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Air date: Sep 30, 2015
Air date: Oct 7, 2015
Air date: Oct 14, 2015
Air date: Oct 21, 2015
Air date: Oct 28, 2015
Air date: Nov 4, 2015
Air date: Nov 11, 2015
Air date: Nov 18, 2015
Air date: Dec 2, 2015
Air date: Dec 9, 2015
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Season 11 of the crime drama bids farewell to Kate Callahan (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and welcomes Dr. Tara Lewis (Aisha Tyler), a forensic psychologist. Despite the change, the Behavioral Analysis Unit continues their investigations. The cases that the unit tries to solve include an apparent terrorist attack, a killer with a penchant for medical experiments, an Internet drug ring, and many more. The unit also starts an investigation into a dangerous hitman network that spans the whole season. The members of the BAU also have to deal with personal issues: JJ (A.J. Cook) comes back from her maternity leave and struggles to balance her job and her family, Morgan (Shemar Moore) contemplates a career change, Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) is hiding some bad news, and Garcia (Kristen Vangsness) finds it difficult to deal with some cases hitting too close to home. Thomas Gibson and Joe Mantegna are also star, and Paget Brewster comes back as Emily Prentiss for a special appearance.


Joe Mantegna
as David Rossi
Thomas Gibson
as Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner
Shemar Moore
as Derek Morgan
Matthew Gray Gubler
as Dr. Spencer Reid
A.J. Cook
as Jennifer 'J.J.' Jareau
Kirsten Vangsness
as Penelope Garcia
Aisha Tyler
as Dr. Tara Lewis
Rochelle Aytes
as Savannah Hayes
Paget Brewster
as Emily Prentiss
Marisol Nichols
as Agent Natalie Colfax
Sheryl Lee Ralph
as Hayden Montgomery
Frances Fisher
as Antonia Slade
Robert Neary
as Giuseppe Montolo
Adam Rodriguez
as Luke Alvez
Amber Stevens
as Joy Struthers
Daniel Roebuck
as Michael Clark Thompson
Johnny Sneed
as William Cochran
Andrew Borba
as Tony Axelrod
Eric Nenninger
as James O'Neill
Amelia Rose Blaire
as Violet/Amelia Hawthorne
Brian Appel
as Agent Anderson
Todd Lowe
as William Taylor
Wilson Bethel
as Randy Jacobs
Mekhai Andersen
as Will LaMontagne
Stephen Kilcullen
as Mitchell Crossford
Noah Crawford
as Matt Franks
Danny Glover
as Hank Morgan
Ashley Fink
as Dana Seavers
Matt Burns
as Robert Boles
Damon Gupton
as Stephen Walker
David L.M. McIntyre
as Leonard Ennis
Jacqueline Piñol
as Dr. Judith Mertz
Mike Daze
as Bryan Davis
Lance Henriksen
as Chazz Montolo
Cade Owens
as Jack Hotchner
David Paetkau
as Ryan Becker
Leif Steinert
as Tom Larson
Richie Stephens
as Jacob Dufour
Aubrey Plaza
as Cat Adams
Reston Williams
as Patrick Sorenson
Ryan Caldwell
as Michael Lee Peterson
Jesse Luken
as William Duke Mason
Joel Gretsch
as Sheriff Paul Desario
Jenna Willis
as Amy Gibb
Rebekah Kennedy
as Gina Bryant
Tyree Brown
as Derek at 10
Devon Gummersall
as Joseph Berzon
Marina Benedict
as Ellen Clark
William Langan
as Lance Coleman
Jason Denuszek
as Claude Barlow
Derek Morgan
as Captain Beau Hallendale
Benito Martinez
as Chief Raul Montoya
Lea Coco
as Sam Burnett
Gloria Votsis
as Agent Debbie Webster
Leslie Murphy
as Det. Connie Lawlor
Sal Neslusan
as Chloe Andrews
Amarr M. Wooten
as Derek at 15
Delpaneaux Wills
as Agent Darryl Young
Taylor Spreitler
as Riley Desario
Kelli Stokes
as Patricia Brannon
Page Leong
as Dr. Kiyomura
Katie Fountain
as Danielle Steinhardt
Augie Duke
as Jill Simmons
Rebecca Lincoln
as Cheryl Morrissey
Tom Wright
as Chief Palmer
Tom Everett
as Brian Cochran
Erich Riegelmann
as Barry Winslow
Pearl Dickson
as Sheila Woods
Lucy Walsham
as Sgt. Natalie Whitfield
J. Teddy Garces
as Det. Rawlings
Ana Dela Cruz
as Nurse West
José Zúñiga
as Al Eisenmund
Mark Meir
as Stuart Wallace
Sandy Bainum
as Karen Coleman
Rick Ravanello
as Bernard Graff
Timothy Ryan Cole
as Agent William Waters
Grainger Hines
as Brooks Tanner
Tasie Lawrence
as Bahni Desai
Mia Topalian
as Andrea Gambrell
Victor J. Ho
as Chemist
Elizabeth Bogush
as Ellie Zumwalt
Dan Martin
as Det. McLeary
Darrel Cherney
as Nat Daniels
Rick Peters
as Bart Shulman
Samantha Sloyan
as Tracy Senarak
Jakob Salvati
as Danny Desario
Victor J. Ho
as Chemist
Dorcas Tejeda
as Female Reporter
Eric Ramey
as Dr. Samuel Bayo
Jonathan Cake
as John Bradley
Mauricio Mendoza
as Oscar Acosta
Kurt Scholler
as Randy Nelson
Leah Garland
as Dr. Pat Lewis
V.J. Foster
as Daniel Adams
Melissa Ciesla
as Janet Foster
Carla Betz
as Angie Katz
Byron Marc Newsome
as Young Hank Morgan
Christa Beth Campbell
as Josie Zumwalt
Fran de Leon
as Nurse Marconi
Patrick Bristow
as Asher Douglas
Andrea Bordeaux
as Kelly Goodwin
Michelle Lawrence
as Katherine Wallace
Jorge-Luis Pallo
as Agent Matt Lopez
Maurice Hall (II)
as Dr. Ivan Smith
Jessica Treska
as 12-year-old Gina
Teisa Sekona
as Mary Lenahan
Jamie Tompkins
as Betty Wilson
Saylor Bell
as Jolene Senarak
Jess Gabor
as Paddy Morris
Pamela Shaddock
as Sgt. Carol Gridley
Jason Caceres
as Jimmy Bennett
Rebekah Salgado
as Nadine Acosta
Sameera Eligeti
as Aasia Desai
Kai Stein
as Little Boy
Arden Richardson
as 8-year-old Gina
Reid Miller
as Adam Morrissey
Lily Berlina
as Madison Mills
Rob Kirkland
as Doug Fuller
Elizabeth Grullon
as Agent Adrienne Mitchell
Bruce Barton
as Kevin Gaylen
Joseph Callari
as Arthur Gibb
Faithe Herman
as Morgan Kid #1
Matt Battaglia
as Capt. Grant Howard
Tim Kang
as Charlie Senarak
Jon Knapp
as Kyle Lincoln
Kurt Meyer
as Luke Zumwalt
Nia Kauffman
as Louise Hulland
Josh Coxx
as Capt. Phil Wilson
Tommy Dickie
as Manager
J.F. Davis
as John Westchester
Steve Alderfer
as Brian Lenahan
Gina Garcia Sharp
as Agent Sharp
Cuyle Carvin
as Theo Koutranis
Aaron Gaffey
as Karl Ulrich
Robert L. Hughes
as Paul Larson
Peter Elbling
as Harold McDermott
Ellen Karsten
as Susan Groves
Rif Hutton
as Warden Bryan Nabb
Tony Colitti
as Dr. Reuben Jenkins
Isabella Cuda
as Young Sheila
Jennifer Weston
as Nurse Jen
Yani Marin
as Monica DeJesus
John Marshall Jones
as Det. Mike Warner
Regina McKee Redwing
as Linda Calvary
Lauren Rubin
as Lyla Brewer
Will Babbitt
as Trevor Farson
Shalaina Castle
as Sarah Miles
Paolo Andino
as Anthony Simmons
Kaleo Elam
as Morgan Kid #2
Tudor Munteanu
as Isaac Henry
Sydney Mikayla
as Maggie Crewswick
Erin Cardillo
as Jillian Carter
Delaina Mitchell
as Eileen Woods
Andrew Oliveri
as Watch Officer
Charles Mesure
as Edgar Solomon
Karen Weza
as Mother
Stephen Hershey
as Peter Booth
Finn Carr
as Young Reid
David Lim
as Kevin Bruner
Rebecca Metz
as Dr. Sandra Lee
Albert P. Santos
as Businessman
Jon Jacobs
as Frank Myers
Chad T. Wood
as Juan Lopez
Joe Pistone
as Det. Dustin Paddock
Sheila Cutchlow
as Juliette Raynard
Emily Rios
as Tammy May Vasquez
Cannon Mosteller
as Ronnie Brewer
James Shanklin
as Timothy Ritchie
Jack McGraw
as Young Patrick Sorenson
Abby Donnelly
as Helen McGill
J.P. Giuliotti
as Brian Taylor
Heath McGough
as Counter Employee
Maxie Santillan Jr.
as Homeless Man
Darryl Reeves
as Russell Pearson
Nancy Linehan Charles
as Eileen Kebler
Andy T. Tran
as Det. Bob Oliver
Kavi Ladnier
as Elaine Simmons
Jonathan Camp
as Eric Rawdon
Doug Cox
as Randall McAdams
Ruben Garfias
as Rev. Jorge Santos
Lyn Mahler
as Talia Rice
Mark Semos
as FPS Leader
as D.J.
Carole Gutierrez
as M.E. Jacoby
Jill Remez
as Dr. Laura Braga
Charles Maceo
as Officer Jim Gray
Racheal Seymour
as Sgt. Hernandez
Orson Chaplin
as John Portman
Frederick Dawson
as Curtis Price
Jesse D. Arrow
as Truck Driver
Blake Heron
as Benjamin Wade
Staci Lawrence
as Betty Sorenson
Seth Coltan
as Man/Building Super
Cornell Womack
as M.E. Cranston
Jenn An
as Kasey
Dan J. Johnson
as Shawn Struthers
R. Charles Wilkerson
as Tyrell Curtis
Stacey Danger
as Female Driver
Eugene Young
as Simon Kahn
Maverick Thompson
as Young James
Kevin Brief
as George Hawthorne
Lawrence Mandley
as Steve Halvert
Alisa Torres
as Diane Haller
Nolan Bateman
as Adam Jenkins
Jacqueline Hahn
as Maureen Hawthorne
Hanani Taylor
as Charlotte
Louie Enriquez
as Hector Ramon
Khalid Ghajji
as Passerby
Rachel Lockhart
as Sarah Sherwood
Bodhi Elfman
as Peter Lewis
Matt Odachowski
as Male Reporter
Benjamin Plessala
as Younger Randy
Rick Steadman
as Principal Brendan Burke
Mark Chaet
as Ira Stein
Lily Rose Sanfelippo
as Young Violet/Amelia
David Patykewich
as Spooky Prisoner
Monica García
as Ruth Vasquez
Dylan Bronte
as Ian Steinhardt
Alaska Reid
as Eva Montoya
Aubrey Cleland
as Victoria Taylor
Derrick Redford
as Nick Baleman
Andrew Matarazzo
as Eddie Butler
O.C. Rodriguez
as Jose Rivera
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Critic Reviews for Criminal Minds Season 11

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Anyway, the case tonight was fine. Usually your typical Unsub on this show is just a guy who went crazy for whatever reason, but this time we had an honest-to-goodness hitman on the show!

Oct 1, 2015 | Full Review…

While this season's opening story had a lot of action and interesting plot, there was a noticeable hole in the team dynamic, brought about by the departure of Kate and temporary absence of JJ. It doesn't feel like the usual team anymore.

Oct 1, 2015 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

As a show, Criminal Minds knows what it is and I appreciate that it isn't trying to change the game for procedurals or spice things up for the sake of an 11th-season stretch.

Oct 16, 2018 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Criminal Minds: Season 11

  • Dec 13, 2017
    Dream Team: Hotch, Rossi, Morgan, JJ, and Reid
  • Mar 19, 2017
    Beware – this is a brain washing attempt, do not watch if you do not have firm moral values! - It once started out as a very good crime/police show with likeable characters with integrity analysing crimes. It was successful, and it looks like the success drove the writers/producers mad, so they thought they could turn this crime show into a vehicle to transport their own personal moral views. Now it’s an unbearable BS brimming with the imagined moral superiority of people who seem to have no moral at all. Beside being discriminating in the casting (obviously no white actors are allowed as new lead cast members anymore) and constant baby advertising (in a world with too much people and children in need in every country), it’s all a big search for people who fit as and are being built up as mega villains so the creators, the characters and the viewers can hate them. In episode 11-5 the wonderful, talented artist Morpheus/Ellen is not being saved and killed, because she had not stopped an accident(!!) that her baby had while she was painting – ergo: villain, ergo: deserves to/must die. In the next episode however, the villain, a teenage boy, is being shot without mercy allegedly to save the hostage by all means. He is being lied to to get his attention and then without trying to talk to him/talk him out of it, Dr. Tara, whose behind must be painted pink from all the lipstick because Garcia, the most moral character so far, is kissing it incessantly, just shoots him. If a white cop had shot a black teenager like this, the Afro-American community would have rioted and they would have been right to do so except that it does not matter which color the shooter has or which color the victim (yes, victim) has, because this shot was NOT justified, the Criminal minds creators just sell it to us as justified, because their morally questionable message is: he is a villain (and a white one even,) so he can be shot, no questions asked. Many of the (serial) killers/villains are even European, since this way the villains are a) white and b) not American fellow citizens. I welcome if shows embrace the moral responsibility they have in showing different ethnicities/sexual tendencies/genders/nationalities/… on both sides of the good and bad continuum. But this is not moral, not responsible, not about equality or justice, this is the complete opposite, this is a little arrogant, ignorant, power hungry, narcissistic group imposing their „moral values“ on the world, this is brain washing political BS, hypocritical, wrong, onesided, depraved, and has no place in a TV show about investigating crimes. It actually turns the show into the/ a real crime. No matter one cast member after the next is quitting. No wonder Thomas Gibson went against the producers (I would have expected more to). This is how conceit and arrogance and ignorance can destroy a once good concept. Don’t buy it (uncritically)!
  • Aug 03, 2016
    A must see crime show. When the writers go back to catching killers it's a good night in. The mixture of humor from Joe Mantegna as David Rossi is at time priceless,
  • Jul 08, 2016
    Best season yet. Seriously it's like they jumped two letter grades in my book.
  • Jul 06, 2016
    Criminal Minds: Season 11 is the worst season of this show, because of its lack of interesting characters, predictable end, unoriginal plot and bad-written episodes like Morgan's left.
  • Mar 04, 2016
    This is probably my favorite show EVER.
  • Oct 21, 2015
    Criminal Minds Show you all the Sick People ...

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