War (Rogue Assassin)


War (Rogue Assassin)

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Jet Li and Jason Statham find themselves on opposing sides in the immensely boring War, which is full of clichés but short on action.



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An FBI agent whose partner and family were killed by a notorious assassin sets out for revenge as the elusive triggerman sparks a sprawling gang war between the triads and the yakuza in the feature debut from prolific music video director Phillip Atwell. FBI sgent Jack Crawford (Jason Statham) is a man driven by vengeance. After his partner, Tom Lone (Terry Chen), and his family fell to bullets fired by infamous hitman Rogue (Jet Li), Crawford makes it his life mission to ferret out the slippery killer. Complications arise when it begins to appear as if Rogue has a mission of his own to carry out, and as triad boss Chang (John Lone) prepares for all-out war against yakuza boss Shiro (Ryo Ishibashi), Crawford and Rogue also come face to face as the secrets of the past emerge in a hail of gunfire. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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Jet Li
as Rogue/Victor Shaw
Jason Statham
as Jack Crawford
John Lone
as Chang
Saul Rubinek
as Dr. Sherman
Andrea Roth
as Jenny Crawford
Kane Kosugi
as Temple Garden Warrior
Terry Chen
as Tom Lone
Steph Song
as Diane Lone
Annika Foo
as Amy Lone
Nicholas Elia
as Daniel Crawford
Paul Jarrett
as Det. Gleason
Johnson Phan
as Joey Ti
Aaron Au
as Eddie
Jennifer Chung
as Zero Teenage Girl
Lucy Lu
as Zero Hooker
Randy Lee
as Zero Yakuza Making Love
Derek Lowe
as Zero Surviving Yanagawa Mobster
John Novak
as Captain Andrews
Don Lew
as Yakuza Warrior
Warren Takahachi
as Harbor Yanagawa Lt.
Nels Lennarson
as Harbor Wu Police Officer
Peter Shinkoda
as Harbor Yanagawa Shatei
Meghan Flather
as Chinese Call Girl
Thi Tran
as Benny's Girl
Mitchell Lee Yuen
as Freelancer #1
Brian Ho
as Freelancer #2
Larry "Warlock" Lam
as Yanagawa Assassin
Nadia Farès
as Jade Agent Kinler
Aaron Pearl
as Jade Agent Clark
Timothy Paul Perez
as Mexican Interpol Agent
Allan Lysell
as Cabin Policeman
Shawn Stewart
as Mahjong Bouncer #1
Dario De Luca
as Mahjong Bouncer #2
Brett Chan
as Wu Ti Buddy
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Critic Reviews for War (Rogue Assassin)

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  • [A] routine crime thriller.

    Dec 3, 2007 | Full Review…
  • All together now: 'War! Hurgh! What is it it good for?'

    Oct 2, 2007 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

    Paul Arendt

    Top Critic
  • What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

    Sep 28, 2007 | Rating: 1/6 | Full Review…

    Ben Walters

    Time Out
    Top Critic
  • Just as you think to yourself, ''This flick would be way better if it had Van Damme playing twins,'' along comes a plot twist so ingenious that it almost redeems the rest of the flick.

    Aug 29, 2007 | Rating: B- | Full Review…
  • In spite of a late-game adrenaline surge, the hoped-for fireworks between Li and Statham never quite materialize.

    Aug 27, 2007 | Rating: C- | Full Review…

    Nathan Rabin

    AV Club
    Top Critic
  • Lacking even the galvanizing action sequences that would have compensated for suffering through its formulaic plot, this is a thoroughly forgettable exploitationer.

    Aug 27, 2007

Audience Reviews for War (Rogue Assassin)

  • Aug 03, 2015
    This film is considerably worse than I would've expected. And I know that the reviews were quite negative for this film, but I went into it with an open mind and expecting to see something that I may have enjoyed. And, color me surprised, when I found barely anything about this movie that I liked. I would've enjoyed the action if it wasn't edited by an epileptic. And it's not like I cared about the story enough to truly invest in it. The idea of the Triads vs Yakuza might seem like a good one, and it actually is, but I just found the execution to be severely lacking. Particularly when considering that the main 'narrative', so to speak, is all about the impending showdown between Crawford and Rogue. The entire war between the Triads and the Yakuza pretty much bogs all that down. The film starts off with Crawford searching for Rogue and getting involved in this batter between two criminal organizations. Then shit happens that complicates matters and the film pretty much loses all focus on the matter at hand. There's even a big chunk of the film near the end, maybe 20 minutes, where Crawford pretty much disappears despite him, for the most part, being the main focus of the narrative. It shifts the focus to Rogue and you get the reveal of the twist. And that's another thing. I can honestly say that I didn't expect the twist. It wasn't surprising or anything, but I did not expect it. Perhaps subconsciously I thought it was possible, but I didn't ever really think about it as I was watching the movie. But, of course, like all terrible twists, it's just a twist for the sake of one and not because it actually makes sense in the context of the film. They do try to explain it away, but it doesn't really work and it was just terribly and lazily executed. The ending itself is also really weird. So, and this will have some spoilers, though who really cares for this film. So it's revealed that Crawford was in fact working for the head of the Yakuza and he was the one who told Shiro, the leader, about his partner. Crawford thought that the yakuza were just gonna rough his partner up and not end up killing him, his wife and child. So there's this fight scene between Crawford and Rogue, what the film was building up to, and then they go throw a window and then they stop and have a conversation. Essentially Rogue was actually Crawford's partner, who he thought was murdered, who used extensive facial surgery to make himself look and sound completely different to go after those responsible. There's also a sniper, one of the other agents, in a nearby building. Rogue gets up and it looks like he's gonna shoot Crawford. The sniper, looking through the barrel, and not being aware of Crawford's betrayal, naturally goes to shoot Rogue. Crawford screams no, gets in front of Rogue and gets shot in his place. Crawford falls to the floor, presumably dead, and you see the sniper and the frame freezes. The next scene is Rogue leaving the warehouse and driving through the Golden Gate Bridge and then the film ends. It was a really anticlimactic ending to a pretty bad movie. Some of the action scenes themselves would probably be pretty decent if, again, it wasn't so poorly edited and you didn't really get a sense of what was going on. I didn't really like this movie, if you couldn't tell. I would not recommend it, in the least. Even if you love both Jet Li and Jason Statham.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • May 27, 2013
    It's Jet Li vs. Jason Statham in War, an exciting martial arts action film. An FBI agent out for revenge pursues a notorious assassin named Rogue who's come to San Francisco to instigate a war between the Triads and the Yakuza. The storytelling is rather good, especially in creating suspense and intrigue. And, the fight sequences are particularly impressive. However, the characters aren't given much depth and seem more like stereotypes. While War is pretty much a typical revenge film, it's entertaining and has a good cast.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Feb 25, 2012
    Jet Li and Jason Statham make a very entertaining action movie with twists and turns to keep you thinking.
    Ian I Super Reviewer
  • Jan 10, 2012
    Ending was shit. It could easily have been a great movie.
    Jonny C Super Reviewer

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