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October 18, 2008
October 31, 2006
This inventive animated film, which takes Linklater back to his roots in Austin and Slacker, represents a summation of all the philosophical concerns that have defined him as spokesperson for Gen-X.
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January 26, 2006
The endless philosophising is a bit sophomoric and more jokes would help, but this is one of a kind that grows more absorbing the longer it runs.
November 6, 2002
For a movie heralded as the cutting edge of visual innovation, Waking Life is disappointingly dull in every other respect.
January 22, 2002
If there was ever a film that made ontological exploration fun, this is it.
December 5, 2001
Exhilarating, transporting, funny and haunting -- and at times maddeningly heady or narcotically logy -- Waking Life doesn't compare to any other movie experience I've ever had.
November 8, 2001
An instant cult classic, one that's tailor-made for multiple viewings and bound to be popular among college students.
November 2, 2001
To paraphrase the enduring title of a new-wave album, it is pure pop for dream people.
October 28, 2001
It may not be for everyone -- the movie requires a high tolerance for statements such as 'there's only one instant, and it's now, and it's eternity' -- but it's like nothing else in theaters right now.
October 28, 2001
Adds up to little more than a series of disconnected impressions, but it holds interest despite an almost nonexistent narrative, and that's something.
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