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July 15, 2020
It's amazing how [Studio Ghibli] can so easily tap into the wonder and awe of young people.
July 1, 2020
There is a pervading sense of melancholy in this film, but you cannot help but be swept up in its stunning beauty. It is a totally immersive experience, like dipping your head into a watercolour painting and swimming about in it for two hours.
November 18, 2019
Overall, When Marnie Was There is lovely to watch but it fails to provide the celebratory ending that Studio Ghibli deserves after 30 years of animation.
April 19, 2019
The most Ghibli-esque touch here is the way that the natural and spirit worlds easily commingle, like overlapping cels in the same frame.
April 15, 2019
The mystery surprised me at times and kept a brisk pace.
November 3, 2018
The allegory of the fantastic of Studio Ghibli's older productions, and particularly those of Miyazaki's, seems to be largely lost, and unfortunately, the film's technical prowess is not enough to surpass this issue.
August 29, 2018
What other animated film would take the time to focus on a shot of fresh watermelon being cut, or of laundry waving in the breeze?
April 13, 2018
Unlike American animated films, which only gesture at moral seriousness, Marnie and other films like it are centrally, sincerely concerned with the complex trials of adolescence.
October 23, 2017
Directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi and adapted from Joan G Robinson's book, the film remains hauntingly beautiful to look at, but we're on pretty familiar ground by now.
August 16, 2017
Marnie may be a quiet end to the pantheon of animated masterpieces that have streamed out of Hayao Miyazaki's studio, but the film is satisfying in its own way.
December 18, 2016
Hiromasa Yonebayashi's film maintains the Ghibli traditions of elegant pastoral animation and nuanced emotional themes.
October 16, 2016
Enigma takes second place to a sensitive exploration of adolescent turmoil and self-discovery, made even more beautiful and bittersweet by the film's delicate hand-drawn animation.
October 12, 2016
It may not have the magic of Miyazaki's classic work, but if it is the last Ghibli film, it is an elegant and elegiac way to end of an era.
August 9, 2016
The quasi-Sapphic intensity of Anna and Marnie's relationship - recalling Ghost World or a benign Heavenly Creatures - is poetically and sensitively handled.
June 17, 2016
Japan's Studio Gibli has been responsible for some of the finest animated movies in recent decades, from 2003's Oscar-winning Spirited Away to last year's beautiful The Tale of the Princess Kaguya.
June 13, 2016
Although more sombre than some of the studio's biggest hits, it has in spades the gorgeous, painstaking animation that has become Ghibli's trademark.
June 13, 2016
What makes this a standout of the studio's already glittering catalogue is the strong root psychological motive of the central character, which could just have you reaching for the hankies by the end.
June 12, 2016
Although the film doesn't quite wrap up the central mystery with the same degree of elegance, it does end with a hopeful message about learning to be comfortable in your own skin ...
June 12, 2016
A delicate, beguiling film that shows off the craftsmanship that distinguishes all the animated classics from Studio Ghibli.
June 12, 2016
While Marnie lacks the densely mystical, immersive quality of Ghibli at its best, the film features characteristically exquisite hand-drawn animation and a sensitivity to the precarious, friable quality in an adolescent girl's self-worth.
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