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Buffy's (Sarah Michelle Gellar) got a real demon of a roommate at college. Not only is Kathy (Dagney Kerr) a neat freak who dates her milk in the fridge, but she also insists on following Buffy on her nightly slayer patrols. Things look better when Buffy meets-cute with Parker (Adam Kaufman), a seemingly nice upperclassman. Then, Kathy shows up wearing Buffy's sweater and proceeds to get ketchup all over it. Later, Buffy complains of having nightmares in which a demon forces her to eat blood and a scorpion. Her friends don't know what to think, especially after she shows them Kathy's toenail clippings that have kept growing -- proving that her roomate truly is a demon. Meanwhile, Oz (Seth Green) has his first whiff of Veruca (Paige Moss), a meeting that will lead to some hairy entanglements for everyone's favorite boy werewolf.


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