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½ March 20, 2018
Some outstanding performances highlight a movie that is carried by the presence of its star, George Clooney. The story zigs and zags, but just when it gains your trust it tells you to forget the premise and go on to another. Some say clever and others may call it maddening, but the real emotion should be somewhere in between. The reality is it's fine, a bit overrated for my taste, but such is life with movies of this type in this century. Final Score: 7.4/10
March 6, 2018
"Up in the Air", released in 2009, follows a man who lives his life being hired by companies to fire their employees. He relishes in his detached career, traveling the world until he meets a woman who can actually keep up with him, and a new coworker that may threaten the job he's come to know and love. The movie made me feel intrigued by the concept that it explores of whether it is better to have love and relationships, or live a life dictated by your career. It made me think that this is a concept often explored by individuals - most notably that the grass always seems to be greener on the other side. The story as a whole was wonderful. The writing was well done - very intricately and delicately setting up each moment of conflict and turn of events. I enjoyed that the cardboard cutout of the main character's sister and her fiancé was a recurring theme throughout the film. The acting was incredible, specifically that of Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick. Both expressed so much depth and subtlety to their characters that made the film so much more nuanced and enjoyable. Directed by Jason Reitman, the directing was fantastic. I enjoyed moments such as the beginning of the film that set up the environment that the story takes place in, only to button the end of it wrapping up those smaller characters' stories. The production value was also very high quality, and well done. Commercially, I feel that this film falls under the dramedy category, maybe leaning more to the drama side. The budget of the film was $30 million. The total domestic and foreign grosses were each $83 million.
February 16, 2018
It's a bad, ugly movie, but I can't give it any less than three stars. : / Sorey.
February 12, 2018
Actually indifferent, but apparently you can't just clear a selection on RT so this was least misleading.
November 16, 2017
A case for feelings, attachments, and friends, even through all the heartbreak and pain that comes along with them. It's rare to see a movie as warm and charming as this one.
½ October 1, 2017
This is a cool movie. It explores alternative lifestyle choices in relation to career, love, family, etc. George Clooney is brilliant as the man who disengages from life but thinks he's engaging with life, until he falls in love and his world is turned upside down. Great cast and great film.
August 1, 2017
predictable but good
July 13, 2017
Excellent. Lots of great characters, themes, and writing circling around and coming together wonderfully by the end. It's way better than Juno, which feels like a stepping stone by comparison.
½ July 7, 2017
Just as good now as it was then.
June 27, 2017
Reitman: Sharp and funny being poignant. God forbid we should go back to the time this flick was being developed & made, when America was great again. Having lived a lot of it, great Commentary. And a chop to the Adam's Apple twist. Good stuff. Not better than "Thank-you for Smoking," the benchmark, but terrific all the same - and with Vera Famiga, the best looking woman with a real daughter in college. Kendrick? A perfect fit for the Reitman franchises.
June 12, 2017
Brilliant acting, writing, and directing come together to make Up in the Air a smart, funny, thought-provoking, and affecting examination of life and relationships.
June 4, 2017
Very slow moving. It has its moments.
½ May 18, 2017
This movie was complete shit.
March 28, 2017
Didn't enjoy even a single bit....... Closed it after 10 mins...... Worst drama romance ever
½ March 26, 2017
When we are up for too long to enjoy what we see what we don't normally see or see all walks of life up and down living thst we can't see but know they are down there, while we are up in the clouds. When naturally we are up when that's what we do for a living. When losing your living keeps us down when we are let go. When not all of us are down, when we handle matters our own way. When we are up to the job when it's not us but someone who requires us to do what they can't do. When we provide some support to bring so e spirits up when it's the next step into unemployment. When going up is a luxury when it's a system from the time we get up to go down every day. When we are all up when we live what we do or have to be up for customer pleasure. When other things are up in our mind when we don't realize it when it's nothing. When we are up on a platform presenting whom we are to those who take notes to jaunt down when we offer tips and advise that we need to bring us up in times where we are down and uncertain. When we sre always up to know we are a regular up that gets our full demand for requests. When we are up gor some places when they have perks. When other things keep us down when we answer to someone whom wants us to come back. When we are up to chat with some people when they do what we do and don't mind doing other things too when we are up gor flings or casual encounter more than once. When we are up to chat some things when it's the perks, elite service, and luxury feeling that keep us up when we feel good and keep us up in whom we meet. When we are up to chatting with some people whom check up on us when we need to keep the family in check and up to seeing one another. When some people we see we hang up naturally to somethings we wish not hearing. When being up for far too long that we miss out on somethings thst keep us down. When we are reminded of what keeps us up to somethings when it's someone yo share being up with. When we see there are many things going down to be up when we are there to put those down. When what keeps us up are looking at things to the bright side and upside to joke. When we see what we do that keeps us down when we never have to leave. When somethings that are up must come down when it's a game changer that keeps us down and out. When what keeps us down keeps others up when it's a saver. When what keeps us up and down is the belief in our methodology that works and some aspects thst don't work, that we reveal the flaws. When what keeps us down are the rising costs when competition is high. When what keeps us up is fighting to remain up by being needed and relevant in changing times. When we struggle to remain in or out when we are down fighting for space. When what keeps us up and down is what others know and others dont know yo know we need eachother to remain up and not out. When some things that keep us up we wish to see more of. When we can't see some people we let down when we are down. When we don't like others keeping us down and out when we are down. When what keeps us up is having a backup plan, a dream, a path to follow when it's presented to us. When what keeps us up is priority when we sre always on the go. When we want to keep other things up by keeping other things down when it's costs. When what keeps us up is having dreams. When what keeps us up are other things when they are the next steps we have to think and look forward too. When what keeps us up is what we can't afford but dream up to go one day. When what keeps us up is knowing all the ins and outs of up when we know other industries other then our own. When what keeps us down, we go further down when we are not needed and not seen. When what keeps us down are the responsibility  when things go down for. When we are down when we can't handle somethings when it's not in us to do when we are seen as good people doing horrific things to good people. When we see the humanity in what we see it keeps us down and out to know we abandon somethings for another.

When what keeps us up is having a strong mindset to kill and move forward to. When we are down on somethings when we don't understand how could some people let us down. When we were up and not feeling to down and feeling like shit when we get a taste of our own medicine to know how it feels. When people we meet we remain up when it is in us to provide a greeting. When all we can do is prepare ourselves for any ups and downs as they come when the world is full of them to know we are always targets and muster up some strength to face life challenges as they come. When what keeps us up is having somethings to share with some people with that reminds us of somethings we miss back home. When we are up when we travel light. When what keeps us up are naturally good company, party, music, being fun, meeting new people, dancing, singing, drinking and letting loose. When we are already up when others are down to know we got to go before we get into deep with some people. When what keeps us up we keep longer when the choice is clear and some of us have to go and others stay, to know we are only good when we are not needed. When we don't know where we are headed when we spent our whole life coming up and down the building to remain in one place with no where to go. When what keeps us down is reality when it's all over for some but not all. When we need to be up for other things to see others again and be up to what we signed up for. When we wish to be up with some people when they take us down a notch back to reality when we were never up always. When we had a down upbringing for some but not others whom had others to rely on. When we are up to the task on other things but too late or absent when others take our job that keeps us down. When some moments we are meant to be up, but can't when the pressures keep us down and out. When we don't know the reasons that keep us down while others do when we just have a control of certain aspects and views that best suits us more then others. When there are many people up yo not know how they are up and we are down that we can't amount to some people. When what keeps us up is having a strong grasp and point of view on what we can do and help out that we continue to keep up what we have been doing as small it may be, but significant to others when your presence is what keeps them up. When life is full of ups and downs, when we go down on one knee, down the isle, down to the church, and raise up a family to keep such things up till we are judged and end up either up or down. When some moments in life are only meant to keep us up when so much in life keeps us down that we enjoy such moments when they come. When we wish some moments would remain longer up then others but can't when we are not in control of what remains up and down. When we are not up for other things when there us do many ways to go up but not the up we want when we want a comfortable lift up to settle down to. When we can't give up somethings to

When we can't think up anything yo say to moments we have been up our minds for awhile when it's our goals, life direction, work and whether we remain up our whole life. When we give up somethings to others whom could us up some of our goals better then we can when we they have a better view on life from where they are then where we are. When we are up to continuing somethings when up is the only thing we know to do, but with a new point of view that keeps us down.
½ March 15, 2017
Eipä ollenkaan hassumpi elokuva... (y)
½ February 18, 2017
With three excellent lead performances who all have great chemistry between one another and are utterly engrossing throughout this is a comedy/drama that works equally well on both levels. It also has a solid supporting cast, it is visually appetising (with the editing and camerawork both proving effective), the score is good, I like the script and even though narratively it is slightly predictable it is still an entertaining journey that has plenty to say.
February 14, 2017
Underneath the story of love and loneliness, underneath the story of finding one's way in a new job, there is the story of the modern economic climate. Corporate America is seeing well paid guys in suits lay off those who's jobs won't exist anymore. The people being fired will have their lives completely upended with little chance of making that kind of money again, news so difficult to deliver that an outside company takes care of it. The fact that such a company exists is a good indication of the extent of the problem.
½ February 4, 2017
George Clooney stars in Jason Reitman's Up in the Air. Clooney is Ryan Bingham, a road warrior for a company that is hired by other companies to fire their employees. Bingham loves the road, loves traveling and all the miles, perks, and compensations that comes with this lifestyle. He knows the ins and out of traveling and has it all measured down to a science. His lifestyle however is threatened with two new women enter his life. The first is a cocky brash new intern Natalie Keener (Anna Kendrick). She has a new live web like video interface that will allow you to fire the employees over the internet, instead of having to travel.

Bingham of course finds this new approach to be way too non-personal in what is an employees' most personal moments. As a result, his boss Craig (Jason Bateman) asks them to go on the road so Natalie can learn the ropes of the business. Along his travels, he comes across Alex Goran (Vera Farmiga) who hits it off with Ryan, and the two have an on-going fling. The new intern cannot help but ask and wonder if maybe the two should settle down as it is what she deserves. Despite the two on complete opposite ends of the spectrum, the two are able to develop each other throughout the movie and the two really do learn from each other.

Up in the Air is an excellent slice of life type satire film. The film examines and captures relationships and the things we do to escape reality, or not recognize it do to the situations in our lives. Clooney, Farmiga and Kendrick all put on spectacular performances that were all Oscar nomination worthy. Anyone who has lived the life of a traveler will enjoy and have a personal connection with the movie as well. The movie certainly makes you think, and is one of my favorite films of the year.

½ February 3, 2017
the cast is great, especially Clooney who´s always charming, but the movie is very conventional, I couldn´t find any spark, any emotion while watching it....
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