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A year after appearing in the box-office sleeper Shanghai Surprise, pop superstar Madonna starred in the screwball comedy Who's That Girl? She plays Nikki Finn, who is being released from prison after serving a four-year sentence for a murder she didn't commit. Meanwhile, wealthy lawyer Loudon (Griffin Dunne) is about to get married that afternoon to the snobby Wendy (Haviland Morris), the daughter of Simon Worthington (John McMartin). Worthington does not approve of the wedding and he wants Nikki out of town as soon as possible, so he sends Loudon to collect Nikki and take her to the bus station. Instead, the flamboyant Nikki seeks her revenge while trying to find out what happened to her friend Johnny, which causes Loudon a lot of trouble. Naturally, wild action ensues -- some of it involving an escaped Cougar belonging to Loudon's boss, the millionaire animal collector Montgomery Bell (John Mills) -- and Loudon having to choose between the prim Wendy and the unpredictable Nikki.

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as Nikki Finn
Griffin Dunne
as Louden Trott
John Mills
as Montgomery Bell
Haviland Morris
as Wendy Worthington
John McMartin
as Simon Worthington
Robert Swan
as Detective Bellson
Drew Pillsbury
as Detective Doyle
Bibi Besch
as Mrs. Worthington
as Cougar
Helen Lloyd Breed
as Co-op Chairperson
Dalton Dearborn
as Co-op Member
Robert Weil
as Co-op Member
Albert Popwell
as Parole Chairman
Alice Nunn
as Parole Member
Gary Basaraba
as Shipping Clerk
Ron Taylor
as Dock Worker
Stanley Tucci
as Dock Worker
Mike Starr
as Shipping Co-Worker
Dwight Crawford
as Bicycle Messenger
Laura Drake
as Shitley
Efrat Lavie
as Entourage Saleswoman
Mary Gillis
as Gown Woman
Roy Brocksmith
as Crystal Salesman
Ted Hayden
as Flatware Salesman
Beatrice Colen
as Secretary
Susan Bugg
as Law Secretary
Faith Minton
as Donovan
Judy Kerr
as Prison Officer
Darwyn Carson
as Prison Reception Guard
Andre Rosey Brown
as Record Store Security Guard
Brad Reardon
as Record Store Cashier
Bert Rosario
as Greasy Guy
Patrick McCord
as Traffic Cop
Glenn Plummer
as Harlem Kid
Lance Slaughter
as Harlem Kid
Alon Williams
as Harlem Kid
Mario Gardner
as Harlem Kid
Dennis Brown
as Harlem Kid
Carmen Filpi
as Street Bum
Gerald Orange
as Drunk in Harlem Hallway
Shelly Lipkin
as Tiffany Salesman
Ellen Crawford
as Tiffany Saleswoman
Pat Romano
as Rolls Royce Thief
Gary Tacon
as Rolls Royce Thief
as Lady on Bus
Glen Chin
as Bank Guard
Lloyd Kino
as Bank Officer
Clive Rosengren
as Bus Driver
Scott Harms
as Motorcycle Cop
Christian Letelier
as Motorcycle Cop
Sanders Cupac
as Motorcycle Cop
Meilani Figalan
as Amazon Woman
Phillip Romano
as Fencing Opponent
Lea Lashaway
as Screaming Woman
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Audience Reviews for Who's That Girl?

  • Apr 05, 2015
    It is just a crappy movie. Don't watch it. I give the movie a half a star, and the two cougars their own half-star.
    Red L Super Reviewer
  • May 07, 2011
    OK as a daytime family friendly movie. Nothing extraordinary about it. Madonna did a okay job. The story is about what you could expect out of it.
    Martin S Super Reviewer
  • Sep 06, 2010
    This movie is fun but much too silly at times too. Madonna is okay, but an actress could have done a better job with this movie, I think. Anyway, this movie is a joy for any fan of hers. If you're not a big fan, it's just okay.
    Aj V Super Reviewer
  • May 31, 2009
    "Is it possible for you to be any dumber? - I don't see how." Wow. I just finished this movie for a couple of minutes ago and all I can say is wow. I remember this movie from way back and there was some things that I remembered well. A cougar and... Well, that's about it. Madonna's star was on the rise in the beginning of the 80's. She had made some successful albums and it was obvious that she would also try to conquer the big screens. I remember that I had the "Like a Virgin" album, don't understand why but that's not the point here. Madonna had to be everywhere. 'Desperately Seeking Susan', 'Shanghai Surprise' and this one came fast to the cinemas for our pleasure or misfortune... Before I started to watch this, I was kinda eager about it. I had no negative thoughts, just prepared myself for a light comedy from the 80's. Now after the painful 90 minutes all I can say is what the fuck! The opening credits were pretty nice, with a Betty Boop type of animation that gave some background to the story. But 5 minutes in to the movie I was bewildered. How is this all possible? Unbeliavable and unfunny storytelling, irritating acting... Was this intended to be a screwball comedy or a light romcom? I don't know but my dog seemed to like it. I sometimes wonder what makes a dog focus on something that's on the TV. It has to be some kind of stimulus. Was it the cougar roar or the annoying voice of Madonna? 'Who's That Girl?' is a movie that can be enjoyed by; a) fans of Madonna and b) those who don't take films seriously. I think that this was an insult to filmmaking. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy good comedy just as much as the next guy but this was just so stupid and annoying. I'd give it half a star but my dog insist that I have to give it a better rating...
    Jani H Super Reviewer

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