Nov 19, 2013
The heroine of Mike Leigh's wonderfully subtle and relentlessly harrowing new film is a cheerful, compactly built middle-aged woman who spends her waking hours in perpetual motion.
Apr 1, 2006
May 4, 2005
Puts a tender human face on this explosive subject.
Mar 7, 2005
Jan 28, 2005
With Vera Drake, [Leigh] has made his most controversial and accessible work
Jan 24, 2005
[Leigh's] best picture in some time.
Jan 15, 2005
Aside from the performances, which are uniformly excellent, the greatest strength of Mike Leigh's drama is its non-judgmental stance on abortion.
Nov 4, 2004
All the actors so completely fade away that you come out of the film thinking you've seen the real people, not players reciting a script.
Nov 2, 2004
Staunton is absolutely astonishing in the title role of this quiet, sad film about the dangers and consequences of what we could call the pre-choice era.
Nov 1, 2004
[The movie] can break your heart.
Oct 29, 2004
Vera Drake makes a compelling argument for women's rights without ever succumbing to preachiness.
Oct 29, 2004
Staunton is brilliant as Vera.
Oct 29, 2004
Gripping and elegantly told.
Oct 29, 2004
Comes close to ranking with [Leigh's] best work, the searing Naked and the witty Topsy Turvy.
Oct 28, 2004
Boo, hiss and all that -- but I can report that the film left me only vaguely depressed and nothing more.
Oct 22, 2004
Staunton is heartbreakingly fine.
Oct 22, 2004
Leigh thinks his movie is a social commentary, but it's really an almost-brilliant character study, with an essential piece left out: the moment Vera is revealed to herself.
Oct 22, 2004
Vera is the heart of the film, and Staunton gives an exquisite performance.
Oct 22, 2004
Arguably Leigh's finest achievement, its sole flaw being the too-perfect depiction of Vera -- no fault of Staunton's, who must surely be considered for Oscar recognition.
Oct 22, 2004
The film is more of a portrait than a story, and as such it is finely wrought and compelling, but the airbrush is overkill.