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½ May 24, 2017
. I did get bored a lot during this movie. Pixar didn't drop the ball entirely, but it is their worst movie in my opinion (it's still better than all the competion out there). I walked out feeling like the creators didn't have
May 4, 2017
pixar did a great great job on this movie.
May 2, 2017
Not a fan of this movie it was like to slow and boring for me
½ May 2, 2017
I cannot express my endless appreciation of Pixar with this project, which begans as an ambitiously slow-moving study of humanity, and ends as an exhilarating parable of evolution.
May 2, 2017
A movie to remember. Remeber for your whole life.....
April 29, 2017
Smart, heartwarming and thought-provoking. Wall-E delivers one of Pixar's best messages and one of their most ambitious films to date
April 26, 2017
This film is one of my Top 100 Films that I enjoy watching.
April 20, 2017
Wall-E stands as my one of favorite Pixar movies and one of my favorite computer-animated movies ever.
½ April 17, 2017
Stunning story with beautiful animation and music. This film is simply amazing, and the message it gives us is very important.
April 13, 2017
Simply beautiful!! A great story about love and hope.
April 5, 2017
Pixar's most lovely, charming movie by far, WALL-E delievers on so many levels. As a fan of science-fiction, I love the world that was created for the movie. And the love story is one that is perfect for all ages, and one of the few love story driven films I can enjoy.
April 4, 2017
A deeply problematic film. This film depicts a grim future under Trump. An America that failed hook line and sinker under consumerism and bonafide capital and are now too fucking fat to lift themselves up. A future without one single black or brown face. A warning tale of what's to come, but also a deeply unsettling movie that seems to rejoice in it's apartheid moral. If America was a democracy, this movie would have had no success and It's studios would have been put under investigation by the NAACP. Whishy washy with it's eugenistic, racist morals.
March 29, 2017
WALL-E is no wally. He is a sympathetic robot who just wants to do good not just to him, but to others. Though he is a robot, he has much bigger feelings imaginable.
March 26, 2017
One of Pixar's most unique films to date, Wall-E has a lot of charm, fun and memorable characters to compensate for a underwhelming second half. While not one of my favorites, Wall-E is still an endearing and fun film, hard not to recommend.
March 24, 2017
Wall-E brings to animation two of my favorite things: robots, and romance. I remember seeing this film in the theatres at the age of eight, and how thrilling it was for me. To this day, it is still the only Pixar film that I think can rival the Toy Story films, and is a testament to how far a film can go emotionally without words. Some people say this film is too preachy do the fact that about 90% of the dialogue is about conservation, but I think that Andrew Stanton was trying to make a gorgeous and moving film without the necessity of dialogue. If you are part of the population that hasn't seen this film yet, and you like thought provoking and charming science fiction, this film delivers an all out assault on the senses that will leave you breathless.
March 23, 2017
Endearing and clever.
½ March 22, 2017
Very good and even a little heartwarming.
½ March 19, 2017
I don't understand the hype. It was okay, but overall mostly boring and forgettable.
½ March 16, 2017
WHAT I LIKED: 'Wall-E' really is a bit of a departure from the usual Pixar formula, in that it tackles its message far more head on and does so in a way that will perhaps make even its youngest audience members consider something more than what's literally in front of them. That's because the entire premise for the story and every inch of the beautifully-realised world building is so geared towards this, and the result is something very sobering indeed, and actually extremelly delicate and slow. That's not saying it's all gone cold though, because the emotional significance of what Wall-E has to offer is on par with the studio's best, and the robot characters are as interesting and human as you could hope (intentionally more so, in fact, than the humans that occupy this story alongside). The result of that is a film that engages and touches your emotions, and consequently has you hooked in the desolate vision of its future dystopian world more than many un-animated offerings.
WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: It wont slap that big Pixar smile on your face in the way you might have been expecting, and its slower pace does occasionally annoy too.
VERDICT: 'Wall E' is a very different kind of Pixar movie, and whilst that may sadden some fans, for me it's one of their best.
½ March 12, 2017
A bit overrated, but still worth a watch.
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