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½ March 31, 2018
If you listen closely, you can hear David Lynch applauding the success of a fellow filmmaker who was able to make something truly original without the executives that fund and own the rights to - what I can only imagine must've been an intentionally vague & innocuous - screenplay; as once in a Blue (Velvet) moon we get a top notch production with immense talent both in and out of camera frame, and in UNDER THE SKIN there will be several moments where you find yourself exasperated, terrified, and unaware that you were even watching a movie of any kind.

A totally brutal film, however I've always felt compelled to come back and revisit it over the recent years - which is something never said for pretty much every other profoundly visceral film that was deserving of any sort of praise, let alone this much. There is nothing else like it, at all, and that alone is reason enough to watch.
½ March 24, 2018
Under The Skin can seem mundane and repetitive to some; It's relatively true too. The subtleties in the evolving plot are hard to catch. However, Under The Skin is so subtle that there can be multiple themes in one film. All of the themes can relate to society; loneliness on a crowded earth, the stigma of beauty, or even gender roles. Nearing the end of the film we learn that Under The Skin isn't criticizing our world harshly. As Laura begins interacting with humans more, she begins to feel compassion and recognizes innocent emotions. So much so that Laura becomes emotionally vulnerable, leading her to her death by a man. In the beginning, Laura undresses a woman, who also is an alien. This woman had also fallen vulnerable to human emotion (represented by the one tear). Sadly, Laura experienced the same demise. I will admit though, this film wasn't very exciting.
March 17, 2018
Before watching this you should be ready for a movie with no exposition, and a plot with little narrative structure. That being said, the movie is fascinating and thought-provoking. It is an artistic piece that uses fantastic sound design, both understated and surreal sets, and character study to explore issues related to trust, power, "coming of age", and sex in a way that is totally out of context and novel - through the experiences of an alien.
March 16, 2018
Este não é um filme tradicional de ficção científica, drama ou até mesmo suspense. Ultrapassa brilhantemente essa barreira desde a primeira cena e mantém o espetador atento durante os três atos do início ao fim.

Scarlett Johansson interpreta uma mulher no planeta Terra aparentemente com uma missão. O facto de não sabermos ao certo o que se está a passar, deixa-nos sem alternativa se não analisar e tentar extrair o significado das poderosas e imersas cenas que o realizador Jonathan Glazer orquestrou meticulosamente.

Estamos perante uma obra com tons bastante modernos. Cada vez mais vamos assistir a filmes que nos deixam a fazer questões do princípio ao fim, e só analisando cuidadosamente e encaixando as pequenas peças do puzzle, é que iremos conseguir uma interpretação minimamente satisfatória do que assistimos. É um estilo de cinema que me interessa particularmente.

Numa restrita parte, apresenta-se bastante realista, especialmente nas cenas onde Scarlett conduz pelas ruas de Glasgow, na Escócia, à procura de homens solitários com o intuito de os seduzir a entrar na sua carrinha branca, onde por conseguinte a seguem para apartamentos abandonados onde o resto é história. A autenticidade destas cenas deve-se ao facto destas pessoas estarem a ser filmadas sem ter conhecimento (dentro da carrinha). Não estavam a atuar, nem muito menos eram estrelas de cinema. Posteriormente, tiveram que assinar para que as filmagens fossem autorizadas a integrar a montagem do filme.

Não necessita de muito diálogo, deixando a performance de Scarlett Johansson, que é de tirar o folgo, guiar o filme de forma convincente. Demonstra apatia e indiferença nas circunstâncias certas, assim como medo e estranheza. Ela é, sem dúvida, um trunfo para o realizador. Assim como a banda sonora de Mica Levi, que é simplesmente perturbadora.

Filmes como este usualmente não conseguem captar a atenção dos mercados comerciais do cinema, e quando conseguem, não apresentam nenhuma estrela cujo nome esteja nos holofotes. Jonathan Glazer, também realizador do filme Sexy Beast (2000), apresenta-se numa liga restrita de diretores com Under the Skin, onde utiliza a sua visão detalhada para provar que consegue fazer um filme verdadeiramente original.

March 1, 2018
The perfect example of a movie telling its story through imagery and emotions. It's definitely not for everyone since it's too slow for those who are impatient. A unique experience that I haven't seen before which sometimes can cause me to feel at lost. At least, the director tried to make art rather than a movie about an alien trying to take over the world...
½ February 26, 2018
how was that..

Under The Skin

Expressing emotions and creating tension and urgency on the screen despite of using word is a sign of excellence in both writing and directing field. Under The Skin is a character-driven movie that is equally smart and soft to its core contradict to its hard raw brutal physique. Jonathan Glazer aces in projecting the on-paper words to the screen and brings out the character alive and pumping. Scarlett Johansson justifies her role and works hard on her character that itself remains mystery till the last frame. Under The Skin is a slow pill that unfolds in each phase and twists its way out as the plot thickens and the character ages on the screen.
½ February 9, 2018
Under the Skin was doing just fine...until it took a strange direction that I really couldn't get behind. I can't explain it without ruining the movie so I won't. I'm not saying it's not worth watching at least once. However, even if you end up liking it, your appreciation for the film may not be immediate.

I say that because it took me awhile to digest some of the messages sprinkled throughout the film because I was too busy trying to focus on what was actually happening plot-wise. The film preaches that we are victims of our own desires, the things we should probably stay away from but can't. When we don't get the things that we want, we would rather destroy those things than treat them as a loss and move on. How many times have you heard, "I didn't want that job anyway" or "I hate that team. They win too much"? If we can't have the good thing, then no one should have it.

With strong messages like these, It's a wonder the film wasn't better. Overall, it just felt like a puzzle with missing pieces. You're guessing continuously, expecting things to fall into place at some point, but they never do. Again, not a bad film...it just could have been so much more. I expected more excitement and intrigue from a film about an alien female roaming Scotland streets luring men into her van.

For what it's worth, the film does a great job of grabbing your attention and curiosity immediately, setting a tone that demands your attention. Scarlett Johansson was great in her role as Laura the alien life form. You can't help but relate to her struggle of trying to blend in while trying to complete her mission at the same time. Perhaps that was another message: We shouldn't try and change who we are to fit in with social norms. A few tweaks could have made this film a lot better. Overall I give Under the Skin a 75.
January 28, 2018
As haunting as it is impenetrable, Johanthan Glazer's return to filmmaking after a ten year hiatus is a most visionary experience. A sci-fi film that takes an Antonioni-esque model, the film will certainly disappoint those expecting conventional thrills, but the more open-minded will find a film that's fascinating in its slow-burn, and engaging in how open-to-interpretation it is. It paints a rather entrancing picture of our contemporary reality through the eye's of Scarlett Johanson's alien, who does indeed give the most unusual and fascinating performance of her young career here. Not as original as it thinks it is (also see The Man Who Fell to Earth, and 2001: a Space Odyssey), and I can't help but feel that some of it's sub-plots reach dead-ends, but its themes of sexual predation and isolation will hopefully prove to be very resonant over time.
½ January 26, 2018
What did I watch!!! Almost 2 hours rubbish!!!!
½ January 19, 2018
Unsettling, and even disturbing, this feature from director Jonathan Glazer (known primarily for music videos) uses experimental techniques in the service of sci-fi plot starring Scarlett Johansson as an alien. For the first hour or so, Johansson drives around in a van stopping blokes in Scotland to ask directions to various places; it turns out that many of these social interactions were filmed with unsuspecting real people with a hidden camera (Johansson wears a black wig). A few of these blokes, presumably actors, get in the van and are taken to an isolated house where they are submerged in some black liquid fully nude (the source novel apparently tells us that they will later be eaten on the home planet but this is, thankfully, left out of the movie). In both the scripted and unscripted moments, men seem to be reacting to Johansson with a certain amount of added interest and even lust. In the beginning, she seems to encourage this - obviously to lure men to their doom. But later, as she starts to identify more with the human form that her alien has adopted in order to go undercover on Earth, she shrinks away from this sexual interest, seeking solitude in the lonely Scottish Highlands (perhaps - as we don't really know her motives since she ceases to speak). Even there, she is subjected to sexual violence (a warning to viewers). I'm not sure what things were like on her home planet, but down here on Earth, this alien sadly discovered what male attitudes and behaviour toward women can be like - horrible - and I'm sure Scarlett Johansson knows this only too well (so is it ironic that this is the film where she agreed to have a full frontal nude scene?). As a cinematic experience, Under the Skin holds up, particularly in its willingness to go into bizarre David Lynch territory with its odd visual experiments. But the plot itself is thin and slowly disappears as the move progresses - ordinary viewers might lose interest.
½ January 14, 2018
Terribly boring movie and just proves that Scarlett Johansson is a one dimensional actress. She is very overrated.
December 29, 2017
If you are not a fan of the surreal, you will not be a fan of this movie. This is one of the most interesting character studies I have ever seen, all while building upon very little dialogue. It also manages to have strong social critiques without being preachy. If you don't mind an "artsy" vibe, I would highly recommend it!
½ December 21, 2017
this movie drowns you in a black ocean of Fantasy and unknown destiny.
Scarlett is disturbing and mindblowing at once.
½ December 6, 2017
At first I thought the film was just a pretentious arty film with a slapdash plot. After discovering the film was based 'loosely' on a book they took the film in a way that I can't even describe as a direction.

I didn't get the 'message', Johansson's epiphany didn't have just cause as far as I could gauge. The acting was 'meh'. The imagery was pretentious and overall just a weird experience.
December 2, 2017
Visceral, unnerving, beautiful. A purposeful contemplation on the nature of humanity, and the growth from something far from human into something essentially empathetic. This is a soulful film that uses provocative visuals and intentional dialogue to explore one simple concept: alien meets humanity. And it is done to stunning and indubitable effect, with a career-making performance by Scarlett Johansson.
November 14, 2017
Not sure how this film made it out of production and why Scarlett Johansson agreed to do it. One of the weirdest movies I have ever watched. It is also one of the worse. The only thing I enjoyed was Scarlett and seeing Scotland.
½ November 8, 2017
Painfully slow but somehow captivating.
October 24, 2017
I have seen this film twice now and it remains just about as uncomfortable, mesmerising and bizarre on second viewing. This is what film making should be. A film (or at least moments) that will haunt you forever.
½ October 14, 2017
My GODS this was BORING!!! And by the time she peels off her skin, does it even matter by then! The cinetography was good though. C-
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