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Emily Blunt shines as Victoria in this romantic but plodding royal portrait.



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On the eve of her 18th birthday and succession to the English throne, young Princess Victoria is caught in a royal power struggle. But, it is her blossoming relationship with Prince Albert that will determine the strength of her reign. Can she dedicate her life to her country and her heart to the one man she truly loves? Discover the passion and the romance behind one of history's greatest love stories.

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Emily Blunt
as Queen Victoria
Rupert Friend
as Prince Albert
Paul Bettany
as Lord Melbourne
Miranda Richardson
as Duchess of Kent
Jim Broadbent
as King William
Harriet Walter
as Queen Adelaide
Jesper Christensen
as Baron Stockmar
Thomas Kretschmann
as King Leopold
Julian Glover
as Wellington
Rachael Stirling
as Duchess of Sutherland
Jeanette Hain
as Baroness Lehzen
Josef Altin
as Edward Oxford
Tom Brooke
as Lord Chamberlain
Michaela Brooks
as Young Victoria Age 11
Grace Smith
as Young Victoria Age 5
Sophie Roberts
as Lady Portman
Charlie Clarke
as The Newsboy
Robert Cambrinus
as Kammerrher Turner
Tom Fisher
as Lord Chamberlain
Alice Glover
as Duchess of Montrose
David Horovitch
as Sir James Clark
Jo Hartley
as Landlady
Bernard Lloyd
as Archbishop of Canterbury
Johnny Lyne-Perkins
as Earl of Derby
Johnny Lyne-Perkis
as Earl of Derby
David Robb
as Whig Member
Malcolm Sinclair
as Charles Kemble
Thomas Michael Voss
as Dancing Master
Julie McDonnell
as Lady in Waiting
Julia St. John
as Marchioness of Hastings
Liam Scott
as Duke of Sussex
Mark Beesley
as Opera Singer
Richard Quine
as Opera Singer
Rowley Irlam
as Footman
Mark Henson
as Falling Bishop
Dominic Preece
as Officer of Escort
Peter White
as Apprehending Pedestrian
C.C. Smiff
as Riding Double 'Albert'
Lenny Woodcock
as Pedestrian
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Critic Reviews for The Young Victoria

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  • The acting is fine, and while the plot is somewhat stale and very slow in taking shape, it is never boring. Those who like opulent movies in dress and scenery will love this movie. Regrettably, they will also soon forget it after they leave.

    Jan 16, 2018 | Full Review…

    Ed Koch

    The Atlantic
    Top Critic
  • This Victoria is not particularly Victorian, but then she is young; and everyone wants a piece of her, politically speaking. Emily Blunt is lovely and strong-minded as the Young Vic.

    Jan 15, 2010
  • This may be the perfect shared entertainment for daughters just growing out of their princess phase and mothers with their own challenges balancing love and work.

    Jan 8, 2010 | Full Review…
  • The way this story is told is just basically by people reading letters in voiceover while you look at beautiful furniture.

    Dec 28, 2009
  • I wonder: Was the director of The Young Victoria wearing a corset right alongside Emily Blunt? This is one tightly constricted period drama.

    Dec 28, 2009
  • It's a muddled but plush experience overall, and if you're a royalist completist or a historical romantic, you'll probably have a decent time. As much as Blunt may have wanted the role, though, I'm not sure it suits her.

    Dec 25, 2009 | Rating: 2.5/4 | Full Review…

    Ty Burr

    Boston Globe
    Top Critic

Audience Reviews for The Young Victoria

  • Apr 18, 2016
    It seems this is a fairly faithful representation of Queen Victoria's early years as a queen plus the movie is interesting enough to keep the viewer interested. If you like historical dramas, watch it.
    Red L Super Reviewer
  • Sep 01, 2011
    A year before "God Save the Queen" resonates through her coronation, Victoria(Emily Blunt) was living the insulated life of a 17-year old princess in Kensington because if something happened to her as the heir to the kingdom, things would get really interesting. As it is, she refuses to sign a regency order which would allow Sir John Conroy(Mark Strong) to rule through her mother, the Duchess of Kent(Miranda Richardson), who would rule through her. Victoria goes one step further in going against their advice by attending the birthday celebration of King William(Jim Broadbent), her uncle, who forcefully validates her claim to the throne. Another uncle, King Leopold of Belgium(Thomas Kretschmann), puts Prince Albert(Rupert Friend) into play. "The Young Victoria" is a lavishly produced period piece with a great cast that engages well enough in the first half in depicting all of the various power plays, allowing for Victoria to emerge as a strong woman without being anachronistic. Sadly, the same cannot be said of the second half, as the movie drags in desperate search of an ending. Myself, I would have ended at either the coronation or the wedding, both of which get too little attention here. There is also little focus on a potentially fascinating mother/daughter relationship that gets upended when suddenly Victoria ascends to the throne, in favor of the movie in its own simplistic way needing to have its villains. Admittedly, I am no different but then I had the wrong Leopold.
    Walter M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 20, 2011
    This is a typical movie about British royalty. It was good, but it didn't do anything unique or different that grabbed me.
    Sarah P Super Reviewer
  • Nov 22, 2010
    <i>"I am young, but I am willing to learn, and I mean to devote my life to the service of my country and my people. I look for your help in this. I know I shall not be disappointed. Thank you."</i><p> This is the story of Queen Victoria as a youth, and how she became one of the most famous monarchs in history. <i>The Young Victoria</i>, directed by Jean-Marc Vallee, stars a very beautiful Emily Blunt as Victoria, and with a screenplay by Julian Fellowes, the film is a sophisticated history piece. <u>SUMMARY:</u><p> Victoria (Emily Blunt) has been protected from birth from the outside world by her mother the Duchess of Kent (Miranda Richardson) and by her mother's advisor Sir John Conroy (Mark Strong). But it's the politics of Europe that envelop the future Queen as the German side of her family vie for influence over her, as they try to set up a marriage with Prince Albert (Rupert Friend). King William (Jim Broadbent), her uncle, dies and leaves the throne to Victoria. But her relationship with Prime Minister Lord Melbourne (Paul Bettany) soon leads to internal political problems. <u>REVIEW:</u><p> The historical events of Victoria are wonderfully scripted by Julian Fellowes - the film feels absolutely convincing. The creation of Victoria is terrific, and she's a character with charm. At times, we do feel sympothy for her. She's respectable as well, with the responsible decisions she makes once she learns how to rule - there is character development with Victoria. I found the love story between her and Prince Albert to be most <b>romantic</b>, and even very touching. John Conroy is quite the villain, and the way the events play out in the film is well written - the script is paced perfectly. The dialogue is sophisticated and keeps the film convincing as ever. You can tell that there has been a lot of work put into the development of the screenplay - it's quite detailed. At times, the political side of things is very hard to follow, as there's a lot of back-stabbing and complicated plans. Despite this, the story of Queen Victoria is told with skill and even a bit of love. Emily Blunt... is... <b>AMAZING</b>. She truly is. Never have I witnessed such a beautiful performance, especially from an actress of her age. She is one of the best young screen actresses, and her potrayal of Victoria is amazingly believable. Rupert Friend is also impressive as Albert, and he does share a certain amount of chemistry with Blunt. Miranda Richardson brought class to the role of the Duchess of Kent, and Mark Strong, again, plays the bad guy we love to hate, and as always, does it well. Jim Broadbent's brief appearance as the King was very enjoyable, and I quite liked Paul Bettany as Lord Melbourne. Visually speaking, <i>The Young Victoria</i> is almost perfect. Everything seen on-screen is just magical, particularly the detailed and elegant costumes. Fashion Fans will adore all of the Queen's gowns. They all look grand. The sets all have a classy look, and have been designed beautifully. Along with the sets, the shooting locations are all superb, and look breathtaking. But none of these qualities could have shined as bright as they did with out the help of cinematographer Hagen Bogdanski, who photographs everything with skill. Edited by Jill Bilcock and Matt Garner, the film features a lavish score by Ilan Eshkeri, which contrasts very well with the look of the film. The film moves along at a cracking pace, and all the props look so detailed - a lot of work has gone into the creation of this story. <i>The Young Victoria</i> is a work of art. I'm not familiar with the story of Queen Victoria, so I've no idea if everything shown here is true - but I don't care! This is a beautifully crafted drama, and one of the most touching love stories ever. Emily Blunt is the main highlight of the film, along with the elegant costumes and detailed sets. Highly Recommended. <div style="width:600px;"><a href=""><img src="" border="0"/></a><div style="text-align:center;font-size:10px;">
    James H Super Reviewer

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