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December 24, 2012
Despite a relatively predictable plot, was still a interesting watch. Unlike most Australian films, acting was heartfelt and realistic. Australian accent wasn't to overbearing aswell.
May 22, 2011
Not bad but pretty standard boxing flick.
March 9, 2011
its great because it has jessica marais in it!
February 2, 2011
This remake of Rocky with funny accents, I mean Two fists one heart is an ok film. Nothing special but there are some brilliant pieces of cinema tucked into this film. One of the scenes I'm hint to is the final fight scene but I'll get to that later.

Rocky, I mean two fists one heart starts with a scene of a father holding his child underwater, though at fist very serene and calming image, when he raises out of the weather the Italian father dunks him back again, bit strange but it sets the tone of a pushy father (Ennio Fantastichini) aand a son (Daniel Alalm) swimming against the tide which honestly is the most compelling aspect of this story. As the film continues the relation ship goes from a strong father son bond to a strained relationship, then reuniting over boxing makes this more emotionally compelling than rocky, while keeping boxing ad the heart of the movie, aptly emulating the title.

Though never explained why, the father switches between Italian and English and after immigrating from Italy (also never explained in depth)and seams to have met a larger group of Sicilian immigrants as if the director was casting rejects from the Godfather trilogy. Antony Argo's thick Australian accent seams out of place in this bar scene but as the film darts between looking like an advertisement for the Australian tourist board and Rocky it brings the characters down to earth and makes the story more believable.
This film also contains a few cameos from comedian Tim Minchin which are brilliant; the scene where they visit his gig is funny and well shot. This scene includes the song "Drowned" by Minchin which is probably the best original song for a movie ever, and also echoes Antony Argo (the protagonist) story of swimming against the fathers tide them going with the flow for an amazing finale.

Though the films romantic aspect falls short to the boxing, it is worth commending the director for not having them make up as most conventional movies do, instead having them split making the story more believable and by not reuniting them, it makes the relation ship of the father and son more predominant which it should be as there are a lot of movies with this dynamic in mainstream cinema.

The finale for the film Rocky and Drago, Sorry Argo and Nico is an intense fight cut with a bar scene starring Tim Minchin and Jessica Marias looking a mixtures of overly involved and strangely disinterested respectively. My only annoyance with this film is he retires at the end, which is too similar to rock at the end, which is too similar to rock for me but the seeing the familial relationship restored masks this little blip in an otherwise good movie.
½ December 22, 2010
Drama With An Australian Edge. Tests Themes Often Not Touched Upon & Does It With Great Finess, Much Like A Good Boxer This Carries Itself Around The Story With Style & Grace But Packs A Real Punch. ;-)
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½ February 14, 2010
This story should be called an Australian Rocky. Daniel Amalm and Jessica Marais were all good in their roles, however Rai Fazio and some of his mates could do with more acting lessons. And the boxing scenes are fantastic that reminded me of the past boxing movies.
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November 28, 2009
Anthony Argo (Daniel Amalm) is a handsome Italian boxer and nightclub doorman. He is trained by his father Joe, a veteran boxer who has brought his Sicilian values with him to Australia. He meets Kate and begins to question many of the foundations of his upbringing; in particular the role that violence plays in the resolution of conflict. This is not just a fight film, it's also very much a tale about a father and son and the conflicts faced. I found it interesting in that it's written by a former boxer Rai Fazio who plays Nico "The Bull" Mancini. He's a boxer of Sicilian origin and the story is set in Perth Western Australia.

Two Fists, One Heart lacks in originality but it more than makes up for that with pure conviction and emotional drive, a determination to entertain with an emotionally satisfying, evocative tale about masculinity, responsibility and aggression. I thought the boxing scenes were most realistic also.

Luved it! "What, you trying to tell me that two guys trying to knock each other's heads off isn't everyone's idea of entertainment?"
November 9, 2009
Really good film. Amalm is a great actor and the chemistry between all characters was great. Tim Minchin's cameo was a really good touch.
September 27, 2009
some great cinematography, editing, directing, acting, a reasonable soundtrack. sure the story has been done, but i thoroughly enjoyed it, (apart from Jessica Marias who is trying so hard to be Rose Byrne from Two Hands in this its not even funny), i found everything else enjoyable. highly recommended
August 27, 2009
Good movie, the plot has been done before.
½ August 26, 2009
9.5 out of 10 see it
May 19, 2009
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