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June 18, 2018
The magic of Spielberg is and always has been his ability to touch a part of our hearts with an emotionally charged scene, or spark a part of our brains to make us think about something historical because it has some relevance to our current times. Doing so in the form of a near-flawless film has always been a sensory-enveloping experience. However, with stinkers like The Legend of Zorro, the Transformers series, Cowboys and Aliens, The Lovely Bones, etc, he is losing his luster. While War Horse is a beautifully filmed effort, his ability to be thought-provoking is nearly gone. His ability to stir emotions are earmarked for simple stories appealing to the masses. There is no substance to this stylish attempt. It tries. It tries real hard. It fails. It fails real bad. The weak story and over-dramatic acting do not support what Spielberg as clearly trying to evoke in its audience. Through most of the movie, I was irritated at the pacing and the inability to care about the characters. I kept thinking, "c'mon Spielberg...you are going to turn it around...". Yet, it never came. It was just more of the same pile-on of forced sympathy and brutally extracted emotions. By the time the final scene was dragging out in an almost-parody of Gone With the Wind-style cinematography, I was ready to see the credits. Spielberg's movies used to be a "guarantee." After a string of watered-down mass appeal movies, I will seriously reconsider the desire to see his next.
June 6, 2018
Sentimental at times, modern epic about the World War One Europe wide escapades of a horse called Joey who is called into action by the British army at the outbreak of the conflict.
Probably only the second film I have seen that deals with the conflict (the other being the Kirk Douglas caper, Paths Of Glory).
Directed by the creative genius of Steven Spielberg, From Jaws, E.T., The Color Purple, Jurassic Park. The list of hits is endless it seems.
The film is polished in all departments. Glorious photography of the UK and European countryside.
The musical collaboration of long time Spielberg musician John Williams.
The gritty battle scenes reminiscent of Saving Private Ryan.
A strong cast featuring Peter Mullan (Tyrannasour), Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddlestone to name but a few.
I was surprised at how much I became engrossed in a film that's premise didn't really catch me at release. Oh and no I didn't need tissues to wipe away the tears before you ask!
½ April 19, 2018
sometimes emotional and has superb performances, but it loses its momentum after the first hour and becomes sort of uninteresting. could have been more epic.
February 3, 2018
Bring your Kleenex as this is a tear jerker. As for as WWI films, this is right at the top. Extremely well written. If you haven't seen it, you need to.
January 31, 2018
(6 out of 6)- A Story filled with empty & full places
When we see what such places brings when its birth & death to know somethings goes and other things stay. When what other places are like we see everyone stands their place to bid for what they want, when such places everything comes at a price. When such places we leave those and join new places we see such places takes time getting used to. When what place others wish to stand when it prefers to be free to know such places rather not stand in one place to only find place within them to do what those say. When we see what place others are in when such places places are big to know what's out there, to those who only know their place in small places when they need to keep such places standing, to only want everyone to know their place before they are replaced. When we see what place others are in to put them in their place. When what place those are in they go darker places when they need to place themselves ahead of their own pride to be in better places. When what place other take when others places are not ready we replace. When what is a place for those to do we take them to those places are way. When we believe in such places that brought us together in such places when we see it's a good place when it feels right. When what place others need to see are demeaning places to put those in their place when they fail, to put others in their place when they shouldn't have a place in a man's place, and put the community in place of a good fight between a mischievous place and desperate place to know such places are there's to own. When what place we show everyone are the places we know those want to stay for us, when they work in such places to make everyone change their place of what they think about those, who are good.

When what place we prove to those we are useful we make such places ours to stay. When what place others go and seen they see such places changed them when they need to forget other places by going another place of intoxication. When what place we fear we have to go to pay other places we do so. When what place others do for our country they fight for our place to stay and be safe when it's a place of war. When what place others put value on other places we see others put the value in such places in us and those places we love when others fight for such places deep within to keep such places there when we return. When we see others are in desperate places to show such places we are a man of our word. When what place that we fall into places with we no longer are in those places when we are seen as equipment for other places we need to be. When what place no one wishes to be in, we see the places we are reminded of places we left a promise to we place those deeper places from within on those. When what places we naturally are in we fall into place of command. When other places we fall into are head of those in racing places. When what places we haven't forgot we make sure such places still are there to send our word to them. When what place others value in such places are how they look when such places presents themselves higher places and dangerous places to place ourselves strategically.

When what place we can't see but know what we are going to see we don't know what places will take us, to go other places as we match into the unknown. When what places we end up, we see they are darker places in the hands of our enemies. When what places others command to go such places we see the price placed in crossing such places we don't see. When what place we make use for others we see whose place we want to be beside to get out of other places of death. When what fond places we remember we take those place to where we are headed next to only find what places wouldn't be returning we could only place there last moments in such places with those we lost. When what places we go from here in what we lost we see places we are unsure. When what other places others see they are going they are sure they will be there to fight. When what places we can't escape to only fall in place we take those to another place as those escape.

When what places we plan to go when such places are promising then other places we see the places we regret abandoning in promise and those place we believe we are scared going to end up in dark places of death when we are caught. When what places others end up we see they end up in loving & caring places. When we make place for those to make them feel right at place. When what places we put into places we see we can't teach old horses new tricks. When what makes themselves feel right in place when it's there place to invade and take what is there's to take. When what place we make for ourselves we see others went to other places to fight to see that such places once filled with family and love are now gone to other places to only fill with a new place of lonliness and uselessness when we should be in such fighting with them. When what place holds their ground they occupy such places taking everything within sight. When what places we try to replace with others we see those places are taken yet again.

When what new places we fall into we see what places we replace those who no longer serve such places we see which places they go when it's death or hard labour. When what place others can't do we replace to save them. When what puts into place are the weapons those face sitting in place waiting for their time to go such places to fight or die. When what is in the right place when they can't place such weapons further we are in safe places. When who we meet in such places are old faces and other places we can't get out of our mind. When we see such places we either fight or die to only value our life coming back to such places alive to split other valuable places.

When what places we keep close are places we fight for when it's the vary place we come from and who we met to know such places we are proud to be from. When what places we fall back to or hide in smaller places we see that there are plenty of places to fight but not many places stay alive. When we creep closer and closer into enemy places to push forward not backward. When others couldn't make it out of such places on time to see what places keeps those and take away from us. When what places we try to escape to but don't see any place to run to to run into anything and anyplace that keeps us in such places longer. When what is placed in the middle of places that is meant for fighting we meet those in opposite places to meet in the middle of places for a truce. When being away from such places for long we see what place we rather be but see our place here is to fight. When we still haven't lost sight of places that are ours to claim to settle such places simpler way. When what place we see those are fit to be in, they are safe places.

When what places we end up in are blind places. When what place we see those meeting in such places we could only think miraculous places when what brings us together are the places we never lost sight on, the places we never forget, the places that tell us to go to such places, the places that recalls familiar places, and the places that we just know are the same places we feel when they feel it too. When such places destiny brings together are the places torn apart from the ruthlessness of such places that never could return back to give us a chance too. When it's the places that is just right to still hold onto such places when war has ended and we return to such places once again. When we see the places those have been and the lives those have touched to see those came along way to get back home that we can't lose again. When we see we return to the place we call home to give those the respect in which we place a great honour to see that being in such places is hard when you want to hold on to homily places but see you can't in what you had to do. When we all fight for such places when it is our home that there is no other place we rather be.

When such places can transform us, make us grow, make us strong, make us more beautiful when we are misplaced and our rightful place are homely places not fighting places. What we arrive in such places we don't intend to arrive at another place when some places we enter into transform us compared to other places to see that we been all over places to arrive at a beautiful place with those we love. When we see what place such times were to know what can't be replaced, whether it's the relationship between a man & his animal, man & his wife, man & his own self to know we often replace men with machinery when we go to war. When what makes its place at the right time and place we see it's God who gives hope for a good place to return home, when he is on our side against evil.
January 30, 2018
Yes it's an old-fashioned style of movie, over sentimental and staged. And the editing could have been better but I still had plenty of tears flowing at the end. AAN GGN AFI 1001
January 3, 2018
really dont see what all the excitement is about. lacked in inspiration. was mostly just a lot of people getting really emotional about a horse for no reason. typical german bad to horses english good to horses lies that no one really needed. unbelievable even by miracle standards. characters all boring enough to forget. unless you just really really love horses enough to cry every time a horse is in danger the film has no lift
½ December 25, 2017

[Steven Spielberg]
December 21, 2017
an incredible story, this film deserves more recognition
December 18, 2017
Puntaje Original: 6.0

Probablemente Steven Spielberg estaba en esos días en los que se queda sin ideas, y acepta cualquier cosa. Si bien la dirección es tan buena como Spielberg nos tiene acostumbrados, la trama de esta película no es la mas interesante ni emocionante.
December 10, 2017
The third best movie for Steven Spielberg since Saving Private Ryan... !!!
September 29, 2017
Heartwarming, intense, amazing, extraordinary journey! Oh and I cried...yeah, that about sums it up. Go Joey! :)
½ September 1, 2017
Overlong cutesy chlidren's fairy tale mismatched with gruesome war scenes. Maybe you might enjoy if you liked the Hobbit?
August 28, 2017
All I could think about was that poor horse!
August 18, 2017
Pretty in places...doesn't work as well as a film.
½ August 1, 2017
Such an amazing story. So moving.
½ July 24, 2017
An amazing movie for the whole family. Beautiful directing and great performances for the actors!
June 24, 2017
A spectacular and breathtaking adventure of friendship and loyalty. A heart warming and gripping movie that just takes hold of you and wont let go.
½ June 8, 2017
What can I say? After seeing movies such as Saving Private Ryan and The Hurt Locker, its hard to find a war movie that is better. Well, I think we just found one. The journey of a horse that was said to be the weakest and most out-of-control horse out there, to a strong, powerful war horse was spectacular. Steven Spielberg scores a home-run for this film. Every moment was nail-biting and I was truly nervous for Joey (the horse) at many points of this film. I felt like I was in the middle of World War I watching all of this happen, but really, I was on a cruise in the middle of the ocean. This film has certainly introduced me to many talented actors such as Jeremy Irvine and Peter Mullan, that I hadn't heard about until this film. I will show this film to my friends, my kids, my grandkids, for this movie will remain a classic and one of my favorites for the rest of my life.
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