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September 18, 2007
The sensibility of this movie is so adolescent that it's hard to take it as seriously as the filmmakers intend us to.
September 18, 2007
Watching Oliver Stone's Wall Street is about as wordy and dreary as reading the financial papers accounts of the rise and fall of an Ivan Boesky-type arbitrageur.
January 26, 2006
Dramatically inept, the film also muddles its nave moralising.
May 20, 2003
Wall Street isn't a movie to make one think. It simply confirms what we all know we should think, while giving us a tantalizing, Sidney Sheldon-like peek into the boardrooms and bedrooms of the rich and powerful.
August 28, 2001
January 1, 2000
Stone's most impressive achievement in this film is to allow all the financial wheeling and dealing to seem complicated and convincing, and yet always have it make sense.
August 30, 2018
Michael Douglas has a splendid part here, and tackles it with relish.
October 11, 2016
The conflict may be familiar, but Stone brings the mystery of Wall Street's heros and villains, its big-stakes players and two-bit salesmen into sharp focus. It's a look that is both exhilarating and astounding.
November 8, 2010
...an eye-opening behind-the-scenes glimpse at an almost alien landscape.
September 23, 2010
For a motion picture that, at the time of shooting, was intended to be relatively hip and cutting-edge, it is now so laughably outdated it almost feels like science-fiction.
September 20, 2010
Like the rest of Stone's oeuvre, it's about as subtle as a sledgehammer. But his filmmaking style is like heavy metal: When he hits the right chords, nobody plays with as much power or brash energy.
September 19, 2010
Unfortunately, Wall Street remains a fascinating specimen of modern-day American power lust, a tragic moral lesson our financial players have yet to learn.
April 16, 2010
Some of the 1980s-era details may seem a bit dated, and the movie's attitude toward women is slightly despicable, but the overall story arc, echoing the "Faust" tale, is timeless.
October 23, 2008
...blustery and unsophisticated, like many of the movies of Oliver Stone.
March 28, 2008
All the performances are excellent with the emotional highlights including the father/son emotional angst between Sheen and his real life father Martin Sheen.
March 1, 2008
February 5, 2008
January 27, 2008
It's solid, but no showcase for HD.
October 2, 2007
a compelling drama that is exceedingly well acted (with the obvious exception of the wretched Daryl Hannah)
September 18, 2007
A big, glossy movie that satirises the whole yuppie ethos more than anything else.
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