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Danny enlists her colleagues to help when her boyfriend, Gabriel, is arrested for being in the country illegally and threatened with deportation. Also, Bull represents a German national who is being sued by a museum over possession of a valuable painting.


Michael Weatherly
as Dr. Jason Bull
Freddy Rodriguez
as Benny Colón
Geneva Carr
as Marissa Morgan
Jaime Lee Kirchner
as Danny James
Annabelle Attanasio
as Cable McCrory
Chris Jackson
as Chunk Palmer
Robert Eli
as Geoffrey Schreiber
Jason Tottenham
as Wade Macintyre
Lucy Owen
as Tamara Ridenour
Thomas Lyons
as Tanner Duncan
Susan Blommaert
as Judge Hanlon
James Riordan
as Judge Wentworth
Tessa Kim
as Claudine
Rose Bianco
as Conseuelo
Meggie McKinnon
as Juror #16
Jason Kaufman
as David Stratton
Gabrielle Reidy
as Lisa Medina
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