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February 7, 2016
Cultural confusion and the lack of true identity plague a young boy swept away from his mother during a joint American-Israeli rescue mission in director Radu Mihaileanu's fact-based drama. As thousands of displaced Africans crowd into Sudanese refugee camps, American and Israeli troops organize "Operation Moses," a mission aimed at relocating the wandering Falashas to Israel.
February 28, 2015
This french movie is a hidden gem. It tells the story of an Ethiopian Christian boy, named Schlomo, who shows himself as a Jew during Operation Moses so that he can be taken to Israel for the opportunity to live a better life. Schlomo grows up as a Jew and is forced to hide his real identity as he faces the risk of being deported. The acting in the movie is excellent. It is a gripping, heartfelt story that will stay with you for a long time. I recommend it to everyone; a definite masterpiece!
October 18, 2014
go, live and become! out of breath.
July 5, 2014
This French film manages to adequately tell a story of a young boy who has to pretend to be Jewish to immigrate to Israel, but the film is let down by an indifferent tone, a bloated runtime and a lack of focus.

The story begins when Shlomo is a 9 year old boy fleeing war-torn Ethiopia for the fabled "Promised Land" of Jerusalem, under the pretense of a Jewish orphan. As the story continues, we see him adjust to adoption, grow up, find love, find his identity, gain a doctors degree, get married, join the Army, nearly die, become a father and reunite with his birth mother. It's a lot of things, and even with a 2 hour 30 minute runtime, there's not enough time for the film to greatly flesh out many of these concepts, leaving the film episodic in nature.

But, on the other hand, the performances are top-notch, and the underlying themes of racism and acceptance are promoted and dissected satisfactorily.

A decent, but not spectacular, film.
June 13, 2014
Harrowing but ultimately uplifting
January 20, 2014
This film has got every bit done right. Excellent!
December 31, 2013
What a powerful film! This is a film you have to watch and fathom, i can't tell you anything about it except it's the story of a other who sacrifices everything so her child can survive and get a better life. what a film!
½ December 11, 2013
Radu Mihaileanu intenta lograr una película asombrosa, densa y hasta épica, pero se queda en el camino.
En ocasiones resulta tediosa, pero en general, la película no se siente tan larga como su duración. Se intenta abarcar toda una vida en 2 horas y media y, sin embargo, se logra sólo parcialmente y de manera no tan adecuada, ya que a veces pareciera que algunas cosas fluyen muy rápido, que los saltos entre las etapas de la vida del personaje son demasiado amplios, y que hacen falta más explicaciones o detalles para lo que sucede.
En algunas escenas, se perciben ciertos aires de amateurismo, como por ejemplo, en la escena final, que pudiendo ser increíblemente sentimental, terminan siendo ligeramente patética.
Un punto que vale la pena destacar es la emocional banda sonora que encaja perefectamente con las aspiraciones e intenciones del director con esta cinta; en ocasiones, la música resulta ser mejor que las imágenes, y sin embargo, ésta última jamás le quita protagonismo a lo que sucede en pantalla, sino que la acompaña de una manera espléndida.
Las actuaciones y la fotografía son bastante regulares y no es algo que destaque en el filme.
En el aspecto que sí no falla es en mostrar las dificultades por las que tienen que pasar las personas para superar situaciones que están prácticamente fuera de sus manos, situaciones que la suerte les brindó y en adentrarnos a este importante periodo histórico entre Etiopía e Israel.
Si no te importa la duración de la película, es algo recomendable, pero aún así, no es una cinta espectacular.
½ September 6, 2013
quando altra gente mi consiglia i film finisco sempre per odiarli a priori anche se sono belli perché odio me stessa per non averli scoperti prima (capito?): questo fa frignare e affronta un tema semi sconosciuto a penso tutta la popolazione mondiale (me compresa) tranne gli etiopi, ossia quello dei falascia (che sarebbero gli ebrei etiopi). quindi sì, my kind of movie.
February 26, 2013
a very emotional story of an ethiopian boy that had to leave his country and family to start a new life in Israel, the country of Judaism.
January 3, 2013
For me it shows how Ethiopian Jews are handled to this day in Israel..he was basically sold like the Biblical Joseph by his mother, faced all sorts of racism and rejection but managed to assimilate himself through the help of others...most of the Black Jews who have been practicing the Old Judaism for centuries went from Ethiopia to Israel thinking that they will be treated equally and live peacefully in the land promised by God but what they found was that they have a long way to go before they can become accepted as a real Brother!! Go, See, and Come!!
December 17, 2012
It's not spectacular but has its moments. The characters are notably true to life. Although understated, what the film does manage to say is that religious and racial identities are never cleanly compartmentalized, and that while we can fight for those areas where we have crossover in hopes to feel a sense of belonging, we all share, always, that we are human and have the capacity to love.
October 9, 2012
What most people doesn't know, is that there lived over 100.000 jews in Ethiopia. They didn't know that there was any other jews becides them. But they weren't very well accepted by the christians and the muslims. But in 1984, the Israeli government developed a plan called "Operation Moses" which was to bring all the Ethiopian jews to Israel, but the same year a big drought occurs in southern part of Sudan, where christians, muslims and jews is placed in red cross camps.

It's here the story starts. A young christian Ethiopian boy named Shlomo and his mother is placed in the camp, but also there is the jews, who's there is arranged transport for. But one jewish woman just lost her child, and she agrees to adopt him and take her with him to Israel. He arrives Israel and is accepted as a jew. But his adoptive mother dies and he's placed in an orphanage, and then placed with a French Jewish family. But the society is exclusionary towards the new Ethiopian immigrants for many reasons like diseases and the questions of their jewishness. And Shlomo has a very hard time fitting into this society, but he constantly longing for his mother who's still back in Ethiopia.

Live and Become is simply a great epic drama, that spans over twenty years, and give us a great insight into the changes in the Israeli society the past three decades. How the different conflicts escalates, how the Israeli society acts towards the Ethiopians and how they are excluded from the society and how their not gonna take it. Besides the political aspects, it's a film with a lot of emphatic and afflictions, with all human emotions all the stages of longing. And we really feel bad for the young boy, and we understand his resistant toward being conformed into another society. And how he even ask the question, if Israel really is the land of milk and honey.

There's every types of characters from all the different levels of the society, both rich and poor, black and white, socialist and far-right, religious and irreligious. In other words there's discriminations between many types of jews, just like in all the other countries, even if they have the same religious beliefs. We watch Shlomo grow into this society and we also see all the political events effects him and his family. There's also some conflicts within this family as well. My conclusion of Live and Become is that it's an intense movie, with a wide range of characters, a great insight into the Israeli society through three decades, and most important, a protagonist who can guide us through it. Thumbs up.
July 23, 2012
Beautiful tale a lesson in modern history and emotional turmoil in one.
Super Reviewer
½ December 11, 2011
This movie is about a period in history of which I was unaware. Ethiopians claiming to be Jews were taken in by Israel, but not with the approval of all the Israelis, leading to bitterness, dissension, and overt hostility. This is a very moving story about one young man's journey to "Live and Become" -- an Ethiopian Christian forced by his mother to take the identity of a Jewish boy who died, so he can be rescued from their refugee camp in the Sudan, and be resettled in Israel. A rather long movie, but very well done. The final scene is one that I will probably remember forever. Kudos!
½ August 17, 2011
Très beau film simplement
March 8, 2011
Un film attachant grâce à un casting surprenant à la hauteur de la belle qualità (C) de rà (C)alisation qui permet à Radu Mihaileanu de se faire remarquer. Il nous fait remonter 27 ans en arrière et l'à (C)motion est prà (C)sente, car il montre une histoire bouleversante qui est assez frà (C)quent dans ce pays. Mais côtà (C) longueur il y a quelques relâchements parce qu'il y a certains points qui auraient pu être raccourcis. Les nouveaux rà (C)alisateurs savent nous à (C)tonner avec leurs idà (C)es originales qui valent le coup d'être partagà (C).
February 25, 2011
Très belle histoire!
February 24, 2011
Definitive one of My Favourite Movies!!! Hell of a Combination of a Racist Drama and Neo Realismo!!! The Tragic Story of a Ethiopian who pretend to be a Jew and get more Jewish than the Jews but never accepted by them!!! Bitter Critic on the Destinity of the Ethiopian Jews. Racism in Israel and the Gruesome of Humanity but also full of Hope!!! Bombastic Cinematography, Soundtrack and Acting!!! This is the Most Tear-Droping Movie i ever saw!!!
February 17, 2011
Amazing movie - one of the best I have seen in a while
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