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November 1, 2017
Boring... I fall asleep while watching this.
July 2, 2017
One of those movies that time has smiled upon.
April 10, 2017
When we can stand some noises we like, dislike or the sound of things for the best or worse we tolerate it. When other things we stand for we don't when it's an awful behaviour. When we just can stand somethings and other things when we just can't help ourselves when we are forced into it by accident or force of nature we can't resist. When we just can't stand somethings not going our way and other things coming our way to just fall down. When it's only common courtesy to not make others stand for too long to make them sit. When we can't stand the weirdness in being in someone else's home or touching other people's private things to just quickly do what we need to do and get out. When we can't stand others looking at us or coming close to us that we naturally panic. When we can stand other things people like to be friendly and stay awhile to do so until the tensions build. When we only stand others close to us being close to us. When we naturally sit when others stand most the time for us. When we can't stand when some people not noticing us, ignoring us to think nothing of it. When other things are around we cannot stand when we need a moment alone. When we take care of mist of the things in the house to know this place can't stand without us. When we can't stand how somethings remain in our head constantly when we follow a routine. When we can't stand what we try to leave out that we cave in and see what makes us stand out to some people. When we are amongst many people in life to stand out from the crowd of beautiful people and get noticed. When we get over why we couldn't stand close to some people to stand beside them. When we see that others are attracted to us when goosebumps stand up on the back of our neck. When we can't stand how much fun we are having to think it's simply harmless flirting. When we can stand other things we like about people to allow them to touch us and offer us something. When we can't stand how attracted we are we naturally leave when we should be standing beside our loyalties towards the sanctity of marriage. When we just don't know why one stands out more then other, when we are naturally drawn to somethings and not others. When we can't stand for any errors or anything going wrong when we are in charge of security products. When other things about what makes us love some people we can't stand when it's no longer amusing. When we can't stand our boring routine of a life, to pay a visit to other things. When we don't mind standing close to some people to dance a little closer, to just let ourselves go in the arms of someone else. When we can't stand to do this to some people but can't control ourselves. When we can't stand how wrong somethings are but feel right that we are doing it. When what we can't stand any longer we lay there. When what we want we fight the urge no longer when they out power our stand against them. When we can't stand to be seen this way to clean up ourselves. When we have make some stories stand when others don't confirm.

When we just like laying around all day and standing or siting in front of some people whom we desire as much as they desire us. We see ourselves standing, laying around beside some people we care about more then others whom have the right touch. When we don't know whom we sit beside to can't believe what we are seeing in front of us. When we stand around not being noticed to do what we want. When we can't let anyone stand in our way of our happiness, but our friends when we have to stand some people up. When we see whom we sit around with too long can enfluence us in what we like seeing when it's our body image. When we is common when we socialize with other people lay around with people or hear stories of infidelity that makes us see no harm in it. When what we can't no longer stand for we look deep within us to let go. When we see that we can still live both lives and make every sitting to keep up some charade.

When we enjoy standing up and seeing our beautiful body the wsy it is before it goes, to sitting down to see our beautiful family before dinner before they go to see we can keep both lives going. When we need to see what others see to sit down and get an explanation to why they see us and why they see others this way. When we can no longer stand to see are undoubtedly thoughts & proofs of unfaithfulness we need to put a stop to it. When we see we are out of control to stand for nothing. When we can no longer stand to see this further we confront those whom we can't stand the thought being so different from us that we need to sit when we are overwhelmed with pressure we lay some people out on the ground in anger. When we can't stand some people coming between a family to cover them and let them sit in our car to die. When we have to be sitting with our family watching others stand in front of us to see how much they have grown in a loving family to be proud of them. When we can't just let some people just lay there to dump them. When we can't just about stand many things when we are a disciplinary mom & wide that we expect better in others then ourselves. When others can't stand lieing or deceiving the law we need clarity. 

When all we want to do is lay, stand and sit beside our family to put some messes behind us. When we see that we never took a stand for before to realize what is the most important thing now. When we lay to rest this dark past in our life and sit around waiting for when this beautiful life we live would end. When we have much to stand for, and that is moving forward but how can we live with such a dark heart after looking at eachother and still say nothing stands in our way.
½ April 6, 2017
A mournful and haunting thread weaves the ageless drama of the affair into the American suburbs with pretty charm. Frustratingly you sense the need for that darkness that comes from the chic French love and the dagger genre.
March 18, 2017
Diane Lane's strong lead performance can't save Unfaithful from falling into ludicrous and far-fetched clichés.
½ February 1, 2017
It's good movie to watch
October 9, 2016
My favourite movie of all time, it really should be one of the best movies ever and Diane Lane is amazing in this..
½ September 16, 2016
A Bela ... Belíssima Diane, quem não trocaria de posição nem que fosse por poucos dias, depois... a vida continua ... repetitiva e igual ao que era antes... oh oh ohhhhh
August 7, 2016
Though it's visually sexy with spot-on acting, everything else is really just a bore.
½ June 21, 2016
rather good procces and a predictable ending
½ April 29, 2016
Only women with dirty minds will enjoy movies like this!! Disgusting!

This movie is for those women who always fantasize about having an affair with younger men. In other words only cougars would enjoy this movie!!
January 26, 2016
Loved this movie - especially the ending.
November 10, 2015
diane lane...enough said
November 1, 2015
enjoyable thriller with a decent story and good performances all round.
October 16, 2015
This lubricious movie features Richard Gere as a cuckold who finds out and kills his wife's lover and wraps him up in a rug and dumps him at the landfill. This movie gives me another reason to hate Frenchmen.
September 25, 2015
Diane Lane is the best part of an otherwise unimpressive movie.
August 18, 2015
Paul(reading a poem) :
My mother makes me chicken.
Her chicken makes me cough.
I wish that when she made it,
she at least took the feathers off.

despite the good performances from the cast ,it was still at most just another time killer courtesy its weak story!
½ June 26, 2015
Lane's best role in a generic crappy ending thriller....how unfortunate.
½ June 15, 2015
Nothing exiting but a average American life style !
June 10, 2015
You know, there's disappointment but I loved Richard Gere.
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