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The third installment of HBO's acclaimed fact-based WWII miniseries, Band of Brothers, is entitled "Carentan," and details Easy Company's involvement with wresting control of the eponymous French town from the Germans. The town is critical strategically, because it is where the forces from Utah Beach and Omaha Beach will link up before moving further inland. The gritty, gore-splattered episode was directed by Mikael Salomon (Hard Rain) and written by E. Max Frye (Something Wild). It begins as a few soldiers from Easy, still lost after the chaotic night jump into Normandy, come across Private Albert Blithe (Marc Warren), standing alone in a field, staring into space. As the soldiers start discussing the skirmishes they've been in, and displaying the grim souvenirs they've obtained, Blithe is nervously evasive. He later hears some soldiers discussing rumors about Lieutenant Speirs (Matthew Settle), who has joined Easy Company. Some have heard that he cold-bloodedly murdered some German POWs (an incident shown in the previous episode). There is also a rumor that Speirs shot one of his own men for drinking. When the troops reach Carentan, they find the Germans waiting. There is a bloody fight for the town, and Blithe panics and collapses. The Germans, outnumbered, begin to retreat. Blithe is examined by a medic, who finds nothing wrong with him, despite his claim that he can't see. Lieutenant Winters (Damian Lewis) has a few compassionate words with him, and Blithe recovers. Winters knows the Germans will try to retake the town, so Easy Company waits in the trenches, to attack the similarly entrenched Germans at first light. That night, one soldier mistakenly bayonets another from the company, and the panicky Blithe, perhaps unwisely, tells Speirs of his inability to fight.


Damian Lewis
as Richard Winters
Rick Warden
as Harry F. Welsh
Ron Livingston
as Lewis Nixon
Neal McDonough
as Lynn D. `Buck' Compton
Donnie Wahlberg
as C. Carwood Lipton
Marc Warren
as Albert Blithe
Nicholas Aaron
as Robert E. `Popeye' Wynn
Doug Allen
as Alton M. More
Philip Barantini
as Wayne A. `Skinny' Sisk
Ben Caplan
as Walter S. `Smokey' Gordon Jr.
Doug Cockle
as Father John Maloney
Michael Cudlitz
as Denver `Bull' Randleman
Dexter Fletcher
as John W. Martin
Ezra Godden
as Robert van Klinken
Rick Gomez
as George Luz
Scott Grimes
as Donald G. Malarkey
Nigel Hoyle
as Leo Boyle
Mark Huberman
as Lester `Leo' Hashey
Frank John Hughes
as William J. Guarnere
Adam James
as Cleveland O. Petty
Robin Laing
as Edward J. `Babe' Heffron
Mark Lawrence
as William H. Dukeman Jr.
Matthew Leitch
as Floyd M. `Tab' Talbert
James Madio
as Frank J. Perconte
Tim Matthews
as Alex M. Penkala Jr.
Peter McCabe
as Donald B. Hoobler
Ross McCall
as Joseph D. Liebgott
Phil McKee
as Maj. Robert L. Strayer
Rene L. Moreno
as Joseph Ramirez
Bart Ruspoli
as Edward J. Tipper
Matthew Settle
as Ronald C. Speirs
Douglas Spain
as Antonio C. Garcia
Richard Speight Jr
as Warren H. `Skip' Muck
Shane Taylor
as Eugene G. Roe
Peter Youngblood Hills
as Darrell C. `Shifty' Powers
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