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September 26, 2020
I doubt that Rudd, Aniston, or Wain fans will be disappointed by the effort.
July 11, 2020
"Wanderlust" is best when the actors involved are unfettered by concerns of furthering the story and play fast and loose, when they can just go for it with an infectious, improvisational glee.
February 21, 2019
Wanderlust isn't perfect. However, the cast is both immensely talented and clearly invested in making the movie. That combination goes a long way toward overcoming the relatively minor issues with regards to the script.
November 9, 2018
It has an interesting premise, a strong cast and a reputable director. It also has a script so painfully bad, the mind reels at how this movie even got made.
August 24, 2018
Ultimately, Wain's Wanderlust is silly, well-made nonsense with a light critique of what we should hold nearest and dearest in life.
September 28, 2017
Paul Rudd is awesome. Some people have this natural quality that just draws you to them; something that makes it impossible to hate them. Whatever that quality is - charisma/charm/etc. - Rudd has it in spades.
September 18, 2017
That Judd Apatow was one of the producers of this film only goes to prove that even the king of comedy can have an off day.
August 5, 2015
Wanderlust doesn't have much new to say but it's fast, vulgar, forgettable fun.
September 17, 2012
Even if Wanderlust is a bust, Rudd and Aniston will walk away from it with no repercussions as they both perform very well.
September 10, 2012
While everyone has their tastes and limits there must be a line when a film is so shameless in its lack of dignity and intellect and assumes the audience are just a bunch of rubes.
August 22, 2012
Better for having ambitions, but ironically less perfect for failing to live up to those ideals.
August 17, 2012
Wanderlust has a freewheeling, improvisational aesthetic that doles out enough solid jokes, even if it does so erratically.
August 14, 2012
probably looked much better on paper
July 17, 2012
Wanderlust takes its aim at some very broad targets so it's no wonder that the film's jokes tend to be blunt and obvious rather than rapier-sharp.
June 18, 2012
The parts are often funnier, and more memorable, than the whole, but there's enough here to keep David Wain fans smiling.
May 10, 2012
Usually avoids SNL skit-shtick and wacky-pothead parody, thanks to affectionate humour, sharp cuts and droll dialogue. Still, the story ultimately sides with the bland, loft-closeted couple and gets lazy with guy-gets-back-girl moments down the stretch.
March 23, 2012
A random, tedious and tone-deaf comedy, a feeble recycling of every hippie commune cliche you've ever heard.
March 23, 2012
...yet another in an increasingly long line of subpar comedies from producer Judd Apatow.
March 20, 2012
... you probably won't see a funnier movie all year.
March 19, 2012
Consistently funny and outrageous, with a large, appealing cast whose apparent good time making the film is infectious.
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