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Faith's (Eliza Dushku) new Watcher, Mrs. Gwendolyn Post (Serena Scott Thomas), arrives from England. She reveals that she is in Sunnydale not only to look after Faith, but also to stop the demon Lagos from acquiring the Glove of Mynegon -- a weapon. Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) -- who has not told anyone that Angel (David Boreanaz) is alive -- tells Angel about Lagos. Later, Xander (Nicholas Brendon) is shocked to find Angel carrying something out of the Von Hauptman family crypt -- the location Giles (Anthony Head) believes the Glove of Mynegon to be. Xander rats out Buffy's secret and consequently Mrs. Post encourages Faith to go kill Angel and Xander joins in. Meanwhile, Giles informs Mrs. Post about everything he knows about the glove's powers and how to destroy it -- and she promptly knocks him out. On their way to kill Angel, Xander and Faith discover Giles unconcious and assume it was Angel's doing. Then, at Angel's mansion, Faith is about to slay Angel when Mrs. Post puts on the Glove of Mynegon. Realizing Mrs. Post's true evil intentions, Faith and Buffy turn their attention on her.


Sarah Michelle Gellar
as Buffy Summers
Nicholas Brendon
as Xander Harris
Alyson Hannigan
as Willow Rosenberg
Anthony Head
as Rupert Giles
David Boreanaz
as Angel/Angelus
Serena Scott Thomas
as Gwendolyn Post
Kate Rodger
as Paramedic
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