Empty Nest (1988 - 1995)

Empty Nest

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A popular spin-off of `The Golden Girls' about widowed Miami doctor Harry Weston, who leaves the light on when two of his grown daughters return home (the third daughter appeared briefly in 1993). Richard Mulligan won an Emmy the first season, and earned nominations the next two.

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1994, NBC, 24 episodes

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1993, NBC, 26 episodes

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1992, NBC, 26 episodes

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1991, NBC, 24 episodes

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1990, NBC, 24 episodes

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1989, NBC, 24 episodes

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1988, NBC, 22 episodes


Richard Mulligan
as Dr. Harry Weston
Kristy McNichol
as Barbara Weston
Dinah Manoff
as Carol Weston
Park Overall
as Nurse Laverne Todd
David Leisure
as Charley Dietz
Paul Provenza
as Patrick Arcola
Lisa Rieffel
as Emily Weston
Marsha Warfield
as Dr. Maxine Douglas
Estelle Getty
as Sophia Petrillo
Gregory Itzin
as Dr. Coolidge
Nana Visitor
as Dr. Phillips
Elise Ogden
as Mrs. Lasko
Jana Arnold
as Lurlene
Stan Roth
as Waiter
Kevin Scannell
as Steve Marlowe
Mayim Bialik
as Laurie Kincaid
Paul Regina
as Michael
Peter Hobbs
as Garrison
Debra Engle
as Alexandra Hudson
Fred Applegate
as Mr. Patrick
Marian Mercer
as Ursula Dietz
Robert Gould
as Guest No. 1
Richard Tanner
as Male Singer
Tony Longo
as Iron Man
Valorie Armstrong
as Gayle Newman
Eva Charney
as Miss Clark
Richard Stahl
as Fred Dietz
David Correia
as Fire Marshal
Linda Thorson
as Janice Brattle
Luis Avalos
as Lt. Valdez
Harvey Jason
as Dr. Alan Wakefield
Diana Webster
as Mrs. Lundquist
Dierk Torsek
as Mr. Millstein
Nicky Rose
as Amanda
Fran Ryan
as Mrs. Kramer
Jack Carter
as Grandfather
Thom Sharp
as Dr. Helprin
Don Gibb
as Biker No. 1
Richard Fancy
as Lieutenant
Eric Christmas
as Mr. Garrison
R.J. Williams
as Timmy Davis
Mary Pat Gleason
as Nurse Bradford
Tina Johnson
as Mrs. Knox
Aaron Lustig
as Off. Hitner
Ed Hooks
as Mailman
Debra Mooney
as Mrs. Bierman
Barry Kivel
as Dr. Grossman
Francis Guinan
as Dr. Todd Mitchell
Ronnie Schell
as Mr. Ritter
Ron Orbach
as Tux Man
Catherine Parks
as Annabelle
Holly Fields
as Little Carol
Ian Abercrombie
as Capt. Burke
Christopher Pettiet
as Little Harry
John McMartin
as Rev. Chambers
Robert Curtis Brown
as Dr. Dave Foley
Jack Bannon
as Dr. Bolton
Lee Grant
as Aunt Susan
April Ortiz
as Florence
Fred Sanders
as Producer
Paul Eiding
as Mr. Hartman
Margaret Reed
as Sister Sasha
Fred Stoller
as Mr. Garrison
Sheila Shaw
as Mrs. Castillo
Vito Scotti
as Tartaglia
Robin Lynn Heath
as Little Jean
Mary Joan Negro
as Dr. Walker
Fred Holliday
as Club Host
Chris Taaffe
as Orderly
Kevin Cooney
as Leonard
Ann Nelson
as Mrs. Grossman
Richard Gant
as Sgt. Fletcher
Jack Blessing
as Evan Phillips
Gloria Dorson
as Mrs. Hill
Patricia Gaul
as Mrs. Moses
Cory Danziger
as Little Eric
Charlotte Ross
as Antoinette
Robert Costanzo
as Mr. Millard
Steven Gilborn
as Funeral Director
Jenny O'Hara
as Mrs. Kravitz
James Polk
as Delivery Man
Paul Langdon
as Armando
Carol Rosenthal
as Receptionist
Dabbs Greer
as Mr. Sobel
Art Metrano
as Elevator Repairman
Maria Pecci
as Ana Maria
Rodney Kageyama
as Mr. Kobara
Ann Ryerson
as Mrs. Peterson
Leland Orser
as Mr. MacKenzie
Michael Heintzman
as Mr. McKeever
Hector Elias
as Insp. Lopez
Marlon Archey
as Frederick
Mary Kane
as Brenda
Jonathan Bourne
as Stage Manager
Cynthia Kania
as Diner No.1
Bill Wiley
as Hetzel
April Lindsey
as Mrs. Wasserman
Aixa Clemente
as Dr. Baxter
Tom Henschel
as Bartender
Gibby Brand
as Table Guest
Reva Rose
as Nurse Matthews
Nancy Mette
as Mrs. MacKenzie
David Cromwell
as Dr. Rubenstein
Whitby Hertford
as Timmy Moses
Rex Ryon
as Rocky
Jeremiah Birkett
as Ruffian No. 1
Liz Torres
as Madame LaPard
Sam Zap
as Floyd
Brian Reddy
as Mr. Vogel
Peter Sands
as Mr. Ellis
Jo Menick
as Man No. 1
Randy Polk
as Mr. Funderburke
Richard Burgi
as Mr. Wright
Lou Cutell
as Dr. Wilkens
Maureen Arthur
as Mrs. Carlton
Addie Matthews
as Mrs. Tartaglia
Dennis Bailey
as Salesman
Adrian Ricard
as Woman No. 1
Doris Roberts
as Aunt Retha
Derek McGrath
as Dr. Yardley
Glenn Shadix
as Bud Larkin
Tim Griffin
as Ruffian No. 2
Nita Talbot
as Mrs. Koontz
Ruby Salazar
as Pregnant Woman
Brian Posehn
as Painted Gut Guy
Don Sparks
as Guest No. 2
Amzie Strickland
as Mrs. Robinson
Robert Lesser
as Dr. Perry Smith
Leah Lail
as Melissa
Frank Como
as Ballplayer
Candi Milo
as Mrs. Ortiz
Casey Sander
as Patrolman
Mark L. Taylor
as Mr. Stanford
Jaime Cardriche
as Biker No. 2
Alan Blumenfeld
as Storekeeper
Tracey Walter
as Mr. Malloy
Barbara Lux
as Street Woman
Andy Milder
as Assistant
Wendee Cole
as Reporter No. 1
Patricia Coleman
as Mrs. Griffin
Charles Champion
as Reporter No. 2
Rachael Fox
as Mommy No. 1
Bill Reid
as Biker No. 3
Doren Fein
as Brittany
Katy Bret
as Woman
Michael McGuire
as Fitzgerald
Ken Lerner
as Mr. Portnow
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TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Aug 10, 1988
Genre: Comedy
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