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June 6, 2014
Intimate, heartfelt, and heartbreaking, Up in the Air is a worthwhile experience that features great performances from Clooney, Fermiga, and Kendrick and a timely message that resonates. It may not be the most engaging film, however it is enjoyable and well-crafted.
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February 4, 2014
Very good romantic dramedy, Up In The Air is a well acted film that surprised me. I really didn't expect to enjoy it the way I did, but this film exceeded my expectations. George Clooney is terrific opposite Anna Kendrick, who is always charming in her roles. Jason Reitman directs the film, and like others such as Thank you for Smoking, he brings a unique touch to his films that makes this an engaging, and highly rich film going experience. At times the film did slow down, and it had a few imperfections here and there, but the cast and story keep you entertained. Reitman delivers a great film here that delivers a terrific storyline. Like I said, the film exceeded my expectations, and I didn't expect to enjoy it the way I did. Up In The Air is a well crafted film that mixes comedic elements with drama to make for a fun film to watch. If you enjoy the genre, then this is a must watch. Clooney delivers another great performance here, and other cast members are great as well. I found that every actor that played their part brought something to really elevate the film a lot more. The idea behind the film is simple, yet Reitman and company are able to pull off something truly special. The result is a film that is very well acted, one that boasts a great story, and a surprising performance by actor Danny McBride, who normally is in straight forward comedic roles. The role he's in really is a great departure from his usual output, and he proves that he's able to act in more dramatic roles. Up In The Air is among Jason Reitman's finest efforts.
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½ August 22, 2011
Finally watched this on my sister's recommendation. There's a lot of good material here, I could definitely see it again. Watch it for the smooth but gentle, humane way Ryan Bingham handles people.

It was especially poignant (from a Zen perspective) to listen to Anna Kendrick rattle off all the ideals of a young person, and watch how those very fantasies cause her mental suffering.
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½ December 26, 2009
There's been a lot of unwarranted hype about this movie. It was not a romantic movie nor a dramatic movie. It was a bit much ado about nothing. But George is as swooney as ever. He never disappoints. He is hired to fire people and he clocks up airmiles as he travels across the USA. His company hires a young graduate who recommends grounding the staff and firing people by video conference to save money. George is against this as it threatens his lifestyle in the air. She goes on a field trip with him to try to understand the business and how it operates. In between this there are two other storylines. George's sister is getting married. He never sees his family and they are estranged. George meets a female version of himself. A women who loves her work and they re-arrange their schedules to meet up. The ending is very disappointing. It certainly lives up to its title 'up in the air'.
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½ April 5, 2011
"Up in the Air" is an ensemble dramedy that evenly balances all of its narrative aspects and puts them together to make a deeply satisfying story of a damaged man. As you can probably tell, its magnificently directed with apt editing and an extremely clever and sharp script. "Up in the Air" is a transcendental achievement that works as both an effective comedy and a commanding drama that isn't reliant on familiar narrative arcs or mechanics.
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½ July 30, 2010
I've seen this film at least seven or eight times. It's one of my favorites because it blends together so many important emotional themes into a striking cinematic balance of drama and comedy that most anyone will enjoy and relate to. But also, having seen it as much as I have, I can say that I still get something new out of it with each viewing. That's one of the hallmarks of a great film. Is Up in the Air perfect? Certainly not. It has its small flaws. But they're all forgivable when the larger picture is considered. George Clooney's character is what modern technologies are turning us all into. We're surrounded by people, yet many of us remain reclusive. Peering into his worldview for a while teaches us a little about how we should live our own lives. Is this a new cinematic concept? Hardly. Are the messages earth-shattering? Not at all. But the film is well-directed, well-acted, well-written, and highly enjoyable. I can't complain.
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December 1, 2009
I think, I liked it a lot better the second time around. There's a genuine, emotional core to Clooney's flippant remarks about lifestyle and burn-baby-burn mentality that I didn't get so much the first time around. I have grown to really respect Jason Reitman as a director, and I think he's improved tremendously from "Thank You for Smoking" to "Juno" to this movie to "Young Adult," so I'm very excited to see what he's come up with next. One day he'll pull out a masterpiece.
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½ November 20, 2011
An impressive follow up to Juno, the younger Reitman uses George Clooney perfectly.
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½ November 13, 2011
Really good, but not great.
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April 24, 2011
A great movie depending on who you are. I can relate heavily to the story's protagonist so I may be bias, but this is a great movie. Good performance by Clooney (obvously).
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½ August 2, 2011
This movie is so deceptive: It swiftly wins your undivided attention with the witty dialogue and sharp direction, and then rips your soul apart with the emotional turmoil and sobering ending. Furthermore, it manages to comment on the current Economic crisis in a way most media hasn't even attempted.
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April 19, 2010
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February 28, 2011
Up in the Air is not overrated, its not boring, and its not bad. This movie is one of the most moving and saddest films Ive seen in a while, and that made it even better. The acting in this movie was amazing, this is probably in my opinion Clooneys best performance since O Brother, Where Art Thou. I laughed at the comedy, but I felt this was stonger when called a drama, in my opinion. This had some genius camera work in it too, and I think this should have won Best Picture.
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May 17, 2011
Clooney is a man bound to a life of delusional elitism, happily living void of morality and finding pleasure in the little things. The movie's about this man trying to change his life becoming more, ultimately, failing because being "more" doesn't exist. It's a state of mind... or is it?

As a comedy it's brilliant, much in the same as Thank You For Smoking but less pretentious and more observational, poking fun at the truth.
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½ March 16, 2011
Much in the same vein as Thank You For Smoking. Up in the Air is rather intelligent musings on life without being predictable nor condescending. Clooney plays a bachelor that believes life is better alone. He has no home to settle down in, he's always on the road, and his job is to fire people for big corporations that are too cowardly to do so. What starts as a despicable job, soon turns into admiration. Clooney is blessed at his job, and understands that people skils are required. It's his job to show Kendrick the ropes, as she plans to make all firings over computers. The film flirts with predictability, as Clooney discovers a woman that may be able to settle him down. Luckily, the film slaps the audience just as life would. Reitman's film is wonderfully crafted, showing both beautiful blossoming relationships, relationships in trouble, and some people are just better off alone. This really is a story about life, and overcoming difficulties. Some kill themselves after being fired, and some seize life. Enjoyable and thought provoking, it will take a lot to not contemplate where your life is headed after this.
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January 24, 2011
I thought Up in the Air was really good. It seems it's a love it or hate it film though looking through others reviews. I think any film that receives the amount of hype it did will always get the same treatment though. The sad fact is that there are loads of films as good as this out there that are only seen by a fraction of the people who have seen this, the only difference being that they aren't nominated for a certain award that isn't as prestigious as it pretends to be. Anyway - back to the film - I thought it was well written, brilliantly delivered by the very competent cast and really well filmed. Well balanced, well paced and subtle in all the right places, a great film, up-lifting and heartbreaking all at once, a quality not many films can boast! More please Mr. Reitman Jr!
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½ September 20, 2010
My three star rating means it's decent, and watchable. It's difficult to comment on this film without being a spoiler because..well.. because. Overall, it is enjoyable, but can be a little depressing; actually, it can be very depressing. There's enough else going on that you don't feel the need to throw yourself off a bridge, whoops, I mean under a truck. Just rent it. It's ok.
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February 1, 2010
Hmmm not quite sure what the hype was all about? It's funny in places, very witty dialogue with some good acting. However half the time your not sure if this is a comedy, Rom-Com or drama. It has a bit of all of them and a bit depressing too at times. Just a view into one guys life living a lonely existence spending most of his time in the air, estranged from his family and with no real friends. At least it never got cheesy.
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½ December 2, 2009
This film is definitely a sign that Jason Reitman is truly one of the leading directors of his time. This is both a timely and timeless cinematic gem. There are elements of the stroy that will no doubt date it, but the broader themes and concepts are what make it timeless.

George Clooney one again proves why he's a modern Cary Grant with his captivating portrayal of Ryan Bingham, a man set in his ways who flies around the country firing people for a living. As the film's tagline says, he's a man looking to make a connection, which he finds in Alex, his female equivalent. Along the way, Ryan is forced to show the ropes to an ambitious up and comer named Natalie who tries to push a less personal but more efficient way of telling people they've been let go.

Vera Farmiga shines as Alex, showing that her good but overshadowed turn in The Departed was just a warm up for something juicy like this. Anna Kendrick may be associated with the Twilight films, but those do her no justice as an actress. She really shows up her chops, and is absolutely brilliant, easily holding her own against the veterans.

This film is many things: serious, quirky, sad, funny, but most of all, real. Everything blends together nicely, which is good considering that this film has so much to offer (part rom-com, part character study, part docudrama). It could have easily become a jumbled mess, but Reitman is great at holding it all together seamlessly and making it work.

It's a real shame this film didn't get mroe attention at the Oscars, because it's one of the finest films of the past decade.
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