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½ February 19, 2017
Seems like one of the most anticipated and best movie of 2012 is one of the movies that i didnt enjoy!
For me although there was alot going on, action and fantastic acting there just didnt seem to moving and i felt bored throughout the movie.
Majorly disappointed may watch again with lower expectations!
February 16, 2017
A brilliant film that shows perspectives interwoven with true events. It's less about facts, and more about human beings and what happens to them in circumstances beyond their control, especially those that they're trying to control.

This is a masterpiece of naturalism, and a work of mad genius by a stupendously talented filmmaker, and a revolutionary: Ms. Kathryn Bigelow.
½ February 12, 2017
Grade - B
You can't deny the filmmaking talent it took to make 'Zero Dark Thirty', and the movie certainly lives up to expectations when it comes to being intense; especially in the final 30 minutes. Whilst the movie can feel a bit slow at times due to the investigative nature of the first two thirds, it's never boring and benefits from an impressive performance by Jessica Chastain. In short, the movie lived up to, if not exceeded, my expectations.
January 27, 2017
Well... I liked it up until the end, and it didnt really come together. Looking back on it, I felt it was horribly directed. At least 3 times I had to question whether or not I had drifted or day dreamed through a scene because all of a sudden the story would be advanced much further than we were just minutes, sometimes even seconds before, with no explanation of how we arrived there! Considering how long this movies was, and how slow it was at times, I feel like things could have easily have been rearranged to clear some things up.

Also, the way the final scene was shot was really hard to watch. By that I mean, I couldnt actually watch it because I couldnt see what the heck was going on! I get they were going for an authentic look, like the lights were off in the real story, so lets turn all the lights off in the film. Thats great for like a cut or two, but it felt like a good 30 minutes of not being able to see anything at all. Then to make matters worse they would tease us with the night vision view of a SEALS perspective, which to me should have been flipped. It should have been 90% night vision 10% darkness. Not the other way around.

I would say I maybe would have given the movie a 3 star review up to that point, but then I went to the internet to research more on the matter, and found out all of these inaccuracies and stretches of the truth, and I can officially say I didnt care for the movie.

Poor accurate portrayal, poor directing, poor editing, poor choice of cinematography. POOR MOVIE!
January 23, 2017
Self -righteous and a bit psychopathic film about the motivations to kill. Make a point killing, revenge killing, army killing. Don't say the englishes don't know how to find a target and do a proper assassination after this. We better not mention anything about Iraq. Film very mechanical, this murder, that plosion, more murders. The story is very cinematic but leave off so much. Hail the englishes! The best invader ever. With the freedom to kill. At will. Wherever you are....
January 23, 2017
This was good. Didn't live up to the hype IMO.
January 14, 2017
It's frustratingly difficult, but that comes with the territory of what this film explores, but it all becomes worth it for "the scene" at the end.
January 9, 2017
Zero Dark Thirty seems emotionally detached from its source can't convey the message it wants. Even Chastain's performance can't make it worth the watch.
December 27, 2016
Perfectly paced, edge of your seat thriller. Jessica Chastain stands out in an ensemble cast to show she's a true star.
½ December 24, 2016
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December 11, 2016
Awesome movie. About time we got him
December 3, 2016
I trust Zero Dark Thirty must be a hit with Al Qaeda & ISIS.

I guess they miss the part where Osama Bin Laden meets the 72 virgins.

Otherwise a somewhat boring and very predictable film. The high scores here on Rotten Tomatoes are beyond my comprehension
½ November 28, 2016
Zero Dark Thirty is the story of how the US military eventually found and killed Usama Bin Laden. I really enjoyed the film, despite the massive amount of information the movie throws at you, which could risk bogging down and boring audiences. You really have to lock yourself into the first thirty minutes or so of this one or it might become too easy to become distracted, but if one can successfully do that, I believe that they will have an excellent time with this film. The camerawork is very well done, and the acting is very believable and convincing, especially from Jessica Chastain. My only issue with the film besides the potential to become boring for some is that the characters were not well realized, although well acted, but while watching it didn't matter to me that much, but it would've been nice to see what was going on in these people's lives more.
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November 22, 2016
Some of the dialogue may be a bit repetitious, but Bigelow's direction is very effective and she knows how to maintain a constant level of nerve-racking tension in this descriptive (and essentially objective) account of a historical operation whose end is already known.
½ November 4, 2016
A well-paced suspenseful dramatization.
October 15, 2016
Brilliant film enjoyed it the first time on DVD about a year ago and just watched again today on Blu Ray and found it even more amazing. Gets you gripped right from the start. I found the camp chapman attack scene very moving. The only thing that stopped me giving this 5 stars was the final assault on Bin Laden's hide out. I found this very slow moving when a mission of this sort would have been extremely fast paced and full of adrenaline certainly no time for conversations. But that was the only downfall in my eyes. And I understand that as its a film it was probably slowed down to make the scene longer but like I say this then makes it abit unrealistic. Brilliant Job 9/10. Will watch for a 3rd time in the future no doubt.
October 11, 2016
Intense, thrilling, and very realistic, Zero Dark Thirty is an amazing movie with some brilliant acting.
½ September 19, 2016
An excellent war movie of "them versus us". The ethics question is asked but never answered directly.
½ September 15, 2016
Un loooong build up menant ŕ une finale prenante. 2h de "drame d'espionnage", 30 minutes de combat tactique dans le noir, un film bien ficelé.
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