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½ January 19, 2018
Has Richard Dreyfuss ever been in a GOOD movie?
October 18, 2017
Very funny, gets out of hand, but eventually you don't care because it works and keeps itself together no matter how crazy it became. Strangely good.
½ July 1, 2017
(5.5 out of 6 stars)
When what we see we don't like seeing when we don't know what it is we are seeing that makes us see life so crazy. When what we see we no longer can see that we send them to somebody else to handle. When what we see we know all to well what it contains thst we refuse to touch. When what we see is a world of things we know we ought to be seeing but we don't when others treat it as normal but we see it as plain crazy. When what we see is life always having their obstacles and challenges along the way to steer clear away from it and take another route. When somethings we see are not clear cases of anything but different. When what we see we have no patience or comprehension as to why they see it that way when it's wrong. When what we see, we know what's going wrong when it's functions are not working like they supposed to. What we see anything can go wrong instantly to know we are in the present and future of our outcomes. When we font know why others dont want to see us when our pasts is behind us in what we think we know we were seeing life all wrong. When we wish to see everything clearly and seek help in how to handle this overwhelmed problems to see we need to take each problem one step at a time. When we see everything is the problem to see one step at a time only solves the current problems we are facing at a time to not deal with other problems we are facing to be overwhelmed even more with problems. When we see some cases are a clear scientific case of mental disorders and suppression, that we see somethings come and go instantly. When others do see what the problem is but know it's there to keep going to the person who also sees our problem to help us see what the problem is. When what we see works when it's all part of the business that we see we have an eye for. When what others can't see they can't provide the next step to as not everything has a solution for we need to seek help. When we see life is full of problems that taking the next step is hard to do when somethings are in the way. When what can't seem to see past we remain on hold waiting and dealing with what we can't see all alone. When we clearly see some solutions to get pasted other problems we can't seem to reach the the root of what we want to see. When what we want to see doesn't want to see us that it tells us to see other things we refuse to change routes. When we don't see we can't get pasted somethings to be dwelled into the past while we are in the present. When we need to see somethings to go through lengths to see it when our problems are getting worse. When we see some problems we can carry around with us to see no problem in other things. When what we see we can't believe when we see is the impossible. When what we see as a problem we know we can get through when we are persistent. When what we see we don't see too often in these parts. When we need to see it our way when it makes sense, to see problems and solutions as we see fit. When others see bigger problems to not see them when they are harmful and see us as harmless when we don't do anything wrong like other people do. When we need to see ourselves in a light, to see we are not effective with other people who doesn't see it our way. When we don't see or do see the problem of others at our door steps, we can't seem to escape some problems. When we need to make others see the problem to give them a solution they might like to see. When we see that we have been seeing all wrong to not see. When who we are we see it all to not know what we are seeing is capable of when the mind makes us see things light and dark to make us do somethings we can't believe we are seeing. When we see we need to protect our family to see to it they are safe. When we need to see somethings go but they stay when they see it all wrong. When escaping our problems and going into a new uncharted place in our mind we find we have more problems when we see new challenges that we can't escape. When we see somethings as not problems when they are comforting to be around that gets us past our current problems. When we see eye to eye with some people whom over analyze the world as we do and still aware of threats but continue to remain calm we don't see how they do it. When we see others have countless problems we don't need to face to see every has problems too to identify with. When some problems we see are easy to overcome when our ways are unorthodox that help sail past our problems. When what we don't get to normally see too often we enjoy living in the moment as different as it may be. When what we see we can't allow when we are controlling in what we tolerate others to see when they encourage such crazy ways of seeing things. When we all could use a break from seeing life the way we are supposed to be seeing life when it brings us down with such pressures it brings in being thrown into the spotlight and living up to the image others ought to be seeing. When we can't see like others do when they get past the superficiality in people and start looking at people from within. When what we see deep down scares us that it's better to stay on the surface when nothing can go wrong on the surface. When others need to see the fear in what scares us to see that there is nothing to fear about when we see nothing can go wrong when we know what our problem is. When we see others are less qualified or unstable to handle our business and family to put a stop to what we see. When others don't see what we see when others take each step of life with every bite and enjoy the little things as they come to balance what overwhelming problems we might have. When others don't see how problems happen when everything they have isn't enough to want more. When we don't like to see how others make our family happy to only see them go when they makes feel down. When we can't be seen with some people when we need to be seen in the spotlight as normal and respectable on and off the camera. When we see that others dont see eye to eye with us but others we dont connect as well as others do. When we see somethings as good ideas and others bad ideas to not see it our way when others know what others like to see. When we see the product, creator and results in front of your eyes to see how reputable we are for others to see. When we see how we can't function when we see our product is all wrong that sends the bad message. When others don't see what we see to put a different perspective and spin in what we see to know everything is going to be alright. When we see everything all wrong the moment we saw someone when we don't know what their problem is and can't resolve it to see ourselves as a failure or less reputable. When we must see that we must put an end to our problems to abandon it as far away to not see it no longer again to regain our senses once again as if he never showed up. When what we like seeing is a fast painless way to get rid of our problems to makes us light off our feet rejoyful. When not even reputable people like us see what we see when we are not acknowledged for our lifeswork. When we see all thst could go wrong in some parts we don't see a quick resolve as others to see problems are harder to resolve. When we don't expect to see somethings to be naturally surprised. When we don't see how problems can overwhelmingly takeover our life we don't see the important big and Littles things in our life when we are blinded by our problems. When what we cannot see together when they have taken so much so far we natural fend off when we see we have little. When what we see is the problem we kindly see them go when we need to make others see they haven't lost everything they worked for. When we don't see problems to not see anyone we are comfortable√,¬† with√,¬† as a problem to us. When we see we need to permanently get rid of our problems. When we clearly see our problems are still there, when we can't find the solution to somethings but other things we try to see make sense. When some solutions we see poses problems we don't see what could go wrong go wrong. When what we see explodes on us when we are blinded by what we don't see and it impairs our judgment, but strengthens others to do the right thing.√,¬† When we always could see what's all wrong for us we need to speak up before it's too late. When others don't see what we see to know somethings are all wrong for us and alright for others. When what we couldn't get past we sure do when we see a future with someone to leave the past behind us, and look forward to a future seeing ourselves more up beat and others down, but we don't see it.
½ June 17, 2017
Bill Murray's manic performance is the main selling point of this mildly amusing farce about a psychiatrist with a patient who literally drives him crazy.
April 27, 2017
A movie that holds up to the test of time. I remember watching this as a small child, then a teenager, than a young adult, and now nearly 3 decades on this planet and this is still my favorite movie.
April 8, 2017
The all time best movie ever. (Yes, I did say that!)
½ March 12, 2017
Haha, I saw this classic on Netflix and couldn't resist. Bill Murray always cracks me up.
January 23, 2017
Neither lead character is truly sympathetic as it bounces around from being mildly humorous to serious with no sense of cohesion with the script. It's ultimately predictable and has no real definitive sequence or scene to make it memorable, and features an ending so rushed and so random that it undermines even the averageness of the content that preceded it.
½ January 19, 2017
Nicely done... Like the twist... A patient drives a doctor insane. Humorous.
January 11, 2017
#1 favorite comedy of all time. My go-to movie when I want a laugh. It's just perfection.
½ December 14, 2016
Great funny movie starring Bill Murray. I love the premece of a patient and his doctor trying to get along but never works out for the doctor but always for the pacient and let's talk about him, the pacient. Bob is just the funniest and so entertaining, at first I didn't think that Bill Murray could pull it off as a person with a mental disability and he pulled it off perfectly and overcomes his disability by having / mixing himself with a family and to me it's just perfect, a cry for a family. It doesn't slap it to the face because it's a kids movie but I'll use some technique I learned in school, indirect characterization where they don't slap a piece of information to the face but by how he acts, it's the little things. I would definitely watch this movie again but before that I never knew that this was a Disney movie and Disney I have a question or a demand, I know two different things but make another movie, I want to see Bob with Lily and being a psychiatrist.
½ December 11, 2016
A very charming family-friendly comedy that endures with time and wrings plenty of laughs from the deadpan Bill Murray, even if it does so more often than hitting significant or smart story beats.
½ December 9, 2016
A fun and silly movie that brings the entertainment of it is treading well worn territory.
½ December 8, 2016
haha well it's completely stupid, but Bill Murray's hilarious, and I laughed a lot.
December 3, 2016
There really aren't many actual laughs in this movie but who doesn't like Bill Murray?
December 1, 2016
A neurotic screwball comedy so funny, it'll drive any who watch it a little batty.
½ November 20, 2016
Bill Murray somehow turns a character who is unlikeable into an affectionate personable gentleman in 'What About Bob'. Richard Dreyfuss and Murray have an unmistakable chemistry in a movie that can't offer up much more than that. Final Score: 6.7
November 16, 2016
This movie had me going a little crazy too.
September 18, 2016
Bill Murray shines brighter than he ever has before in this hilarious comedy. The laughs just keep coming until the final credits....
September 13, 2016
This movie is hysterical and highly entertaining. It was well made and the acting was done well, it is one that everyone should see at some point in their lives, especially if they work with, or know a lot about mild, mental illness and phycology. This movie has a way of approaching that in a very fun, comical way. I would definitely recommend it to others.
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