Requiem for a Gleet


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Trixie (Paula Malcomson) is tending to Al (Ian McShane), whose condition is worsening. Doc (Brad Dourif) decides that he may have to perform surgery, which Al would stand little chance of surviving. Ellsworth (Jim Beaver) catches Wolcott (Garret Dillahunt) snooping around at Alma's (Molly Parker) claim and confronts him. Ellsworth is painfully familiar with George Hearst's operation, and makes his disposition toward Hearst quite clear. Lawrence County Commissioner Hugo Jarry (Stephen Tobolowsky) arrives from Yankton, and confirms to Cy (Powers Boothe) and Wolcott that the gold claims will be validated. Panicked prospectors are selling their claims to Cy, who is acting as a front for Hearst. When Alma notes the air of panic in the camp, Ellsworth reassures her. "Panic's easier on the back than the short-handed shovel," he jokes, before noting that Hearst's man's presence in the camp might have something to do with the rumors that have been circulating. E.B. mentions to Alma that the camp is in peril, and she coolly offers to buy his hotel, sending him into his own personal panic. Sol (John Hawkes) suggests to Seth (Timothy Olyphant) that they could use Alma's holdings as collateral to open a bank in Deadwood, but Seth doesn't want to involve Alma. Mr. Lee (Philip Moon), another of Hearst's employees, arrives in camp and makes his presence know in "Celestials' Alley," much to Wu's (Keone Young) dismay. Miss Isringhausen (Sarah Paulson), having lost her job, turns to an unlikely source for help. Carrie (Izabella Miko), the whore Wolcott likes, arrives in camp. Joanie (Kim Dickens) expresses further trepidation about Maddie's (Alice Krige) plot.


Dayton Callie
as Charlie Utter
Timothy Olyphant
as Seth Bullock
Ian McShane
as Al Swearengen
Molly Parker
as Alma Garret
Jeffrey Jones
as A.W. Merrick
Leon Rippy
as Tom Nuttall
John Hawkes
as Sol Star
Brad Dourif
as Doc Cochran
Powers Boothe
as Cy Tolliver
Robin Weigert
as Calamity Jane
W. Earl Brown
as Dan Dority
Sean Bridgers
as Johnny Burns
Kim Dickens
as Joanie Stubbs
Jim Beaver
as Ellsworth
Peter Jason
as Con Stapleton
Garret Dillahunt
as Francis Wolcott
Nick Marino
as Arnie Hennick
Sarah Paulson
as Miss Isringhausen
Titus Welliver
as Silas Adams
Anna Gunn
as Martha Bullock
Josh Eriksson
as William Bullock
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