All in the Family (1971 - 1979)

All in the Family

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The groundbreaking, multi-Emmy-winning sitcom about bigoted Archie Bunker ended TV's innocence. Its protagonist was simultaneously lovable and pathetic and, series creator Norman Lear said, `the bigger-than-life epitome of something that's in all of us, like it or not.' The series premiered on CBS on Jan. 12, 1971, changed its title to `Archie Bunker's Place' in 1979 and ran on the network until 1983. It spun off the successful `Maude,' `The Jeffersons' and `Good Times.'

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1978, CBS, 24 episodes

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1977, CBS, 24 episodes

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1976, CBS, 25 episodes

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1975, CBS, 24 episodes

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1974, CBS, 23 episodes

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1973, CBS, 24 episodes

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1972, CBS, 24 episodes

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1971, CBS, 24 episodes

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1971, CBS, 13 episodes


Carroll O'Connor
as Archie Bunker
Jean Stapleton
as Edith Bunker
Sally Struthers
as Gloria Bunker Stivic
Rob Reiner
as Mike Stivic
Mike Evans
as Lionel Jefferson
Isabel Sanford
as Louise Jefferson
Sherman Hemsley
as George Jefferson
Mel Stewart
as Henry Jefferson
Betty Garrett
as Irene Lorenzo
Vincent Gardenia
as Frank Lorenzo
Billy Halop
as Bert Munson
Brendon Dillon
as Tommy Kelsey
Bob Hastings
as Tommy Kelsey
Burt Mustin
as Justin Quigley
Allan Melvin
as Barney Hefner
Danielle Brisebois
as Stephanie Mills
Liz Torres
as Teresa Betancourt
Jason Wingreen
as Harry Snowden
Danny Dayton
as Hank Pivnik
Sorrell Booke
as Lyle Bennett
Lori Shannon
as Beverly
Gloria Le Roy
as Bobbi Jo Loomis
Estelle Parsons
as Dolores Fensil
Clyde Kusatsu
as Rev. Chong
Michael Mann
as Rev. Harris
Barnard Hughes
as Father Majeski
Jack Grimes
as Whitehead
George Wyner
as Dr. Shapiro
Connie Sawyer
as Mrs. McNab
Peggy Rea
as Bertha
Vinnette Carroll
as Dr. Thatcher
Richard McKenzie
as Alfred Bunker
Frank Campanella
as Det. Sgt. Perkins
Michael Pataki
as Det. Sgt. Roselli
Jack Somack
as Tony Vicino
Rae Allen
as Amelia
Hollis Irving
as Clara Weidermeyer
Marcia Rodd
as Marilyn
Cory Miller
as Joey Stivic
Vinette Carroll
as Dr. Wynell Thatcher
Norma Donaldson
as Ms. Watson
Phil Leeds
as Kleeger
Ron Vernan
as Doctor
Arny Freeman
as Watkins
Angela Clarke
as Mrs. Dillon
K Callan
as Veronica
Maxine Elliott
as Mrs. Bradley
Richard Stahl
as Marshall
Val Bisoglio
as Ralph Silvestri
John Brandon
as Policeman No. 1
Bill Quinn
as Blind Man
Bella Chronis
as Mrs. Freedman
Ray Colella
as Policeman No. 2
Gerald Hiken
as Frank Edwards
Jay Gerber
as Harry Moss
Howard Morton
as Ernie Grambling
Bill Macy
as Walter
Merie Earle
as Florence
Abbey Lincoln
as Laura Grant
Ben Slack
as Floyd
Charlotte Rae
as Miss Lillian Henderson
John Harkins
as Gordon Fairchild
Ed Peck
as Man On Phone
Edith Diaz
as Mrs. Mendoza
Louis Guss
as Deliveryman
Robert Gibbons
as Man At the Door
Sudie Bond
as Mrs. Stipic
William Windom
as Eddie Frazier
Jack Weston
as Zaky Girgis
Nedra Volz
as Aunt Iola
Judy Kahan
as Lorraine
Dolores Sutton
as Norene Hammer
Salem Ludwig
as Rabinowitz
Jon Korkes
as Bradford
John Zaremba
as Anesthetist
Bibi Osterwald
as Mrs. Henshaw
Wynn Irwin
as Howard
Santos Morales
as Ticket Agent
David Soul
as Szabo Daborba
Hector Elias
as Alfredo Estrada
Tim O'Connor
as Roy Johnson
Robert Guillaume
as Dr. Franklin
David Downing
as John Kasten
Neva Patterson
as Ms. Maloney
Jon Silo
as Doctor
Jeanie Linero
as Waitress
Gregory Sierra
as Paul Benjamin
Joe George
as Joe Duffy
Francine Beers
as Sybil Gooley
Paulene Myers
as Judge MacKenzie
Gene Blakely
as Dr. Shapiro
as Mrs. Thomas
Mike Kellin
as Bummie Fensil
Elissa Leeds
as Fred's Wife
Zara Cully
as Mother Jefferson
Sid Clute
as Strinski
Franklin Cover
as Tom Willis
Diane Shalet
as Sheila Tishman
Herb Voland
as Ed Bradley
Allan Rich
as Gallery Manager
Doris Singleton
as Mrs. Stonehurst
Joe Mantell
as Sidney Schwartz
Judith Kahan
as Lorraine
Marcie Barkin
as Telephone Girl
Jack Crowder
as Chester Byrd
Ann Summers
as Dr. McKenzie
Jane Dulo
as Nurse
Allan Lurie
as Sgt. Thompson
Macintyre Dixon
as Mr. Hanlon
Michael McGuire
as Charlie Hammer
Eileen Brennan
as Miss McCarthy
Liam Dunn
as Fairchild
Ruth Manning
as Aunt Rose
John Zoller
as Dr. Ferguson
Lee Bergere
as Dean Winslow
Eliza Roberts
as Receptionist
Bill Hunt
as Dr. Rushton
Alan Hamel
as Ricky Buffano
Jane Rose
as Aunt Clara
Ken Menard
as Willie Johnson
Raul Mancada
as Gonzalez
Milton Selzer
as Dr. Goldstein
Rod Loomis
as Charlie
Frank E. Ford
as Fred Frouge
Phyllis Avery
as Sister Theresa
Robert Mandan
as Victor Morrison
Nelson Welch
as Mr. Ward
Greg Mabrey
as Dr. Culver
John Putch
as Boy Scout
Roxie Roker
as Helen Willis
Tom Middleton
as Asst. Director
John Finnegan
as Moriarity
Ida Mae McKenzie
as Mrs. Edwards
Bernie West
as Repairman
Renny Temple
as David Brewster
Roi Loomis
as Charlie
Richard Lawson
as Angry Black Man
Lynn Moody
as Jennie Willis
Gerry Black
as Conductor
Owen Bush
as Charley
Frank Whiteman
as Policeman
Victor Argo
as Alfredo Estrada
Ernie Brown
as Mitchell
Ellen Travolta
as Secretary
Joel Frederick
as Fireman No. 1
Diana Hale
as Receptionist
Leslie Ackerman
as Sharyn Ramsey
Harry Davis
as Kleeger
Colin Hamilton
as Man No. 1
Lynne Moody
as Jenny Willis
Paul Benedict
as Harry Bentley
Kim Hamilton
as Helen Willis
David Byrd
as Hoffman
Berlinda Tolbert
as Jenny Willis
Charles Hallahan
as Officer Harrison
Eleanor Urcan
as Mrs. Mitchell
Fred Rolaf
as Fireman No. 2
Herbie Faye
as Delivery Man
Mike Wagner
as Leonard
Thad Geer
as David Harper
Tyler McVey
as Man No. 2
Sam Solito
as Kleever
Will B. Able
as Rev. Mr. Belcher
Gracia Lee
as Mrs. Kleever
Fay DeWitt
as Mrs. Haskell
Charles Aidman
as Louis Willis
Vanda Barra
as Doctor's Wife
John O'Connell
as Attendant
Eddie Goldberg
as Elderly Man
Raymond O'Keefe
as Man No. 2
Bob Duggan
as Audio Man
Al Mancini
as Pickpocket
Paul Larson
as Customer
Eddie Carroll
as Bartender
Joe Petrullo
as Drinker
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