Battle Creek: Season 1 (2015)

Season 1
Battle Creek

Critics Consensus

Battle Creek doesn't reinvent the wheel as a police procedural, but it distinguishes itself with biting humor and a darker tone than most network shows.



Critic Ratings: 47


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User Ratings: 468

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Air date: Mar 1, 2015

The jaded Det. Russ Agnew reluctantly partners with charming FBI agent Milt Chamberlain to solve a drug-related double homicide in the premiere of this drama, which follows their rocky relationship as they employ very different tactics when solving crimes in the down-and-out-streets of Battle Creek, Mich.

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Air date: Mar 8, 2015

Milt and Russ go undercover as distillers to solve the murder of a victim drowned in maple syrup; at the same time, Font wages his own personal war against his medical-marijuana provider.

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Air date: Mar 15, 2015

Cookie the police dog sniffs out a stash of heroin in a little girl's backpack, leading Russ and Milt to search for evidence to back their competing theories as to where the drugs came from and why she had them. Elsewhere, Jacocks does some digging into the reason Milt has been sent to Battle Creek while she's in Detroit for a training seminar.

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Air date: Mar 22, 2015

The murder of a local waitress is investigated by Russ and Milt, who pit the skills of their crime-solving police dogs against each other as they work the case. Meanwhile, Russ decides to employ a new tactic to get Milt to admit what has brought him to Battle Creek.

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Air date: Mar 29, 2015

Cdr. Guziewicz narrowly escapes when her house is burned down by an unknown arsonist. As the Battle Creek Police Department investigate, Russ and Milt question a variety of suspects, including a string of ex-lovers and the commander's own estranged son. Meanwhile, Russ is determined to find out who sent Holly a gift.

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Air date: Apr 5, 2015

Russ and Milt work to identify a would-be assassin, and at the same time protect his prospective target after an attempt is made on the life of the fun-loving mayor of Battle Creek during the city's annual Breakfast Day celebration.

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Air date: Apr 12, 2015

Russ is forced to turn to the last person he wants help from during the course of a murder investigation when he reaches out to his mother, a convicted counterfeiter and con artist who he doesn't exactly trust.

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Air date: Apr 26, 2015

Milt finds himself caught in the middle of Cdr. Guziewicz's personal life when her adopted son, Danny, goes behind her back to ask him to investigate whether the man jailed for the murder of his birth parents really did it.

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Air date: May 3, 2015

Russ helps Font investigate his hunch that one of the FBI's most-wanted fugitives is hiding in Battle Creek, even though Milt insists that the man died months earlier.

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Air date: May 10, 2015

Milt and the Battle Creek P.D. work overtime to locate and rescue Russ after he is taken hostage by an escaped convict.

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Tv Season Info

This comedy-drama follows the rocky relationship between Russ Agnew (Dean Winters), a police detective in Battle Creek, Mich., and FBI agent Milton Chamberlain (Josh Duhamel), who arrives from Detroit to open a new field office. The pair hit the ground running when a double-homicide connected to a local drug trade rocks the small town. From there, the two encounter cases involving murder and drug trafficking, but find themselves as targets when someone from Chamberlain's past threatens both of their lives.

Cast & Crew

Josh Duhamel
Milton Chamberlain
Dean Winters
Russ Agnew
Janet McTeer
Commander Guziewicz
Kal Penn
Fontanelle White
Aubrey Dollar
Holly Dale
Edward Fordham Jr.
Aaron Funkhauser
Damon Herriman
Detective Niblet
Liza Lapira
Erin Jacocks
David Warshofsky
Agent Bromberg
Meredith Eaton
Meredith Oberling
Dustin Ybarra
Teddy the Snitch
April Grace
Dr. Jackson
Jayne Taini
Mrs. Seymour
Dan Bakkedahl
Barclay Spades
Julie Pearl
D.A. Perlmutter
Vince Gilligan
Executive Producer
David Shore
Executive Producer
Mark Johnson
Executive Producer
Bryan Singer
Executive Producer
Russel Friend
Danny Weiss
Oz Scott
Andrew Bernstein
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Critic Reviews for Battle Creek Season 1

Audience Reviews for Battle Creek: Season 1

  • Jul 14, 2020
    Great acting, fun to watch, original. Lot better than most of the crap out there. Want more episodes!!!
  • Jan 21, 2020
    I watched the show mainly because of Dean Winters and found out I'm a fan not only of him but of Josh Duhamel too. The series has its qualities and Russ Agnew made me laugh so many times, but let me tell you what is not funny: kindergarten jokes at the expense of fat people. It's old already, it's a cliché and cruel, although they make it seem like it's no big deal. One of Funk's colleagues was amazed how fast he ran...really? Let's stop with this stereotypes and start making intelligent humor. There are thin folks who cannot stand 5 min of exercise and there are fat ones who are even athletes... In a nutshell, always portraying the fat guy as lazy and a cake lover is silly.
  • Nov 19, 2019
    How could they cancel this show? Let's break down what the show did right. AllState Mayhem Guy being himself ✅ Harold/Kutner/Seth/Raj who makes everything better ✅ Perfect cocktail of intelligence and toxic masculinity ✅ Great partner chemistry ✅ Funny but not overly so. Threads the needle between Blue Bloods and Brooklyn 99 ✅ Again: AllState Mayhem Guy just balling out ✅ I don't get how this only goes 13 episodes while something like Burn Notice lasts for 6 years. Where's the faith?!
  • Aug 30, 2018
    I watched the whole series of 13 episodes because Vince Gilligan created it (Breaking Bad's creator). The raging jealousy of detective Russ ruined the show for me, though. He was always heckling and hassling the FBI guy Milt because Milt was so handsome and popular. This was supposed to be comedic, but I found it irritating. The plots were good otherwise.
  • Jun 19, 2018
    another show that was canceled before its time. always such a bummer when you get into a show and they shut it down before it even takes off. wish they would bring it back!
  • Jan 21, 2018
    Great show...they should of kept it going.
  • Dec 01, 2016
    I love and miss it!!!!
  • May 23, 2016
    It's interesting enough for a season, and Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters are good enough together, but I don't think it would have lasted longer, and I'm not surprised it was cancelled.
  • Mar 05, 2016
    Never made it past the Episode 1 office shot showing 12 males in suits and 1 hottie in a mini-skirt. At that point I decided it wasn't intended for any woman with a brain.
  • Feb 05, 2016
    Truly excellent - great character development, interesting relationships, just the right blend of comedy and drama. Really sad this did not go to Season 2, 3, 4 and on.....

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