Walter Hill

Walter Hill

Highest Rated: 98% Alien (1979)

Lowest Rated: 10% Supernova (2000)

Birthday: Jan 10, 1942

Birthplace: Not Available

With his lean but bold and visually powerful approach, filmmaker Walter Hill's career proved that action films can be smart, stylish, and distinctive, and his movies put a fresh spin on the traditional themes of Westerns, crime dramas, and even buddy filmsThe son of a riveter who worked in shipbuilding, Hill was born in Long Beach, CA, on January 10, 1942. He briefly followed in his father's blue-collar footsteps, earning his living in oil drilling and construction, before focusing his career on the arts. Hill studied drawing for a spell in Mexico, and later enrolled at Michigan State University, where he received a degree in Journalism. In time, he developed a passion for filmmaking and moved back to California, where he earned his first movie credits as an assistant director on such pictures as The Thomas Crown Affair and Take the Money and Run. Hill next worked as a screenwriter; two films were based on his scripts in 1972: the dark crime drama Hickey and Boggs and Sam Peckinpah's adaptation of Jim Thompson's novel The Getaway. Hill's taut, muscular screenplays, sometimes written in blank verse, earned him a potent reputation in the industry, and, in 1975, he landed his first assignment as a director when he brought his own script, Hard Times, to the screen with Charles Bronson and James Coburn in the leads. While his next project as a writer/director, The Driver, earned a cult following, Hill's third feature really put him on the map. The Warriors earned both rave reviews and controversy; the tale of a New York street gang making its way home through unfriendly territory was accused of inspiring a number of violent incidents at theaters showing the film. However, it also earned a handsome profit, allowing Hill to take on two more ambitious projects: The Long Riders, a period Western in which a number of criminal siblings join forces, and Southern Comfort, an atmospheric suspense film about men on Army Reserve exercises who discover they're fighting a real war. The director then scored a blockbuster with the Eddie Murphy/Nick Nolte comedy 48 Hours. His subsequent movies tended to be more cult-oriented than bona fide hits, but Hill's sharp visual style and tough, street-smart scripts kept him in demand, and he earned some of his strongest reviews in years for his 2002 boxing-behind-bars drama Undisputed. In 1979, Hill moved into producing, working behind the scenes on the sci-fi smash Alien, and helped produce most of his own films, as well as the successful HBO series Tales From the Crypt. He also helped end the career of the infamous and imaginary director Alan Smithee; Hill was hired to step in as director on the troubled sci-fi epic Supernova shortly before shooting began, but opted out of the project before editing was completed, and requested that his name be removed from the film. Since the Director's Guild of America's registered pseudonym for dissatisfied filmmakers, Alan Smithee, had become common knowledge in the wake of the comedy An Alan Smithee Film: Burn, Hollywood, Burn, a new assumed name was created to accommodate Hill -- Thomas Lee -- and the name Smithee was officially retired.

Highest Rated Movies



92% Baby Driver Courtroom Interpreter $107.8M 2017
65% Alien: Covenant Producer $74.3M 2017
34% The Assignment Director Screenwriter 2017
46% Bullet to the Head Director Screenwriter $9.6M 2013
73% Prometheus Producer $126.5M 2012
No Score Yet Becoming John Ford Actor 2008
12% Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (AVP 2) Producer $41.7M 2007
No Score Yet Alien3 (Special Edition) Producer Screenwriter 2007
No Score Yet Alien Resurrection (Special Edition) Producer 2007
No Score Yet Broken Trail Director Producer 2006
No Score Yet Little Sister Director 2006
21% AVP - Alien Vs. Predator Producer $80.3M 2004
94% Alien: The Director's Cut Producer 2003
48% Undisputed Actor Producer Director Screenwriter 2002
No Score Yet Hard Times Director Screenwriter 2001
10% Supernova Director 2000
55% Alien Resurrection Producer 1997
No Score Yet Howard Hawks: American Artist Actor 1997
37% Last Man Standing Producer Director Screenwriter 1996
12% Tales from the Crypt Presents Bordello of Blood Executive Producer 1996
42% Wild Bill Director Screenwriter 1995
38% Tales from the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight Executive Producer 1995
33% The Getaway Screenwriter 1994
96% The Fugitive Screenwriter 1993
48% Geronimo - An American Legend Director 1993
44% Alien3 Screenwriter Producer 1992
69% Trespass Director 1992
18% Another 48 Hrs. Director Screenwriter 1990
62% Johnny Handsome Director 1989
No Score Yet Tales from the Crypt Director 1989
67% Red Heat Screenwriter Producer Director 1988
70% Extreme Prejudice Director 1987
97% Aliens Executive Producer 1986
No Score Yet Blue City Producer Screenwriter 1986
73% Crossroads Director 1986
35% Brewster's Millions Director 1985
No Score Yet The G.I. Executioner Actor 1985
67% Streets of Fire Director Screenwriter Producer 1984
93% 48 HRS Screenwriter Director 1982
78% Southern Comfort Screenwriter Director 1981
83% The Long Riders Screenwriter Director 1980
98% Alien Producer 1979
89% The Warriors Director Screenwriter 1979
73% The Driver Screenwriter Director 1978
50% The Drowning Pool Screenwriter 1975
92% Hard Times Screenwriter Director 1975
No Score Yet G.I. Executioner (Wild Dragon Lady) (Wit's End) Actor 1974
58% The MacKintosh Man Screenwriter 1973
No Score Yet The Thief Who Came to Dinner Screenwriter 1973
86% The Getaway Screenwriter 1972


No Score Yet Today
Guest 2017
92% Deadwood
Director 2004
82% Tales from the Crypt
Director Executive Producer 1992
No Score Yet Secrets of the Cryptkeeper's Haunted House
Executive Producer


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