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A sexy, high-octane thrill ride filled with espionage, intrigue and cliffhangers. It chronicles the adventures of operative Sydney Bristow as she battles shadowy intelligence agencies, along with some seriously twisted family members. During season 2, executive producer J.J. Abrams abandoned the double-agent angle, then revived it in the fourth year after the arrival of Syd's half-sister and the show's move from a ratings-challenged Sunday slot to a plush post-Lost perch on Wednesdays.


Jennifer Garner
as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin
as Sloane
Victor Garber
as Jack Bristow
Kevin Weisman
as Marshall
Evan Dexter Parke
as Charlie Bernard
Amy Irving
as Emily Sloane
Joey Slotnick
as CIA Agent Steven Haladki
Gina Torres
as Anna Espinosa
James Handy
as CIA Director Devlin
Carl Lumbly
as Marcus Dixon
Ken Olin
as David McNeil
Angus Scrimm
as Agent McCullough
Miguel Sandoval
as SD-6 Agent Anthony Russek
Elaine Kagan
as Litvack
Patricia Wettig
as Judy Barnett
Quentin Tarantino
as McKenas Cole
John Hannah
as Shepard
Natasha Pavlovich
as Irina Derevko
Keone Young
as Prof. Choy
Wolf Muser
as Ramon Veloso
Peter Berg
as Noah Hicks
Quentin Tarantino
as McKenas Cole
Don Took
as Agent Grey
Tobin Bell
as SD-6 Agent Carl Dryer
Agnes Bruckner
as Kelly McNeil
Lori Heuring
as Kate Jones
Edward Atterton
as Danny Hecht
Eugene Lazarev
as K-Directorate Agent Kreshnik
Ben Bray
as Tchen
Ric Young
as Interrogator
Yvonne Farrow
as Diane Dixon
Nancy Wetzel
as Amy Tippin
Roger Moore
as Edward Poole
Paul Lieber
as Bentley Calder
Arabella Holzbog
as Sydney's Mom
Terry O'Quinn
as Mr. Kendall
Tom Everett
as CIA Agent Paul Kelvin
Mark Rolston
as Lambert
Subash Kundanmal
as Dhiron Patel
Scott Vance
as Security Section Agent #1
Greta Sesheta
as CIA Receptionist
Jeff Chase
as Bodyguard
Scott Paulin
as Robert Stoller
Jay Gerber
as Prof. Mizzy
Nancy Dussault
as Helen Calder
Norbert Weisser
as Jeroen Schiller
Allison Dean
as Stella Campbell
Joseph Ruskin
as Alain Christophe
Tony Amendola
as SD-6 Agent Barcelo
Francesco Quinn
as Minos Sakkoulas
John Simmons
as FBI Officer
Stephen Spinella
as Mr. Kishell
Alex Kuz
as Shcherbakov
Bob Clendenin
as Kostia Bergman
Tony Sears
as SD-6 Agent
Kirk B.R. Woller
as Exterminator
Boris Krutonog
as Igor Sergei Valenko
Peter Dennis
as Prof. Bloom
Ravil Isyanov
as Karpachev
David St. James
as Mr. Franco
Kamala Dawson
as Dr. Lemon
Scotch Ellis Loring
as Agent Gordon
Ray Laska
as Floor Manager
Lisa Dinkins
as FBI Agent Barker
Kevin E. West
as CIA Officer Logan
Bryan Rasmussen
as Off. Cohen
Stephen Liska
as Ilyich Ivankov
Jon Curry
as Phillips
Frank Hoyt Taylor
as FBI Agent Dunn
Mark Golasso
as Ed Davis
Adzine Melliti
as Bodyguard #1
Carole Gutierrez
as Laura Stensen
Maurice Godin
as SD-6 Agent Fisher
James Hong
as Maitre D'
Robert Baley, Jr.
as Dixon's Son
James Warwick
as Driscoll
Patrick Pankhurst
as Brendan Dahlgren
Tim Halligan
as Dr. Mallaska
Conrade Gamble
as Bodyguard
Richard F. Whiten
as Off. Pollard
Michael Halsey
as Prof. Hoyt
John Storey
as CIA Officer
Duane Journey
as Sniper Team Leader
Ming Lo
as Agent
Neil Dickson
as John Smythe
Luis Medino
as Eduardo
Richard F. Whitten
as Off. Pollard
Xavier J. Nathan
as French Officer
Sam Ayers
as Man on Phone
Erica Inez
as Hotel Manager
Christopher Grey
as Security Guard
Kenneth Nan
as UCO Host
Raymond Ma
as Taiwanese Businessman
Randy Mulkey
as Navy Seal
Nameer El-Kadi
as Algo Saibi
Kaline Carr
as Franco's Assistant
Miguel Nájera
as Agent Gonzalez
James Lew
as Quan Li
Allen Williams
as Sen. Mark Townsend
Randy Hall
as Security Agent #1
Joe Toppe
as Security Officer
Lilyan Chauvin
as Signora Ventutti
Alonzo Paz
as Lead Security Officer
Clint E. Lilley
as Patel's Bodyguard
Maurice Irvin
as Man in the Couple
Philip Tan
as Taiwanese Security Officer
Tristin Mays
as Dixon's Daughter
Lawrence Lowe
as Security Agent #2
Anya Matanovic
as Opera Student
Cosimo Fusco
as Logan Gerace
Frank Patton
as Roulette Dealer
Tom Waite
as Guard #1
Joseph Vassallo
as Vatican Station Chief
Bobby Rodgers
as Reverend
Emily Wachtel
as Beth at Airline Counter
John Fletcher
as 1st Card Player
Hamilton Mitchell
as 2nd Card Player
Alex Veadow
as K-Directorate Officer
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Critic Reviews for Alias: Season 1

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Abrams directs stunning action scenes, and he develops a shadowy world of long-term potential.

January 23, 2018 | Full Review…

Alias is so captivating because the actors and the writers make you believe in the characters, the situations and the jeopardy.

October 4, 2017 | Full Review…

By the time the exciting pilot was done, Alias had established itself as a drama where nothing is written in ink, much less set in stone.

November 14, 2017 | Full Review…

It's ... a little too long and too confusing, especially for anyone accustomed to linear storytelling.

August 16, 2017 | Full Review…

... I am, like, awesomely smitten.

February 2, 2018 | Full Review…

Created and directed by Felicity's J.J. Abrams ... Alias exhibits an assured artistic style without crossing into the artsy/phony territory of NBC's UC: Undercover. Alias has no pretensions to anything but entertainment.

January 5, 2018 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Alias: Season 1

From J.J. Abrams comes the exciting, action-packed spy-thriller Alias. Season 1 follows a covert spy named Sydney Bristow who works for a black ops division of the CIA named SD6, but when they kill her fiancé for knowing too much she learns that SD6 is actually a rogue terrorist agency; which leads her to become a double agent for the real CIA in order to take down SD6, and she soon discovers that her estranged father is also a double agent working for the CIA. Jennifer Garner is brilliantly cast as Sydney, giving an incredibly versatile performance that allows her to play a vast array of characters. And the writers do an extraordinary job at building the seasonal story arcs and at creating riveting episode cliffhangers. The fight choreography and music are also especially well-done and add a lot of energy to the show. Plus, the show features a number of impressive guest stars, including Terry O'Quinn, Gina Torres, Peter Berg, Quentin Tarantino, and Roger Moore. A groundbreaking series that reinvents the spy genre for the 21st century, Alias delivers an exceptional first season.


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