A Measure of Salvation


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Upon discovering a Cylon baseship adrift in the Lion's Head nebula, Apollo and Athena investigate and discover that a mysterious virus has decimated the Cylon crew. The few remaining Cylon survivors are rushed back to the Battlestar , where Doc Cottle develops a vaccine that can curb the effects of the virus with frequent injections. The prospect of being cured ultimately proves too much for sick Cylon Simon to deny, and in desperation he soon tells the Galactica crew everything he knows about Baltar's role in helping the Cylons find Earth. But back in the Cylon fleet, D'Anna and Caprica Six now believe that Baltar is leading the Cylons into the Nebula in hopes that they will become infected and die -- subsequently torturing him in hopes of eliciting a confession. Meanwhile, on the Battlestar , Lee Adama hatches an ingenious plan to decimate the Cylons by drifting into close range with a Cylon resurrection ship and killing the infected prisoners so that the disease will spread to the fleet when they download to new bodies. No doubt it's a brilliant plan, but is it a morally sound one?


Edward James Olmos
as Adm. William Adama
Mary McDonnell
as President Laura Roslin
Katee Sackhoff
as Capt. Kara `Starbuck' Thrace
Jamie Bamber
as Maj. Lee `Apollo' Adama
James Callis
as Dr. Gaius Baltar
Tricia Helfer
as Number Six/Caprica
Grace Park
as Lt. Sharon `Athena' Valerii
Tahmoh Penikett
as Capt. Karl `Helo' Agathon
Aaron Douglas
as CPO Galen Tyrol
Kandyse McClure
as Lt. Anastasia `Dee' Dualla
Alessandro Juliani
as Lt. Felix Gaeta
Lucy Lawless
as D'Anna Biers
Matthew Bennett
as Aaron Doral
Leah Cairns
as Lt. Margaret `Racetrack' Edmonson
Bodie Olmos
as Brendan `Hot Dog' Costanza
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