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Critic Consensus: Castle's leads are certainly likable and fun to watch, but there's precious little beyond the banter to keep the series compelling.


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Air date: Mar 9, 2009
Air date: Mar 16, 2009
Air date: Mar 23, 2009
Air date: Mar 30, 2009
Air date: Apr 6, 2009
Air date: Apr 13, 2009
Air date: Apr 20, 2009
Air date: Apr 27, 2009
Air date: May 4, 2009
Air date: May 11, 2009

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In the first series of this crime drama, successful murder-mystery writer Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is asked to consult with the New York City police about a serial-killer case in which the murderer is reenacting scenes from Castle's books. He agrees, and he shares his insight with Det. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), the lead detective on the case. After the case is solved, Castle uses his friendship with the mayor to continue working with Beckett's team on additional cases. The benefits are mutual: His skills will help the police, and he will get to do research his next series of books centering on Det. Nikki Heat, a female protagonist inspired by Beckett. Beckett objects to the character's name and disapproves of the way Castle doesn't follow police protocol, but she realizes she's in no position to question the mayor's decision.


Nathan Fillion
as Richard Castle
Stana Katic
as Det. Kate Beckett
Susan Sullivan
as Martha Rodgers
Molly Quinn
as Alexis Castle
Ruben Santiago-Hudson
as Capt. Roy Montgomery
Tamala Jones
as Lanie Parish
Jon Huertas
as Det. Javier Esposito
Seamus Dever
as Det. Kevin Ryan
Bailey Chase
as Will Sorenson
Patrick Bauchau
as Caine Powell
Jayne Brook
as Claudia Peterson
Bruno Campos
as Calvin Creason
Dan Castellaneta
as Judge Markway
Bill Smitrovich
as Ben Davidson
Judy Reyes
as Theresa Candela
Caterina Scorsone
as Joanne Delgado
Ion Overman
as Candace Robinson
Michael Graziadei
as Brent Johnson
Sarah Drew
as Chloe Richardson
Francis Capra
as Juan Restrepo
Nick Chinlund
as Evan Mitchell
Joshua LeBar
as Jason Bollinger
Peter Jason
as Sheriff Sloan
Robert Picardo
as Clark Murray
Lisa Waltz
as Laurie Horn
Julian Acosta
as Alfred Candela
Channon Roe
as Kevin Henson
Dohn Norwood
as Charles Oni
Jonathan Banks
as Bruce Kirby
DeLane Matthews
as Jacey Goldberg
George Newbern
as Howard Peterson
Todd Waring
as Dave Ellers
Joe Marinelli
as Jimmy Moran
Jamie Chung
as Romy Lee
Alex Carter
as Michael Goldman
Monet Mazur
as Gina Cowel
Jillian Armenante
as Susan Mailer
Keir Dullea
as Jonathan Tisdale
Kunal Sharma
as Spencer
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Critic Reviews for Castle Season 1

All Critics (21) | Top Critics (13)

With Moonlighting and Murder, She Wrote as the dominant influences, Castle is predisposed to be formulaic and stale.

Mar 9, 2009 | Full Review…

Castle could be all kinds of fun.

Mar 9, 2009 | Full Review…

The flirty banter of Castle's main characters and the show's lighthearted tone provide a welcome change of pace for crime-show lovers.

Oct 9, 2018 | Full Review…

As I wrote in my original review, I still feel that Fillion warrants better than this -- he deserves his own action franchise. But if he's got to slum it for network television, at least we can be the beneficiaries.

Jun 14, 2018 | Full Review…

Castle is a fun mystery show that never takes itself too seriously, even when the characters are wading through a particularly grim crime scene.

Jun 14, 2018 | Rating: 8/10 | Full Review…

Castle might be meant to be breezy and light and, dare we say this in our current television climate, fun - but it's still hard to evaluate this show purely on its own merit knowing how good Fillion can really be when given expert material.

Aug 22, 2017 | Rating: 7.6/10 | Full Review…

What stifles Castle is its separation from the way real people speak and behave, its rat-a-tat dialogue more cartoon-y than enchanting.

Aug 22, 2017 | Full Review…

Fillion's performance is top-notch and his character's off-key relationship with his mother and daughter adds a charming element to the series that makes it more than the usual police procedural.

Mar 9, 2009 | Rating: 2.5/4 | Full Review…

The series uses that shockingly durable Remington Steele DNA - peacock dude, furrowed-brow femme - to build neat puzzles out of human suffering.

Mar 9, 2009 | Full Review…

Fillion is the main reason to watch Castle. Charming and witty, his character brings some fun to what's otherwise a fairly standard cop procedural.

Mar 9, 2009 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Castle: Season 1

OVERVIEW Richard Castle is a successful best-selling author, twice married and twice divorced, living in a spacious Manhattan condo with the single actress mother (Martha) who raised him and a bright teenage daughter (Alexis). He has money, toys, and rotating women, but he's bored. So bored in fact that he has killed off his best-selling character, Derrick Storm, a rogue prone to danger. Castle's looking for something new. Enter Kate Beckett, a strong forceful female homicide detective. The fact that she's also hot is irrelevant to her, but not to Castle. A serial killer is committing murders and staging them to look like kills from Castle's books, so Beckett needs to interview him. He's all play, she's all business. She doesn't think that he's likely involved, but she has to interview him anyway. Castle is hooked. He convinces the mayor to "let" him work the case as a consultant/advisor, much to Beckett's dismay, and the game is afoot. Castle helps solve the case, and the successful partnership continues so Castle can do research. As the opening narration reveals, every writer has his muse, and Castle thinks he's found his. He even bases a new character on her -- Nikki Heat. A strong forceful female homicide detective who works with a roguish mystery writer to solve cases. With a small difference -- in his books, the two are lovers, which Castle wants to replicate with Beckett. But like I said, she's all business. EPISODES THAT I LIKED The season premiere of the short 10-episode season was the best of the bunch. It established Castle as the bored playboy looking for something with more meaning and Beckett as the uber-serious detective in need of some enjoyment in her often-dark life. After that, prep school punks (E03), political intrigue with city council (E04), home invasions (E07), a link to an old eco-terrorism case (E08), and a child kidnapping (E09) are no match for Beckett and Castle, with Beckett grudgingly beginning to accept that Castle has something to offer besides annoying her. EPISODES THAT WERE WATCHABLE Episode 5 deals with a dead girl, found frozen but thawing, and while her story is interesting, the real contribution is you get to hear Beckett's origin story (how her mother was killed in an alley, nobody caught for the crime). It should have been awesome, it should have been riveting. But except for a couple of decent scenes, the episode was rather ho-hum. The last episode of the season looks at a dead surgeon and the mob, but again, except for a final scene or two near the end dealing with Beckett's mother's murder, the episode is rather lackluster. EPISODES THAT I DIDN'T LIKE Both episodes 2 and 6 are mostly odd...a dead nanny with a weird motive that comes out of nowhere, and voodoo killings that have nothing to do with voodoo. Plus some overwhelming backstory with Castle's ex-wife that is excruciating. They are definitely the weakest two of the season. EPISODE-BY-EPISODE REVIEW S01E01 Flowers for Your Grave - Castle wants new, and Beckett is certainly that 5/5 stars S01E02 Nanny McDead - Nanny dead, and no butler to blame 2/5 stars S01E03 Hedge Fund Homeboys - There's no honour among adolescent wanna-bes 4/5 stars S01E04 Hell Hath No Fury - Politics? Hookers? Murder? Just another day in NYC 4/5 stars S01E05 A Chill Goes Through Her Veins - Every story has a beginning, even Beckett's 3/5 stars S01E06 Always Buy Retail - Voodoo rituals and whirlwind Meredith? Both blow into town 2/5 stars S01E07 Home is Where the Heart Stops - Jewelry thieves, violence, and ball gowns 4/5 stars S01E08 Ghosts - Eco-terrorism, ghost writers, and poker showdowns...I'm all in 4/5 stars S01E09 Little Girl Lost - Child kidnapping, an ex-bf, and a stuffed bunny 4/5 stars S01E10 A Death in the Family - Send one hitman after another...oh, about your mother 3/5 stars THE BOTTOM LINE Beckett brings the serious, Castle makes it fun

The characters were same as the mentalist...

I'm actually catching this series in reruns. I didn't see it while it was airing. With that said, I enjoy this show. The characters are all likeable and the actors play them well. It's not exactly brain food, but when you want something lite, and not mentally taxing after work ... this kind of fits the bill.

Generic and boring with characters so STEREOTYPICAL that leave me with a sense of emptiness and despair. the storyline is a snooze-fest.

My favorite show of all time. Loved it tremendously and I'm still heart broken about it ending.

It is as about as challenging as Colombo but not as classic. I put this on if I can not sleep at night, no chance of missing anything crucial by falling asleep and yet entertaining enough.

What a TV show! I was looking for something which was serious, but had a humor value, and how lucky I was to come across Castle! This show has everything you need, an amazing actor, a flawless actress, and a great supporting cast. I really do have to credit Fillion's performance within the series, not only does his off screen characteristics help to build upon his on screen partnerships, but he such a charming person that you can really see this benefiting the people. I really do take my hat off to him. Now you can't talk about one and not the other! Stana Katic, where do I start? Beautiful and talented, this is probably one of the best on screen partnerships I have witnessed! This really isn't one to miss. If you like NCIS, CSI or any shows like this, this is well and truly better and more satisfying.

Castle isn't great and as with most shows, the later seasons are more blah then anything else but the first season with Fillion was, frankly, one of the most easily watchable shows on television.

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