The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction


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A bored Holmes forces his investigative services onto Watson when she tries to locate a woman who has been missing for five years. The only clue is the smell of nutmeg at the site of her disappearance. Meanwhile, Joan's bond with her long-distance boyfriend is tested when a man from her past reappears and asks for her help.


Jonny Lee Miller
as Sherlock Holmes
Lucy Liu
as Joan Watson
Aidan Quinn
as Tommy Gregson
Jon Michael Hill
as Det. Marcus Bell
Ophelia Lovibond
as Kitty Winter
Candis Cayne
as Ms. Hudson
Christian Camargo
as Chris Santos
Jon David Casey
as Conrad Woodbine
Harris Doran
as Superintendent
Kevin Geer
as Raymond Carpenter
Tom Mardirosian
as Artem Dedekian
Peter Benson
as Blake Tanner
John Horton
as The Nose
Kate Arrington
as Sally Holder
Lewis Cleale
as Dan Kramer
David Harris
as Custodian
Sean Phillips
as Team Leader
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