Day 4: 8:00 AM-9:00 AM


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Police arrive on the scene to find that Heller (William Devane) and Audrey (Kim Raver) have been taken prisoner by the terrorists, while Richard (Logan Marshall-Green) hides in the house. Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) asks Driscoll (Alberta Watson) to reinstate him, but she wants to detain him for torturing Sherek. Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) confides in Jack, telling him about Driscoll's mishandling of Andrew's call. She calls Andrew, who tells her that everyone in his office has been murdered, and the terrorists are after him. Unaware that a terrorist, Kalil Hasan (Anil Kumar), has cloned Andrew's cell and is listening in, Jack tells Andrew that he'll come to pick him up at Union Station in 30 minutes. Jack confronts Driscoll about ignoring Andrew's call, and demands to be reinstated, or he won't tell her where they've arranged to meet. Driscoll agrees to reinstate him temporarily, but insists that he work under Ronnie (Shawn Doyle). They head to the station, but Kalil gets there first, and pretends to be Jack in order to lure Andrew away. Meanwhile, at the Araz home, Behrooz (Jonathan Ahdout) is still in contact with his American girlfriend, Debbie (Leighton Meester), despite his parents' demand that he break things off. He goes on a crucial errand for Navi (Nestor Serrano), bringing the mysterious briefcase to the compound where (unbeknownst to Behrooz) Heller and Audrey are being held. Debbie, mistakenly thinking he's involved with another girl, follows him and is spotted by one of the terrorists. Behrooz later tells his father that Debbie didn't see anything incriminating, but Navi insists that he invite Debbie over to their house. As the hour closes, the terrorists blast the entire Internet with video of the captured Secretary of Defense, and explain that he'll be publicly tried for his crimes against humanity.


Day 4: 8:00 AM-9:00 AM Photos