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Popular Aaron Spelling-produced fantasy about three sexy sisters who happen to be witches living in the eerie San Francisco house where they grew up. Since each had different powers, they worked in tandem to fight evil and protect the innocent. Despite Shannen Doherty's much-publicized departure in 2000, the show continued to thrive, with Rose McGowan joining the cast as a long-lost sister.

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2005, WB, 22 episodes

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2004, WB, 22 episodes

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2003, WB, 23 episodes

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2002, WB, 23 episodes

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2001, WB, 22 episodes

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2000, WB, 22 episodes

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1999, WB, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Charmed has its charms with a trio of likable stars and a bewitching hook, but the series is let down by uninspired writing that fails to enchant.

1998, WB, 22 episodes


Shannen Doherty
as Prue Halliwell
Holly Marie Combs
as Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano
as Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan
as Paige Matthews
Terry W. King
as Insp. Andy Trudeau
Karis Paige Bryant
as Jenny Gordon
Greg Vaughan
as Dan Gordon
Neil Roberts
as Rex Buckland
Rebecca Balding
as Aunt Jackie
Jennifer Rhodes
as Penny "Grams" Halliwell
Finola Hughes
as Patty Halliwell
Eric Dane
as Jason Dean
James Read
as Victor Bennett
Jenya Lano
as Detective Sheridan
Kerr Smith
as Agent Brody
Cristine Rose
as Claire Pryce
Leigh-Allyn Baker
as Hannah Webster
Joel Sweto
as Avatar Alpha
Sandra Prosper
as Sheila Morris
Matt Schulze
as Dream Sorcerer
Billy Wirth
as Matthew Tate
Michael Weatherly
as Brendan Rowe
Nancy Moonves
as Prof. Whittlesey
Billy Wirth
as Matthew Tate
Billy Jayne
as Billy Waters
Alex McArthur
as Gabriel Statler
John Cho
as Mark Chao
Nancy Moonves
as Prof. Beth Whittlesey
David Netter
as Max Franklin
Anthony John Denison
as Victor Halliwell
Neil Roberts
as Rex Buckland
John Cho
as Mark Chao
Michael Philip
as Stefan/Javna
Jeff Kober
as Jackson Ward
Smash Mouth
as Themselves
Carlos Gomez
as Insp. Rodriguez
Nick Lachey
as Leslie St. Claire
Patrice Fisher
as Avatar Beta
Jesse Woodrow
as Glen Belland
Joel Swetow
as Avatar Alpha
Bennet Guillory
as The Source
David Greene
as Steve Montana
Todd Tucker
as Creeper Demon
Peter Woodward
as The Source
Ann Cusack
as Miss Donovan
J. Michael Flynn
as Benjamin Montana
Stacy Haiduk
as The Guardian
Steve Wilder
as Lucas Devane
Barbara Pilavin
as Older Brittany Reynolds
Brenda Bakke
as Soul Collector
Brad Tatum
as Mickey
Shannon Sturges
as Helena Statler
Jocelyn Seagrave
as Ashley Fallon
Betsy Randle
as Mrs. Winterbourne
Krista Allen
as The Oracle
Niki Bothelo
as Elf Nanny
Billy Zane
as Drake/Robin
Jason Simmons
as Wyatt (age 2)
Danny Woodburn
as Head Dwarf
Norman Reedus
as Nate Harper
Lee Coleman
as Braveheart
Googy Gress
as Spencer Ricks
Hawthorne James
as Demonic Healer
Collective Soul
as Themselves
Scott Plank
as Eric Lohmann
Elizabeth Gracen
as Vampire Queen
Ray Wise
as Ludlow
Rebekah Ryan
as Herself
Amy Laughlin
as Melissa
Joe Ho
as Tony Wong
Eddie Bowz
as Palmer
Chris Flanders
as Chef Moore
Barbara Stock
as Mrs. Spencer
Frances Bay
as Old Phoebe
Joseph Hodge
as Acolyte #1
Christina Carlisi
as Prof. Slotkin
Alex Mendoza
as Jack Manford
Cynthia King
as Brittany Reynolds
J. Robin Miller
as Skye Russell
Robert Gossett
as Gordon Franklin
Yancey Arias
as Inspector Cortez
Tony Amendola
as Dark Priest
Simon Templeman
as Angel of Death
Wes Ramsey
as Wyatt Halliwell
Jim O'Brien
as Reporter
The Donnas
as Themselves
Emmalee Thompson
as Young Prue
J. Karen Thomas
as Harriet Lane
Jaime Gómez
as Greg Conroy
Michael Des Barres
as Dark Priest
Dakin Matthews
as Angel of Destiny
Una Damon
as Dantalian
Mary-Pat Green
as Miss Hickhock
Luke Massey
as Acolyte #2
Raphael Sbarge
as Brent Miller
Richard Gant
as Elder Witch Doctor
Mark Chait
as Vicius
William McGuire
as Nick Corey
Bradford Tatum
as Mickey Jackson
Charles Chun
as Lawrence Beck
Lorna Raver
as Madame Theresa
Keith Diamond
as Inspector Davidson
Mongo Brownlee
as Luther Stubbs
Charlie Weber
as The Prince
M. Scott Wilkinson
as Paige's Father
Lori Alan
as Cynthia
Sherrie Rose
as Susan Trudeau
Todd Cattell
as Elliot Spencer
Lesli Margherita
as Ramona Shaw
Mark Aiken
as Dark Knight
Lou Beatty Jr.
as Darklighter #1
Bre Blair
as Brenda Casteel
Evan O'Meara
as Richard
Craig Thomas
as Alex Pearson
Joe Cappelletti
as Acolyte #3
Susan Chuang
as Monique
Tinsley Grimes
as Phoebe's Assistant
Kara Zediker
as Young Penny
Craig Thomas
as Alex Pearson
Lisa Darr
as Paige's Mother
James Hong
as Zen Master
Molly Hagan
as Karen Young
John Thaddeus
as Stan Provazolli
Bruce Campbell
as Agent Jackman
Damion Poitier
as Magi Warrior
Arnold Chon
as Samurai Warrior
Jordan Murphy
as Patron #1
Kirk Woller
as Cleaner No. 1
Gino Montesinos
as Van Driver
Larry Holden
as Manager
Dwier Brown
as Tyler's Foster Father
Shannon O'Hurley
as Angela Provazolli
Adam Hendershott
as The Shapeshifter
Terry Bozeman
as Arnold Halliwell
Caprice Benedetti
as Angel Guardian
John Rubinstein
as Dr. Berenson
Beth Orton
as Herself
Nynno Ahli
as Kazi Demon
James Black
as Swarm King
Evie Peck
as Maria
Mario Schugel
as Power Broker
Chris Sarandon
as Necromancer
Ryan Culver
as Dream Guy
Bruno Gioiello
as Darklighter #2
Donna Hardy
as Old Paige
Simon Brooke
as Grimlock
Will Kempe
as Demetrius
Laura Kelly
as Patron #2
Darin Cooper
as Cleaner No. 2
Alex Avant
as Car Driver
Maury Sterling
as Lord Dyson
Brandon Quinn
as Agent Murphy
Marcy Shelton
as Father Williams
Richard Gilbert-Hill
as Dr. Oliver Mitchell
Ashley Gardner
as Tyler's Foster Mother
Carel Struycken
as Giant Demon
Armando Pucci
as Wine Captain
Bruce Payne
as Order Leader
John Kassir
as Alchemist
Alan Wilder
as Dr. Randall
Susan Santiago
as Miss Henderson
Jayden Lund
as Little John
Gloria Le Roy
as Old Brenda Casteel
Kristen Miller
as Lady Godiva
Jeff Henry
as New Bodyguard
Frederick Koehler
as Necron's Lackey
Mark Povinelli
as Seamus Fitzpatrick
Gabriel Olds
as Mr. Right
Derrick McMillon
as Darklighter #3
Bodhi Elfman
as Kyle Donahue
Patrick Cassidy
as Allen Halliwell
Al Sapienza
as Johnny the Gent
Julian Bailey
as Copy Editor
Doug Budin
as Nerdy Demon
Michael Bergin
as Handsome Demon
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
as Spider Demon
Tom Schanley
as Swarm General #1
Blake Robbins
as Patrol Officer
Michael Milhoan
as Artie Casey
Stacy Reed
as Suzanne
Will Snow
as Vaklav
Glenn Morshower
as Agent Keyes
Aaron Lustig
as Dr. Harris
Christopher Cazenove
as Tribunal Demon #1
Brady Smith
as SWAT Commander
Alla Korot
as Margaret Henderson
Derek Anthony
as Swarm General #2
Paula Cole
as Herself
as Asian Alchemist
Danielle Bisutti
as Lady of the Lake
Erica Schaffer
as Anna Woods
Harve Presnell
as Capt. Black Jack Cutting
Lisa Arturo
as Michelle
Nils Allen Stewart
as Demon Bounty Hunter
James Horan
as Tribunal Demon #2
Tommy Smeltzer
as Quincy's Guardian
Nicholas Davidoff
as Sokol Leader
Sy Richardson
as Father Wilkins
Jill Small
as Celene
Tom Virtue
as Angry Man
David Goryl
as Ad Exec
Ely Pouget
as Harriet Casey
John Ross Bowie
as Wimpy White Lighter
Eddie Velez
as Detective
Jeanie Hackett
as Female Lawyer
Marco Kahn
as Thief #1
Tim Elwell
as Officer
Mandy Freund
as Female Fan
John Hillard
as Celebrity Demon #1
Patrick Bristow
as Avatar Alpha
Jeffrey Asch
as Wrong Guy
Bjorn Johnson
as Cranky Satyr
Ellis Williams
as Bus Driver
Michael Lee Gogin
as Gnome Professor
Will Collyer
as Lawrence
Angelo Tiffe
as Alan Yates
Bru Muller
as Policeman
Michael Dietz
as Christopher
Nicholas Cascone
as Inspector Miles
Ashlyn Sanchez
as Little Bianca
Nicole Basanda
as Valkyrie Trainer
Ricky Kurtz
as Young Kyle Brody
Kirk Ward
as Head Guard
Didi Sherman
as Hot Woman
Annie Wersching
as Demonatrix Two
Lou Richards
as Male Lawyer
Lamont Johnson
as Soul Blaster Demon
Joe Torrenueva
as Reporter #2
as Lazarus Demon
Samantha Goldstein
as Young Phoebe
Anthony De Sando
as Office Manager
Michael E. Rodgers
as 1st Mate Reznor
Eric Cohen
as Piano Player
Katie Wagner
as News Reporter
Wendy Phillips
as Sister Agnes
Kevin Grevioux
as Brute Demon
Anthony DeSando
as Office Manager
Dennis Flanagan
as Flashback Danny Mullen
Danneel Ackles
as Glamour Paige
Jernard Burks
as Security Guard
Rock Reiser
as Reporter #3
Russell Edge
as 1st Security Guard
Neil Giraldo
as Himself
Lisa Kushell
as Tour Guide
David Hugghins
as Armored Car Driver
Jon Hamm
as Jack Brody
Lyne Odums
as Female Elder
Kim Little
as Carol Grisanti
Ken Page
as Tribunal Elder
Steve Gibbons
as Shapeshifter
Sonje Fortag
as Ugly Witch
Michael Storer
as Sawmill Worker
David Anders
as Count Roget
Steve Cell
as Apprentice Demon
Jessica Steen
as Ruth Brody
Becki Newton
as Glamour Piper
Ralph Meyering Jr.
as Judge Hendricks
Beans Morocco
as Elderly Man
Sian Heder
as Mom #2
David A. May
as French Waiter
John Bisom
as Confederate Soldier
James Patric Moran
as Young Black Jack
Danielle Savre
as Glamour Phoebe
Tara Platt
as The Muse
Sam Rubin
as Movie Critic
as Doctor
Art Frankel
as Old Magician
Bill Smille
as Husband
David Ramsey
as Upper Lever Demon
Dan Lemieux
as Soldier
Jason Lasater
as Band Manager
Claire Rankin
as Paula Marks
Chris Gann
as Navy Stunt
Eddie Kehler
as Coroner
Gwendolyn Osborne
as Demon Bidder
Jossie Thacker
as Female Reporter
Jim Pirri
as Male Gamesmaster
John Todd
as Elder
Scott Roth
as Inspector Ryan
Agim Kaba
as Glamour Leo
Sienna Miller
as Vulture Demon
Cate Cohen
as Teacher's Aide
Patrick Stinson
as Demon Bidder #2
Lee Arenberg
as Mordock
Elaine Hendrix
as Female Gamesmaster
James Wellington
as Craps Dealer
Jacqui Maxwell
as Vampire Queen
Brian Johnson
as Customs Agent
Brian Johnson
as Customs Agent
Laura McLauchlin
as Female Demon #1
Stacy Solodkin
as Female Demon #2
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