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December 29, 2010
Stereotype-based satire; not for young kids.
November 10, 2010
"Undercover Brother" fares better as a blaxploitation spoof than as silly-spy shtick. Scathing but not scatological, "Brother's" withering insights are equal opportunity: Here, white guilt is as satirically punishable an offense as propping up prejudice.
April 24, 2008
funny at parts
February 8, 2008
Much funnier and craftier than it had any right to be.
December 30, 2006
December 6, 2005
January 12, 2004
Every little piece of this project fell magically, hilariously in place, even if some of its gags don't quite hit the target.
November 7, 2003
The problem is, that half the time I laughed myself silly, while the other half, I was egregiously offended.
August 1, 2003
...zips along at a frenetic pace, but the lack of plot does eventually catch up with the rest of the movie.
March 2, 2003
Not for one moment does it get serious or stop for a straight action sequence, and yet it develops into something genuinely exciting, just through the enthusiastic velocity of its streams of jokes and images.
February 15, 2003
February 8, 2003
If you like the Austin Powers franchise, chances are you'll like this, regardless of your race. If you don't, we'll, I'd have to say you're just a jive turkey.
January 29, 2003
One of the best comedies of its kind.
January 29, 2003
December 17, 2002
December 8, 2002
Malcom D. Lee is a consummate professional and has made a wise choice in how to approach this material, for a strong case could be made to use this as the initial tool in our school systems to begin serious discussions about race and class.
October 15, 2002
More often than not, the movie's irreverent, ramshackle charms hit the mark.
August 22, 2002
The movie's contradictions of intent (opposing black stereotypes at the same that it's reveling in them) hinder it from making any real comic statement.
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