men are trapped within an old vacant building whilst looking for some lost stolen treasure while in the other film some men are lost and trapped within a broken down dodgy neighbourhood. The problem with this film is the bad guys, a gang made up of stereotypical cliched black hoods that are covered in bling and can't speak proper English. The casting has big names admittedly and includes most well known black character actors but for some reason Hill chose to cast Ice-T and Ice Cube...oh dear. Needless to say the acting from this pair is dire and ruins any potential tension whenever they are on screen. Overall there isn't really much tension a tall frankly, not enough to make you care whether Paxton or Sadler (good guys) make it out alive or not. Its an old film now yes so you could excuse the predictable obligatory stuff that's included, you know Sadler is the unhinged guy that will crack through gold fever (the lost stolen items) and you know all the hoods will turn on each other. Ice Cube makes that rather obvious the moment he utters his first words. Reasonably entertaining but lacking real bite. The reason 'Judgment Night' was so cool was down to the great casting of Leary as the main bad guy, this similar film is missing that key casting. Paxton is limp, Sadler is better as a villain and action is AWOL. The ending is slightly unique in the fact it doesn't end as you would think, doesn't make it any better though.
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Mar 10, 2011
    Ice T 'I'm a businessman, not a gangster and these are my associates' This is your classic tension film fueled on one side (the supposedly "good" side) by greed, and, on the other side, a criminals wish to eliminate all witnesses to their crime. Don and Vince played by Bill Paxton and William Sadler are two Arkansas firemen who, in the process of tackling a blazing building find a crazed old man who hands them a possible treasure map before burning to death. Finding out it might be a fortune in gold stashed they set off for remote abandoned factory in East St Louis. Unfortunately, this also happens to be the same location 'Business man' King James (Ice-T) and his associates use for executions. Naturally, the gangsters want the witnesses dead; and before they know it Vince and Don are trapped in a single room with no obvious means of escape, a hostage, Lucky, who happens to King James's little brother and a homeless man, Bradlee. The race is on, both for the treasure and to stay alive.
    Deb S Super Reviewer
  • Jul 12, 2009
    A pretty solid action movie that had a pretty good cast. The action was pretty intense at times and the characters were rather interesting.
    Ken D Super Reviewer
  • Aug 07, 2008
    In 1979, Walter Hill's "The Warriors" was nearly pulled from theaters because it was being blamed for violence all over the country. With 1992's "Trespass", Hill again was faced with controversy, but in the reverse form. Originally titled "The Looters", the movie was pulled from theatrical release BECAUSE of violence facing America at that time. Namely, the L.A. riots in the wake of the Rodney King trial. Renamed, and released nearly a year later, it's another tough guy movie from the director most famous for them. Bill Paxton and William Sadler are two Arkansas fireman searching an abandoned factory in East St. Louis for a fortune in stolen gold. They unwittingly get caught up in a gangland war when Ice-T and Ice Cube execute a rival in that very same factory. What follows is a cat and mouse game as the two fireman try to escape with the gold before the gangters become aware of its existence. It's a very claustrophobic movie set within the confines of the long abandonded factory. None of the characters are very likeable, but none of them are meant to be. It's a story about greed and power, and how far people are willing to go for each. Good performances all around, although Paxton and Sandler playing rednecks, and the Ice's playing ganstas probably aren't that much of a stretch. Director Hill keeps the action tight and close quartered, until the movie ends in, literally, a blaze of glory. No one does tough guy action like Walter Hill, and this is one of his best.
    RJ M Super Reviewer

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