Trouble Every Day (Gargoyle) Reviews

October 9, 2019
As messy in conception as in its bloody mise en scène, it's the first misstep in her career.
October 8, 2013
Denis shoots this grisly-erotic roundelay in her distinctively woozy and elliptical style.
December 23, 2002
Shock values may tempt an art-house talent into producing what she (Claire Denis) hopes will be box-office. What comes out, though, is simply badly handled pretentiousness.
November 26, 2002
May 3, 2002
Denis is an extraordinarily reticent storyteller.
April 26, 2002
Trouble Every Day is a success in some sense, but it's hard to like a film so cold and dead.
April 5, 2002
Here the love scenes all end in someone screaming. Maybe there's a metaphor here, but figuring it out wouldn't make Trouble Every Day any better.
March 22, 2002
I'm not sure these words have ever been together in the same sentence: This erotic cannibal movie is boring.
March 9, 2002
Watching Trouble Every Day, at least if you don't know what's coming, is like biting into what looks like a juicy, delicious plum on a hot summer day and coming away with your mouth full of rotten pulp and living worms.
March 7, 2002
A hysterical yet humorless disquisition on the thin line between sucking face and literally sucking face.
March 1, 2002
... a film that is profoundly disturbing, yet hauntingly unforgettable.
March 1, 2002
Nothing Denis has made before, like Beau Travil and Nenette et Boni, could prepare us for this gory, perverted, sex-soaked riff on the cannibal genre.
February 28, 2002
The story of Trouble Every Day ... is so sketchy it amounts to little more than preliminary notes for a science-fiction horror film, and the movie's fragmentary narrative style makes piecing the story together frustrating difficult.
February 26, 2002
Purposefully shocking in its eroticized gore, if unintentionally dull in its lack of poetic frissons.
November 30, 2001
What's needed so badly but what is virtually absent here is either a saving dark humor or the feel of poetic tragedy.
September 11, 2001
The picture emerges as a surprisingly anemic disappointment.