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April 23, 2017
A modern reunion for Dolph and Jean!
April 6, 2017
great movie.second best after original one
½ February 7, 2017
Lacks the humor of the original and replaces it with an icy horror movie atmosphere. The story is all over the place but Regeneration is all about the action, of which it delivers in spades.
½ October 27, 2016
Don't Expect Much & You May Be a Partially Entertained. I've Always Found This Series Is Simply Competing With The Terminator Series..It Never Really Took Off, I'm Surprised Their Was So Many Follow-On's & The Main Characters (Van Damme / Dolph Lundgrun) Kept Coming Back For More.
½ October 30, 2015
The two original actors are back and they appear in a scene together for a matter of minutes. Very disappointing film which mainly sees it set on a radiation site which is about to explode unless demands are met. They probably should of never of made another film after the first one as nothing was going to beat it
½ October 28, 2015
Aquí es donde cambió el universo de Soldado Universal. De ser una excelente obra de ciencia ficción se convirtió en un espectáculo de gore. Mucha sangre. Deveraux ya no es el principal, aún cuando termina salvando el día. Y a pesar del regreso del Dolph Ludgren, no es el villano principal, aunque tiene un interesante encuentro con el personaje de Jean-Claude Van Damme. La temática ahora aborda el terrorismo, en lugar del ciberterrorismo o el dominio de las máquinas, y agregan nuevos personajes como parte del programa de Soldado Universal, destacando la participación del peleador Andrei Arlovski como el villano principal.
Si usted gusta no es nada interesante, ni para los seguidores de las dos anteriores como del público en general, sin embargo suena interesante por el giro de la trama. No así, a ratos es aburrida y lo que la salva es la participación de otro peleador más, Mike Pyle como el Capitán Kevin Burke cuya misión es rescatar a los hijos del primer ministro de Ukrania sobre la cual se desenvuelve la trama general.
Recomendable solo si desea seguir con esta saga, si no, evítela. No se pierde de mucho.
½ August 16, 2015
This sequel in the ever expanding Universal Soldier franchise has everything you would expect from a Unisol film... explosions, fisticuffs, Dolph Lundgren and JCVD.
The twist here is the Russian setting and the sheer number of eastern europeans on screen due to being shot in Bulgaria.
The film has a very different feel as a result of the location and casting and I was surprised that they actually had something other than English being spoken in the film.
While the military actions taken by actors on screen were rather unbelievable... there was plenty of Unisol fighting going on so you can forgive some of the shortcomings.
Not the best film in the franchise, it's always nice when JCVD and Lundgren get to play together.
August 9, 2015
Though Universal Soldier: The Return was a downturn for the series, with Universal Soldier: Regeneration bringing back Dolph Lundgren to team up with Jean-Claude Van Damme once again, I had hopes that it would return the series to its prime.

Universal Soldier: Regeneration is a direct-to-DVD film, and it clearly shows because much of the technical characteristics in the film are rather amateur. The production values are clearly very limited, and so it is left up to the viewers imagination to pretend that more is happening than they can afford to actually depict in the story. For the sake of enjoying the film as a potential action guilty pleasure, I actually had little problem doing this, but I will admit that there are many scenes which make the production feel cheap. These are particularly when the scenery feels too smal scale to be legitimately convincing to its intended location or when the cinematography fails to maintain stability when it should. But all in all, Universal Soldier: Regeneration must be considered for the standard of direct-to-DVD Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicles because it certainly has more value to it than many of his lesser features. The scenery of the film is nice and the action is more competent than the standard fare, and for the right viewer this just might prove enough.
Universal Soldier: Regeneration has less plot to it than any of the Universal Soldier films so far, and it could not care less. Frankly, this is of major benefit to the film because it means that the focus lies more in the action. Director John Hyams knows this, and spends the entire film focused on building the most important asset to an action film while putting sporadic plot points in so that there is some extent of competence in the narrative. I will admit that the fact that there is no story in Universal Soldier: Regeneration makes it frustrating when the film decides to pretend that there is one since these scenes just add unneccesary melodrama to the feature which slow things down. And as well as that, even though the film embraces its status as an action B-movie it has a tendency to take itself too seriously which means that it lacks some of the guilty pleasure charms that existed in the first Universal Soldier and made it an easier experience. Since the film is an action B-movie, it is hardly intense since it is not as easy for audiences to really take the film seriously and this creates a bit of a strange tone for the film. But those who can get lost in the action will appreciate what Universal Soldier: Regeneration is truly about.
The intro action scenes to Universal Soldier: Regeneration do not start the film up all that well as the cinematography begins in a rather shaky format before the fight scenes enter the film, proving themselves to be filmed up too close. Yet after a while, the film is finally able to get some technical sense and develop into a competent action film. The strong choreography in the fight scenes is shot and edited very well which brings out the skills in the cast while the more high profile shootouts are filmed with many effective long shots which track the stunts well and don't require excessive editing to hide their practical value. The action scenes are impressive for the genuine standard of the film, and there is consistently a good use of blood and gore which effectively distracts from the issues stemming from the story more of the time. John Hyams effetively proves his worth as an action filmmaker, following in his father's footsteps.
And the skills of the cast are certainly a major asset of the entertainment value.
Jean-Claude Van Damme hardly gets as much screen time as you might hope in Universal Soldier: Regeneration. And for a long time, his role in the film is little more than plot building surrounding his character Luc Deveraux even though this is not an interesting asset. Aside from an random and poorly filmed fight scene early on, Jean-Claude Van Damme does not actively get in on the action in Universal Soldier: Regeneration until over an hour into the film. But once he does, it is just awesome to behold. He stops speaking and puts everything into his physicality, and that means maintaining a blank facial expression while he mercilessly pulls the trigger on everyone that walks in the path of his gun. After he drops the gun, he goes back to doing what he does best. And that means destroying everyone in his path with his martial arts skills. He delivers some solid punches and flexible kicks in his powerful fight scenes with Dolph Lundgren and Andrei "The Pit Bull" Arlovski which effectively proves that age is not a boundary for a fighter as talented as him. Jean-Claude Van Damme remains rough and ready to fight consistently in Universal Soldier: Regeneration.
While Jean-Claude Van Damme gets little screen time, Dolph Lundgren gets even less as he does not enter the screen of this film until about two thirds of the way through. And within a brief period of time, the motives of his character are revealed as being inexplicably vengeful out of the blue. Considering the writing in the film and just what kind of a character he is playing, his character shouldn't have motives but rather just be bent on killing. All he ends up doing in the film is fighting Jean-Claude Van Damme, and that's all you could have hoped for. The two actors go against each other very well, and Dolph Lundhgren's sadistic masculinity packs a good punch which makes his return to the series a most welome presence.
Andrei "The Pit Bull" Arlovski is also an awesome antagonist for Universal Soldier: Regeneration. As a former UFC heavyweight champion, Andrei "The Pit Bull" Arlovski has a naturally intimidating stature about him which he combines with a grim death stare that evokes a really antagonistic feel. But best of all, his martial arts skills are exceptional. Andrei "The Pit Bull" Arlovski has the most fight scenes of any actor in the film, and he makes an impressive case with his talents for packing a brutal punch against every character he enounters. His physical talents are very impressive, so he is an awesome newcomer to the Universal Soldier franchise.

So Universal Soldier: Regeneration adheres heavily to Direct-to-DVD action sequel tropes with inconsistent production values and a lack of a story, but it's B-movie action is enough to keep the energy going.
June 5, 2015
Not enough Dolph and the story is pure wank. The shittest of the franchise.
Super Reviewer
January 1, 2015
The first Universal Soldier was probably one of the best movie for both Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. Now they are back once again and they succeed very good with this movie even tho Dolph had only a shorter appearance. Anyway there is plenty of very nice action scenes and a bit different feeling to in compared to the first flick , darker more violent with a decent story along with it. A must see for both Van Damme and Dolph fans and others will enjoy a great action movie.
May 22, 2014
Good sequel to Universial Soldier. Action fans should give it a watch.
½ May 4, 2014
A little bit more JCVD would be better....
But Nice Movie
Second watch ...the same feeling !
April 21, 2014
Não É Excelente Mas Até É Divertido.
March 8, 2014
pretty decent uni sol movie
½ January 12, 2014
Terminator, Robocop, Universal Soldier? OK, so not really in the same league as the first two, but with USR you know what to expect. Although I thought you could only be in Chernobyl city for limited hours before the lethal doses of radiation hit you? Oddly, some soldiers just stroll around whilst others are suited up with radiation suits, all very confusing.
½ January 5, 2014
one of the better 50 sequels to 'universal soldier'
½ October 15, 2013
Beautiful set pieces! Decent JCVD action flick.
September 24, 2013
Just the job! It is exactly what you see on the cover. Universal soldier regenerated. It's refreshing to see that they can still make a good follow on film from the 92 classic (unlike Highlander)Plenty of action the only downer I would say about it is that there is hardly any dolph in the film. But we'll worth the watch.
½ September 13, 2013
Universal Soldier: Regeneration won't get much play or respect as a direct-to-video release, and that's a shame because it's far better than a lot of films that earn a wide theatrical release. Director John Hyams shows great potential, his sure hand guiding an Action film that's raw, unforgiving, exceptionally shot, and wonderfully choreographed. Universal Soldier: Regeneration is bound to surprise audiences that can look past the stigma of being released to the direct-to-video marketplace; even underneath the onslaught of gunplay and aside from the fact that the picture offers little of thematic relevance, it excels as a straight Action picture thanks to Hyams' ability to set a tone that does away with the usual barrage of goofy side stories or baseless humor in favor of a lean and mean meat-and-potatoes sort of experience that die-hard Action movie fans should take note of.
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