Deep Water
Deadwood Season 1

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With Ned Mason killed by Bill (Keith Carradine) and Seth (Timothy Olyphant), it seems clear that the Metz family was killed by road agents, and not Sioux. Al (Ian McShane) knows that the trail could lead back to him, and calls in Ned's brother, Tom (Nick Offerman), and his partner, Persimmon Phil (Joe Chrest), to discuss the matter. Worried about Bill's influence on Deadwood, Al tries to convince Tom to avenge his brother's death. Al is also concerned about what the little girl (Breeseanna Wall) will say if she regains consciousness, so while Doc Cochran (Brad Dourif) is tending to his whores, Al pays a visit to the doc's, where Jane (Robin Weigert) has been left to stand guard over the child. Sensing Jane's fear of him, Al warns her not to interfere with him. "If I take a knife to you," he says, "you'll be scared worse and a long time dying." Al sees that the girl is now awake, and dispatches his underling Dan Dority (W. Earl Brown) to deal with the situation. Doc, meanwhile, is also dispensing laudanum to Alma Garret (Molly Parker), who seems to have developed a dangerous habit. Her husband, Brom (Timothy Omundson), after an encounter near his claim with Ellsworth (Jim Beaver), realizes that he's been duped, and suspects Al. He decides to go to Bill for help. Sol (John Hawkes) tries to negotiate to buy their plot for the store, but Seth's temper, and Al's paranoia about their connection to Bill hamper his efforts. Charlie (Dayton Callie) encourages Seth's budding friendship with Bill, telling Seth that while he shares many traits with Bill, Seth also somehow manages to "get along with people, turn a dollar, look out for yourself."

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