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Implausible coincidences and an overly convoluted structure make the movie hard to follow or believe.



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Directed by Paul McGuigan, Wicker Park follows Chicago businessman Matthew's (Josh Hartnett) return to Windy City life after having dedicated two years of his life to mourning his long lost love Lisa (Diane Kruger), who'd mysteriously vanished from his life. Things are finally looking up again for Matthew; his career is in full swing, and he's thinking of becoming engaged -- that is, until he thinks he's spotted his former lover in a restaurant. Almost immediately, Matthew puts the brakes on his marriage plans and his career in order to conduct an exhaustive search for his old flame. Obsessed, he barely notices the psychologically devastating trap his quest is leading him into -- a danger that only grows when he meets an enigmatic stranger (Rose Byrne). Wicker Park features Matthew Lillard and Jessica Paré in supporting roles.

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  • The four main characters are all odd, sad and lonely. No wonder they don't call each other on their cells to straighten things out -- they're all too depressed to dial.

    Mar 18, 2014 | Rating: 1/5 | Full Review…
  • Wicker Park is one of those maddening movies in which the characters do incredibly stupid things simply for the sake of plot contrivance, and everyone's problems would be solved if they simply picked up their cell phones.

    Mar 18, 2014 | Full Review…
  • A quite extraordinarily boring psychological drama of obsession, impersonation and mistaken identity.

    Mar 18, 2014 | Rating: 1/5 | Full Review…
  • Wicker Park then doubles back on itself, layering flashback upon flashback, but instead of building toward a grand romantic climax, it just gets sillier before exploding into a torrent of unintended laughs.

    Mar 18, 2014 | Full Review…

    Nathan Rabin

    AV Club
    Top Critic
  • Wicker Park is built on such a goofy premise that your average soap-opera scriptwriter would laugh it out of a story meeting.

    Mar 18, 2014
  • There are some striking visuals and Hartnett is a magnetic presence.

    Mar 18, 2014 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Wicker Park

  • Nov 10, 2014
    The character Alex states, "Love makes you do crazy things, insane things..." and that statement in a way summarizes this tale of love and obsession. Set in a cold, snowy Chicago winter, Wicker Park is about the lying and deception at the heart of obsessive relationships. It's about the lengths the characters will go to in order to pursue love at first sight. This film is hard to follow at times; the viewer has to wait patiently for explanations, and whether the payoff is worth it is debatable. I enjoyed the film for the most part, though it's not without flaws. Josh Hartnett's character is completely smitten, obsessed with Diane Kruger's character, which I understand-I've loved her since the first time I saw her. Hartnett is competent at playing awkwardly shy yet tenacious, but I would have liked to have seen an actor more capable of emotional depth. Matthew Lillard, too is miscast. He plays Hartnett's goofy friend, and he's a better actor than Hartnett but he wasn't right for this. Rose Byrne's Alex is the most interesting character, and she's the most convincing actor. Appropriately she wears a mask during her Shakespeare performance within this film, just as she figuratively wears a mask-perfect symbolism. The movie culminates in an insane coincidence-fest at a restaurant, and the ending is corny as well. It is Hitchcockian, this series of coincidences about desperation and obsession. To borrow a line from one of the characters, it's both creepy and hot. Although I'm not a sucker for love stories, I couldn't turn it off, so I give Wicker Park a qualified recommendation.
    Clintus M Super Reviewer
  • Oct 04, 2014
    This movie could've been better. The switching back and forth was a little confusing. It was a little slow-moving - it felt longer than it was.
    Erin C Super Reviewer
  • Nov 25, 2010
    I don't know what's wrong with most critics. They sometimes really fail to recognize a good film. A film that works - and it really does, for the audience. Despite its cold start, the 'Wicker Park' is full of surprises ahead, and in spite of the somewhat clumsy handling of the successive revelations, the emotional rollercoaster it takes you on is really worth your time. McGuigan's photography choices are interesting, and this film is visually a worthy predecessor of "Lucky Number Slevin". P.S. Plus, I am a sucker for Josh Hartnett. This boy is not only cute, he can also act.
    Anastasia B Super Reviewer
  • Mar 30, 2010
    I cannot express enough how touching and deeply thought out this film is. The performances are perfect all around, especially from Josh Hartnett and Diane Kruger and the plot, though structurally challenging as it may present itself, is worth the second or third viewing to soak in all the film's maze-like qualities. Wicker Park is truly the most heartfelt film I feel I have ever seen, with each music choice placed perfectly throughout to evoke emotion from every action and reaction. One of my all-time favorite films.
    Christopher H Super Reviewer

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