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Rating Title/Year Author
Evangeline (2013) Ashlee Blackwell It's wholly complex; all depressing, intriguing, carnal, seductive, and prompting. EDIT
Posted Feb 11, 2020
Blood Hunters (2016) Carolyn Mauricette I expected a meatier story, but strong performances couldn't infuse this slow burn story with the usual energy and chemistry found in a Lee film, although there's plenty of gore to be had. EDIT
Posted Feb 11, 2020
The People Under the Stairs (1991) Ashlee Blackwell The everyday and mundane that lures us into a false sense of security can become the very sight of anxiety. [Wes Craven]... does so with a certain complexity and I think his sleepers don't get the attention they deserve. EDIT
Posted Feb 11, 2020
Attack the Block (2011) Ashlee Blackwell I'm glad that science-fiction continues to nip at our sense of social consciousness with remarkable storytelling. EDIT
Posted Feb 11, 2020
Child's Play (1988) Ashlee Blackwell The totality of the film got inside my head and never left. EDIT
Posted Feb 11, 2020
A- Rosie (2018) Courtney Small Rosie does not provide easy answers but finds hope in the family bonds that offer glimmers of light in our darkest moments. EDIT
Posted Jan 31, 2020
A- My Name Is Myeisha (2018) Courtney Small Giving a voice to the victims who can no longer speak for themselves, the film is a mesmerizing mix of drama, music, dreamlike atmosphere and biting social commentary. EDIT
Posted Jan 24, 2020
B+ Bad Boys for Life (2020) Courtney Small Adil & Bilall give the men far more dimension...these are characters who must now confront their mortality, notions of faith and the ramifications of past actions. EDIT
Posted Jan 18, 2020
C- Les misérables (2019) Courtney Small It is one thing to show the gasoline that ignites the fire, but Les Misérables also needs to make us care for those who ultimately are burned by the flames. EDIT
Posted Jan 17, 2020
A Little Women (2019) Courtney Small Little Women is a delightful tale of family and self-discovery that reminds us why we love cinema. EDIT
Posted Dec 26, 2019
D 6 Underground (2019) Courtney Small 6 Underground believes in a more is more philosophy. EDIT
Posted Dec 26, 2019
A 1917 (2019) Courtney Small The taut and chilling imagery in 1917 grab viewers by the throat and releases them just long enough to gasp for air. EDIT
Posted Dec 19, 2019
C- Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) Courtney Small The Rise of Skywalker is a complicated blend of contradictions. It lacks the balance it desperately seeks as it entertains and disappoints with equal measure. EDIT
Posted Dec 18, 2019
B+ Klaus (2019) Courtney Small Destined to be added to the yearly holiday viewing rotation, Klaus is worth writing to Santa about. EDIT
Posted Dec 18, 2019
C- Queen & Slim (2019) Courtney Small A scattered portrait of black life that is content with wallowing in the waters of hopelessness. EDIT
Posted Dec 2, 2019
A Atlantics (2019) Courtney Small A hypnotic and richly constructed love story, Atlantics is a stunning debut that defies convention in the best possible way. EDIT
Posted Nov 29, 2019
B Happy Face (2018) Courtney Small Never going where the audience expects it to, Happy Face weaves several genres together to create a unique tale of grief and acceptance. EDIT
Posted Nov 26, 2019
D The Divine Fury (2019) Courtney Small The Divine Fury is filled with ideas and themes it has no real Intention of exploring. Not even divine intervention can save this film. EDIT
Posted Nov 20, 2019
C Frozen II (2019) Courtney Small While the film provides several environmentally conscious nuggets to think about, its voyage into the unknown still travels the safe path. EDIT
Posted Nov 20, 2019
B Ms. Purple (2019) Courtney Small It is this mix of beauty and sadness that makes Chon's vision of Los Angeles' Koreatown so captivating. EDIT
Posted Nov 12, 2019
() Carolyn Mauricette Ultimately, what tries to be a stylized, emotionally fraught horror film comes off as insensitive fodder for a late-night view. EDIT
Posted Nov 5, 2019
The Hollow One (2015) Carolyn Mauricette With a good concept, a great creature, and an ending that screams sequel, The Hollow One is creepy horror fare that leaves you wanting more. EDIT
Posted Nov 5, 2019
() Carolyn Mauricette [Y]ou'll enjoy the bright cinematography, the earnest nature of these talented people and the triumph at the competition itself. EDIT
Posted Nov 5, 2019
Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) Carolyn Mauricette The plot is not rocket science by any means and the film features borderline frat boy (read eyeroll) humor; but it also has loads of energy, splatter and warp speed laughs. There wasn't a beat to be missed. EDIT
Posted Nov 5, 2019
The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale (2019) Carolyn Mauricette You can't go wrong with a good zombie caper film, and first-time director Lee Min-Jae's great script is full of dry humour and lots of heart. EDIT
Posted Nov 5, 2019
Mutant Blast (2018) Carolyn Mauricette Mutant Blast nutty splatter fest also conveys a sense of environmental urgency without being preachy. EDIT
Posted Nov 5, 2019
8 (2019) Carolyn Mauricette While there's no denying the technical skill and beauty of 8, stories like this need to be told by those who live the culture, not the observer. EDIT
Posted Nov 5, 2019
A The Cave (2019) Courtney Small A powerful tale of bravery, compassion and resilience, The Cave is a remarkable film. EDIT
Posted Nov 1, 2019
B Motherless Brooklyn (2019) Courtney Small While Norton's slick noir crackles with intrigue it also feels unnecessarily bloated. EDIT
Posted Oct 31, 2019
B Dolor y gloria (2019) Courtney Small Pain and Glory does not quite reach the heights of Almodóvar's best works. However, there is still plenty to enjoy here. EDIT
Posted Oct 25, 2019
B Homewrecker (2019) Courtney Small Homewrecker is a delightfully twisted tale of obsession that is full of surprises. EDIT
Posted Oct 23, 2019
Imitation of Life (1934) Courtney Small A fascinating exploration of family bonds in the face of societal prejudices. EDIT
Posted Oct 21, 2019
Lime Kiln Club Field Day (1913) Courtney Small Offering a fascinating look into the past, watching Lime Kiln Club Field Day in the way it was originally intended was truly a magical experience. EDIT
Posted Oct 17, 2019
B MS Slavic 7 (2019) Courtney Small MS Slavic 7 is a work of art that one absorbs and meditates on. Bohdanowicz plays with the cinematic medium in ways that subvert typical conventions. EDIT
Posted Oct 12, 2019
C- In the Tall Grass (2019) Courtney Small Deep in the dense grass that surrounds the plot of Vincenzo Natali's In the Tall Grass is a spectacular horror film. Unfortunately, one gets lost trying to find it. EDIT
Posted Oct 9, 2019
A- Human Nature (2019) Courtney Small An engaging and thought-provoking film, Human Nature is a necessary conversation starter. EDIT
Posted Oct 4, 2019
A- Monos (2019) Courtney Small A tension filled experience that grabs viewers by the throat and does not let go. EDIT
Posted Sep 26, 2019
A Uncut Gems (2019) Courtney Small Sandler delivers a tour de force performance in one of the year's best films. EDIT
Posted Sep 20, 2019
A Marriage Story (2019) Courtney Small Offering a blisteringly honest portrayal of the stress and pain divorce causes, Baumbach masterfully forces us to wallow in the couple's uncomfortableness. EDIT
Posted Sep 19, 2019
A Jojo Rabbit (2019) Courtney Small Taika Waititi's Jojo Rabbit skillfully walks a tightrope that few films can. It is both a hilarious World War II satire and a deeply moving coming-of-age drama. EDIT
Posted Sep 19, 2019
B 1982 (2019) Courtney Small Mouaness effectively captures the slow erosion of innocence. EDIT
Posted Sep 19, 2019
B Just Mercy (2019) Courtney Small Cretton's biopic succeeds in giving deep emotional weight to its portrait of the earlier years in Stevenson's accomplished career. EDIT
Posted Sep 17, 2019
A A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019) Courtney Small A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood effectively captures the goodness that Rogers saw in everyone. EDIT
Posted Sep 17, 2019
A Knives Out (2019) Courtney Small Knives Out is a fun and intelligent whodunnit that will keep you guessing to the very end. EDIT
Posted Sep 17, 2019
B+ Blood Quantum (2019) Courtney Small Blood Quantum is proof that the zombie genre still has plenty of unique stories to tell. EDIT
Posted Sep 14, 2019
A Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019) Courtney Small A work of art that is equally beautiful and heartbreaking, Portrait of a Lady on Fire is an exquisite love story. EDIT
Posted Sep 14, 2019
B+ () Courtney Small The Lost Okoroshi is an enchanting film that solidifies Makama as a unique cinematic voice. EDIT
Posted Sep 12, 2019
B+ The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open (2019) Courtney Small A slow burn that packs a powerful emotional punch. EDIT
Posted Sep 12, 2019
C- () Courtney Small Though Nina Hoss delivers a stirring performance, the film's message gets tangled in its own messy notes. EDIT
Posted Sep 12, 2019
B- () Courtney Small The Last Porno Show captures the damaging impact that fathers, even those with good intentions, can have on their sons. EDIT
Posted Sep 12, 2019