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½ July 26, 2017
One of my favorite low budgets! This movie is fun and pretty messed up. DONT watch with your family
½ July 16, 2017
Loved this. The suspense was killing me.
½ July 5, 2017
For about 2 hours you are trying to figure out the plot of this movie only to find, there is none. This movie skipped DVD and went straight to VHS.
½ July 4, 2017
The only segment worth watching is Amateur Night, which might just be the most terrifying short film I've ever seen. Everything else is disposable and boring.
½ July 3, 2017
The only problem with this movie is it's weirdness but it's unique in some ways.
Super Reviewer
½ July 1, 2017
What the hell did I just watch? This film made no sense what so ever just a bunch of short but somehow felt overlong tapes that were just random crap hardly any of it scary, There's no connection to the tapes and even the people filming themselves watch the tapes were killed off and none of it made any sense, It had a good idea but couldn't execute it right, God knows why this film got as much praise as it did it's pure garbage.
May 20, 2017
An interesting promise. Not the best horror anthology, but worth renting.
April 16, 2017
Another horror anthology? Another mediocre collection. There are moments, one short stands heads and shoulders above the rest, mostly though - this is an outdated format.
April 15, 2017
Some skits are scary, some aren't, it's just ok.
April 7, 2017
Didn't like any of the shorts besides 10/31/98 which would get 3 stars, but since its not a standalone ... one star it is.
April 3, 2017
Quite intense and original, but also slightly boring.
½ April 1, 2017
A shockingly solid horror anthology, V/H/S is cool concept that stumbles a little along the way but overall delivers with some inventive and original horror short stories.
½ February 24, 2017
Even though the found footage aspect of the film is something that will turn away some, it is well enough executed to watch, despite some excessive shaky cam. The 'shorts' were a bit uneven, but none of them were bad. I found the forest and final bit the best, and even the worst one was entertaining for me. I really liked the overall plot, I found it inventive and fascinating. Some of the ways the film was actually made though left a little to be desired, such as the main characters of the overall plot being extremely unlikable and the fact that less time was given to this aspect of the story than I would've liked. In the end, I must say I found this to be an effective horror film, though some areas of the film were definitely better than others.
February 18, 2017
Better than expected
½ January 4, 2017
A not bad collaboration of found footage films that made me jump. Not much of a story though. Actually it was a terrible story. 2.5/5 for some successful experimentation
January 2, 2017
Taking a potentially interesting premise for a horror anthology movie and completely misfiring on every level, VHS is annoying, poorly directed, horribly acted, full of moronic characters, and utterly devoid of any suspense or thrills. The only segment that works relatively well is Amateur Night, which takes an overdone concept (found footage) and puts a unique spin on it by having the camera inserted in the main character's glasses. There's even an interesting, though ludicrous, twist that you won't see coming, complete with some great special effects.

Unfortunately, the other four segments and the wrap-around all range from boring and mediocre to insultingly terrible. For an anthology film that has some very promising directors attached to it, this sadly shows none of their talent on screen.
½ December 15, 2016
A super reviewer described this as having a 'frat boy vibe' that would only apply to douches. That sounds about right. A bunch of guys who engage in filmed sexual assault for cash (generously described as 'hooligans' in the trailer) stumble upon found footage horror shorts. Lots of gore, nudity. The whole thing is choppy and overlong. The only scare was the latent fear it left me with that I have underestimated the risk of sexualised violence. Give a wide berth.
December 3, 2016
161203: This movie suffers from a slow pace. There has just been too many of these video camera movies since The Blair Witch Project (1999). This one has it moments but just drags too much. Further, it seems rather rudderless and the distorted camera can be annoying. Anticipating V/H/S 2 because supposedly it's better.
½ December 1, 2016
One reviewer referred to this "movie" as "Total Garbage". He was being extremely kind. This "film" was clearly made by a group of morons, an adolescent pack of individuals who will probably NEVER grow up, who find humour in the lowest common denominator, the basest human functions and thoughts, and derive joy from showing the world (or at least however many people will be unfortunate enough to view this abortion) how asinine they are.
The crew and "actors" are not even sufficiently pretentious to be able to demonstrate the slightest understanding of cinematography, plot development, direction... well, you see where I'm heading: straight to the toilet to throw up after the first ten minutes of this Californian offering.
There would be more entertainment value in watching someone wash out his or her soiled underpants. I wonder where all these "performers" will be in, say, ten years' time? Wasted with drugs? Begging on the streets? Making a speech in Parliament?
You will be better off spending 1.75 hours sleeping, believe me. This "film" is far, far beyond "Total Garbage" ~ that is its one distinction, and I do mean "stink".
½ November 29, 2016
3.5/5. Although the shorts are uneven in quality, only one of them is outright bad. The rest range from interesting to really great and terrifying. 100% worth a watch.
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